YouTube Accelerator Intensive

Scale Your Visibility & Predictably Grow Your Revenue with easy-to-make YouTube videos that look incredible.

Accelerate Your Revenue And Amplify Your Brand Message In One Power-Packed Intensive Workshop Designed For High Performance Entrepreneurs.


Pain points- wants to launch or revamp an ineffective channel but doesn’t know where to start and doesn’t’ want to waste time with trial and error figuring it out on their own.

Audience Attracting Content Plan

Create a clear plan for your YouTube channel that is geared for increasing subs, views, and leads that you can start implementing right away with confidence. Create content you are passionate about, resonates deeply with your audience, and attracts leads ready to work with you.

Clickworthy - Bingeworthy Deliverability

Know how to angle and deliver your content to 5-300x your clicks, views, and engagement and trigger the algorithm to suggest your content for more people interested in content just like yours.

Simple Sexy Systemization

Get the plug and play tools, templates, and workflows to eliminate trial and error and minimize your time to 2-4 hours a week in creating and publishing your content as well as outsourcing the tasks you don’t want to do.


The Youtube Authority Intensive is a workshop where we teach the fundamentals of building an authoritative presence on Youtube.

Whether you’re a one man show, or a company with a team, this workshop will teach you what you need to build your already on Youtube. The essential skill sets and systems you need to achieve optimal Youtube success. It will lay out the foundation for a strong launch or revamp a channel built on a weak foundation.

This program literally launches you into the ecosystem and will re-energize your current channel if you already have one but it’s not making the impact you want.

So whether you have a channel or are just getting started, the Youtube Authority Intensive. Will accelerate the learning curve with the systems and strategy you need to launch and re-energize your brand online.

Guarantee: You Will Make at Least $10,000 in Revenue from YouTube Generated Sales or We will Run You Through the Intensive Until You Do.


Session 1: Discoverable Messaging

Get discovered on Youtube with content that builds authority and leads your viewers into your funnel. Frame your message for a video audience. What works on email and with webinars and with Facebook ads does not work on Youtube.

Session 2: Binge Worthy Content Delivery

Learn the formula for knowing exactly what to say on camera. When to say it. And when to stop talking. We'll give you the video script scripts, and video shooting templates to help you say the right thing every time and maximize your video output in the shortest amount of time possible.

Session 3: Audience Attracting Clicks and Views

Get the Clickworthy Thumbnail Strategy- is like how to get viewers to pick your videos over other videos that are more famous or more high tech when they are searching or browsing content.

Session 4: Searchable, Findable Evergreen Systems

How to upload your video with click-worthy titles, and optimize it so it’s found in search. Included the step by step process for uploading a YouTube video with click-worthy SEO.

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