The 2 Core YouTube SEO Pillars Every Channel Needs to Succeed


YouTube SEO is a critical but often misunderstood, aspect of a successful YouTube growth strategy. Contrary to popular belief, YouTube SEO is not a mystical incantation that guarantees instant success. Simply bombarding your content with keywords and tags won’t automatically propel it to the top of search results or attract a massive audience.

Creators often overlook the fact that YouTube’s algorithm is sophisticated and constantly evolving. It’s not just about sprinkling keywords and tags; it’s about understanding the viewers intent on YouTube. A man searching for “how to fix a leaky sink” has a very specific set of needs that are connected to a context – imagine he’s holding a baby in one arm and has a wrench in another. The sink is leaking and he’s never fixed a sink before. Compare that to a woman who is searching for “how to” videos on branding and graphic design. She’s got more time. You see the difference?

In this article, we’ll explore the two core YouTube SEO pillars that can help you create content that resonates with your target audience and drives real results for your channel. These pillars are essential for any YouTube channel looking to maximize its reach, engagement, and ultimately, its success.

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Pillar 1: Targeting Your Audience with YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO

Identifying the right audience is key to your YouTube SEO strategy because the words people use in their searches help us identify their goals and intentions. Then, by knowing the demographics and interests of your viewers you can create content that meets their expectations. This is the sweet spot.

When targeting your audience – find the highest common goal or interest that draws them to YouTube. For example, if you’re a woodworker, your viewers are likely people interested in woodworking. Not, people who want to buy a woodworking course. Right now they may be interested in a bird feeder or maybe they are interested in making shelves but these are not the highest level interests.

What’s the highest level interest of your audience?

Once you’re there, you can use YouTube SEO to target video topics that are super specific to that need. But you can also use YouTube SEO to target various subgroups. And this is powerful…

YouTube SEO is like a Dartboard…

Aiming for the bullseye is a good way to lose at darts. What you want to do is score points all over the dartboard so when it comes to understanding your audience intent on YouTube, visualizing them using the dartboard analogy can provide valuable insights. Just as a dartboard consists of a circular playing area divided into subsections of different value, your audience is comprised of diverse segments with varying interests and needs.

Example, you’re targeting “people interested in Texas Real Estate.” That’s the dartboard. The center bullseye of the dartboard is probably “Home Sellers” but it might also be “Home Buyers.” So you’ll want to target various subgroups of the higher level interest.

That might be: people leaving Ca, people leaving Chicago, Texans moving from Dallas to your area, people moving from your area to another part of your area…

Using YouTube SEO, you can target very specific interest groups and craft your video around their needs including how long and detailed the video needs to be for such a viewer.

Major Takeaways:

Identifying the Bullseye: Just as the bullseye is the focal point of a dartboard, your primary target audience, such as potential paying customers or loyal subscribers, represents the central focus of your content strategy. However, it’s crucial to recognize that focusing solely on the bullseye can be distracting and may lead to overlooking other valuable segments within your audience.

Understanding Audience Segmentation: Similar to the different subsections of a dartboard, your audience can be segmented based on demographics, interests, and behaviors. By understanding these segments, you can tailor your content to resonate with diverse subsets of your audience, thereby maximizing engagement and visibility across various interest areas.

Anticipating Future Needs: A strategic YouTube SEO approach means predicting your audience’s future needs. Create content that addresses their queries and concerns well before they seek your products or services. This positions your channel as a vital resource throughout their journey, fostering lasting engagement and loyalty.

Addressing Early Stage Queries: When targeting individuals at the early stages of their journey, create content that addresses their initial questions and concerns. For example, as a real estate agent, make videos offering insights into the early considerations and preparations needed before seeking a real estate agent.

Catering to Post-Purchase Interests: Building a relationship with your audience extends beyond the purchase. It’s essential to meet the questions and needs of those who have experienced your products or services. This strategy enhances ongoing support and guidance, strengthening your bond with the audience.

Leveraging Industry Expertise for Better YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO
Acceleratus Media offers Done For You YouTube services

Partnering with industry leaders (collaboration) can substantially boost your YouTube SEO approach because we know what questions to ask. Utilizing our expertise allows you to craft content that not only connects deeply with your intended audience but also achieves greater visibility on the platform.

Plus, you’ll make videos that you’re proud of.

YouTube SEO is like Flavor…

YouTube SEO is like flavor. Imagine cooking a meal and someone asked “Did you add flavor to it?”

I mean – whoa. Kind of offensive.

But there’s flavor in everything.

Just as there is SEO in everything on YouTube. What our company (Acceleratus Media) has been doing for years is Partnering with industry experts who know their content well. Then we elevate that content by infusing it with an “SEO flavor” that points to the users needs. That way you can focus on the content.

Quick Pitch – Our “Done For You” YouTube services takes all the hard work out of YouTube but delivers all the results. Let us make your videos FOR YOU and you wont have to worry about this stuff. You should focus on your sweet spot and we can focus on ours. We do all of it (even the filming!) and we also provide coaches, workshops, and training, to bring your team up to speed.

Contact us today here to set up a call.

Now let’s get back the article…

Pillar 2: YouTube SEO Creates Content that Resonates

YouTube SEO

Creating content that engages your audience is key. Understand their interests, pain points, and preferences to craft effective videos. For better YouTube SEO, know your target audience’s needs. Tailor your content to their interests and issues to boost engagement and visibility, enhancing your channel’s success.

Personalizing content to match your audience’s unique preferences and challenges is crucial. Videos that address specific issues or goals strengthen connections and encourage longer engagement.

Keeping up with your audience’s evolving trends and interests helps you adjust your content strategy. By focusing on current and relevant topics, your content stays engaging.

Listening to audience feedback and using it to improve your content shows commitment to your viewers. This strategy optimizes your videos, increasing your channel’s appeal and impact.

Crafting Compelling YouTube Video Titles

YouTube SEO

The best YouTube video titles are a delicate balance of art and science. You need a creative spark to come up with something original and engaging, but you also need to understand the data behind what makes a title effective.

You’ve got to capture attention, drive clicks, and utilize YouTube SEO strategies to enhance visibility. It’s a delicate balance.

When you finally discover that perfect YouTube video title, it’s an incredible feeling. Views come pouring in, engagement goes through the roof, and your channel experiences explosive growth almost overnight.

So, how do you do it? How do you create video titles that stop scrollers in their tracks and compel them to click?

It all starts with understanding your target keywords and strategically weaving them into your titles. But it’s not just about stuffing keywords – it’s about finding that perfect balance of creativity and SEO.

Balancing Creativity with YouTube SEO

Now, I know what you might be thinking. “But what about creativity? I don’t want my titles to sound like boring, robotic keyword-stuffed nonsense.”

I hear you. And that’s where the art of title crafting comes in.

Yes, you want to optimize for search engines. But you also want to attract real, live humans. And humans are drawn to titles that are creative, intriguing, and pack an emotional punch.

Ready to find your sweet spot? Keep these suggestions in mind:

  • Use power words that evoke emotion or curiosity
  • Make a bold promise or claim
  • Pose a question that makes people want to click to find the answer
  • Incorporate numbers or lists (e.g., “5 Mind-Blowing YouTube SEO Secrets”)

The key is to get creative while still keeping your target keywords front and center. It’s a skill that takes practice, but when you find that sweet spot, your titles will be unstoppable.

The Power of Custom Thumbnails in YouTube SEO

Watch How To Create Thumbnails in YouTube SEO

When it comes to YouTube SEO, custom thumbnails are often an afterthought. But they shouldn’t be.

Your thumbnail is the first thing potential viewers see when your video pops up in search results or suggested videos. It’s your mini-billboard, your one shot to grab their attention and entice them to click.

And click-through rate matters. A lot.

Want to boost your YouTube search rankings? Focus on creating irresistible thumbnails. YouTube’s algorithm tracks how often people click on your thumbnail, and a high click-through rate tells YouTube that your video is a must-watch. The more clicks, the higher you’ll climb in the search results.

In fact, custom thumbnails can increase your click-through rate by over 50%. That’s huge.

So, how do you create thumbnails that get clicks? Here are a few tips:

  • Use high-quality, eye-catching images
  • Include text overlays that tease the video’s content
  • Use contrasting colors to make your thumbnail pop
  • Include human faces (when relevant) to connect with viewers
  • Keep it simple and uncluttered

Think of your thumbnail as the wingman to your title – they should be partners in crime, complementing each other and giving potential viewers a genuine taste of what your video has to offer.

And don’t be afraid to split test different thumbnail designs to see what resonates best with your audience. A little experimentation can go a long way in boosting your click-through rates and overall YouTube SEO performance.

Optimizing Your YouTube Video Descriptions

If video titles are the bait, then descriptions are the hook, line, and sinker. Craft them well, and you’ll have viewers eagerly clicking that “play” button in no time.

Sure, a well-written description can captivate your audience, but did you know it can also work wonders for your SEO? YouTube’s algorithm digs through your description, hunting for those golden keywords that reveal the true essence of your video.

So, how do you craft descriptions that engage viewers and please the algorithm gods? It all starts with your main keywords.

The Role of Main Keywords in YouTube Descriptions

Main keywords are essential for video descriptions, helping viewers and search engines understand the content’s focus. It’s effective to include the main keyword in the first sentence to immediately clarify the video’s topic.

Avoid keyword stuffing and maintain natural language, prioritizing viewer value. Descriptions should summarize the video, underline viewer benefits, and add relevant links or calls-to-action. An engaging description boosts viewer engagement and YouTube SEO.

Mastering YouTube SEO for Channel Growth

Now that you’ve gained valuable insights into the core pillars of YouTube SEO, it’s time to take action and implement these strategies to enhance the visibility and performance of your channel. By leveraging strategic audience targeting, collaboration with industry experts, and personalized content delivery, you can effectively position your channel for sustainable growth and success in the competitive landscape of YouTube.

YouTube SEO

Key Actions to Take:

  • Identify your target audience’s intent and create relevant content that directly addresses their needs and interests.
  • Explore collaboration opportunities with industry experts to incorporate authoritative insights and optimize your content for relevance.
  • Personalize your content delivery to cater to the unique preferences and challenges of your audience, and adapt to evolving audience trends.

By incorporating these actionable strategies into your YouTube SEO approach, you can drive increased engagement, visibility, and long-term impact for your channel. Start implementing these tactics today to elevate your channel’s performance and achieve sustained growth.

Creating systematic video content for your business that gets views and attracts 5–6 figures in revenue from qualified leads who find your content requires strategy along with a plug-and-play, executable system so it doesn’t take you a ton of time.

This is our jam 🙂, If you’re looking to elevate your brand’s video content and harness the full potential of visual storytelling, our Done For You Agency services are designed to meet your needs. We invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consult with our team to share what you are wanting to do and see if we can help you turn your vision for greater influence, revenue, and opportunities into reality.

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