The YouTube Authority Intensive

Amplify your influence with the “YouTube Authority Accelerator,” featuring a full-day virtual workshop and 12 months of coaching to skyrocket your channel’s success.

Full Courses Inluded:

Other Courses Available

Shorts & Reels

Elevate your social media game with “Shorts & Reels ” featuring exclusive training from an Acceleratus Media coach to create compelling, high-impact short videos.

Video Editing

Master video editing and discover how to hire the perfect editor with our comprehensive “Video Editing” course, designed to elevate your brand’s visual impact and efficiency.

Set Up Your YouTube Channel

Get your content live and thriving with “Set Up Your YouTube Channel,” the ultimate guide to launching and publishing videos that captivate your audience.

Funnel Training

Unlock powerful lead generation with our “Funnel Training” course, where you’ll master lead magnets and strategies to fuel your business growth.

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