The Top 5 Myths About Ranking Videos on YouTube


Business owners and entrepreneurs are always asking me how to rank their videos on YouTube. Similarly, YouTubers across the video network are teaching similar topics-

How to rank on YouTube

How to rank on YouTube fast!

Video ranking tips

And other titles drape the YouTube landscape. But is ranking your video on YouTube even worth the time? Will having a video on the front page of YouTube actually impact your bottom line?

I’ve made over 1000 videos for the web and my clients include companies like Social Media Examiner, The North Face, Excelon, and LinkedIn. I’ve earned almost a million views on my own personal YouTube channel… I’ve learned a thing or two about what works on video and I’m going to dispel a few myths about ranking your videos on YouTube.

Top Myths About Ranking Your Video on YouTube

1. Ranking a video is hard

Ranking a video on YouTube isn’t “that” hard compared to ranking in other places (like YouTube’s parent company Google). Ive been able to rank a YouTube live stream right from the clients conference room before the meeting was over. Ranking a video is super possible for even a beginner once you know the basic steps.

2. Ranking a Video is “all you need.”

Super false. Just because your video ranks for a keyword term doesn’t mean that your particular keyword term has great traffic or that the traffic it gets is commercial. Most likely you’ll want to rank multiple videos for multiple terms.

3. There are no good keywords left to rank for

Meh. There are billions of keywords and keyword variations out there and in multiple languages. Only 9% of businesses are even on YouTube so I’d say the market is good for most entrepreneurs to start with video. But yea… the big money keywords might be super competitive.

4. Can’t beat out big channels

This might be true- so what?! There are 4–6 results on the top fold of a YouTube SERP (search results page of YouTube) and 10 results on the entire page. You don’t need to rank #1 or even above the big channels. You simply need to have a presence on the page.

5. Ranking videos means I’ll get business

False. If you’re able to get a video on the first page of YouTube search, you’ve still got 3 hurdles to overcome:

  • You have to get clicked
  • You have to get watched
  • You have to move the viewers to action

Otherwise, your video will lose its rank and getting it back will be next to impossible.

Let me unpack this just a bit — a great video with a bad video thumbnail won’t get clicked and will lose rank.

A great video thumbnail helps but if the video is bad they’ll click off and you’ll lose retention. If your retention is bad then you’ll lose rank.

If your video ranks and your thumbnail is good and your video is watchable then you have a great shot at moving your viewer to click your link or visit your webpage.

So is ranking a video worth it?

Ranking a video could hurt you if you’re not ranking great videos. So should you even try?

I’d say so. The trick to ranking videos is to make great videos that engage your viewers, follow a format, and include a fantastic call to action.

Your focus (as always) is to create great content that your audience will love. Then, once proven, rank the hell out of that video.

Owen Video is a Video Marketing Consultant And YouTube personality: Subscribe at bit.ly/vsvlog

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