Create Your Own Chatbots for YouTube (ManyChat Tutorial)


Facebook Messenger Chatbots are the newest tool for growing a YouTube channel. You can make your own chatbot for YouTube with for free and I’ll show you how in this video.

Watch Here:

With Facebook Messenger Bots you don’t need to be tech savvy or even have a website to use this nifty tool. You just need to go to manychat.com and sign up for free.

Of course, you can have the Messenger Bot work through your website, but if you don’t have one or don’t want to us it, ManyChat will give you a URL for your own landing page.

There are many features you can play around with on how to make your message look but always keep it SIMPLE.

What do you do once they opt in?

This is the part where it starts to really get FUN!

Well, you can add them to a type of auto-responder campaign. Which needs to be preprogrammed.

You can have them sign up to subscribe to your YouTube Channel.


There is no autosave feature when creating your messenger bot.

As for the opt-in message, KEEP IT SIMPLE!

how do I program the messenger bot to deliver your YouTube videos?

Go back into ManyChat and click on “Engage,” and then “Autoposting.”

Then click New Channel in the top right corner and select YouTube and add your channel’s URL, and then click add YouTube Channel.

Now you need to program it so it only sends your YouTube videos to this particular messenger bot.

To program it, you are going to set up a filter.

Add a “Condition” which will be the Opt-In widget and select the YouTube Modal for the landing page you just set up.

Now your messenger bot is fully functional, and when you upload a new video your alert will go out to your following.

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