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We set the stage for great leaders to lead.

The YouTube Authority Program is Designed for High-Performance Professionals 

CEOs, Authors, Speakers & Coaches

You have a successful business and you want to build a YouTube show around your knowledge and skillsets.

Agents, Brokers, and Financial Professionals

You want to create videos that appear in search and generate a non-stop supply of business leads.

Personal Brands and High Performance Coaches

You have a presence on YouTube, Linkedin, or Podcast and you want to build an audience that attracts sponsors and monetization opportunities.

Put Our System to Work for You!

and become Massively Influential following the YouTube Influence System

You'll Get YouTube Results Fast.

Our clients get results within their two weeks of the program because they follow a proven process for called the YouTube Accelrator System. When adhered to like a pre-flight checklist, this 4 step process will optimize your videos for WATCH TIME and triggering the algorithm to share your videos for you!

YouTube Done For You (DFY)​

We provide end-to-end support, covering everything from strategy and consulting to script development, filming, editing, thumbnails, uploading, and more..​

Elevate your YouTube game with our all-inclusive “YouTube Done for You” service. Our dedicated team of experts will bring your vision to life, ensuring high-quality content that captivates your audience and drives growth. Say goodbye to the complexities of YouTube management—partner with us today and take your channel to new heights!

YouTube Authority Workshop

In just one day, Design and Workshop Your YouTube Launch Plan to Get Discovered on YouTube. Expert Training and Feedback Designed for Industry Leaders.

The YouTube Authority Workshop where we teach the essential foundations of building an authoritative presence on YouTube. Create a clear and compelling YouTube content plan that will flood you with subscribers and views to scale your influence, visibility, and revenue.

High Performance Result For High Performance Leaders

Wood Prairie Family Farm
Wood Prairie Family Farm
Fast paced and helpful way to get started on Youtube!
Tiffany Bachman
Tiffany Bachman
Great experience so far. Totally out of my comfort zone but Owen does a great job helping you feel confident about the process
Donnie Hathaway
Donnie Hathaway
Owen and the Acceleratus Media team are one of one! They have the knowledge and experience to help any improve their YouTube channel but want makes them different is they care. They care about the success of their clients and will do whatever it takes to help them succeed.
JoAnna Pallante
JoAnna Pallante
Owen, Carlos, & the team at Acceleratus Media do a great job helping implement strategies that will help you grow your business on YouTube and other innovative platforms. Owen is a fantastic coach and marketing mastermind who will motivate you to reach new heights if you are trying to take your marketing efforts to the next level. Highly recommend.
Dominique Henderson
Dominique Henderson
Owen and team are the bomb dot com!
Lyle Weber
Lyle Weber
I created a YouTube channel a few years ago and have taken several courses teaching me how to reach more people through YouTube. Several of the courses I had previously taken, focused on the same core things: titles and descriptions but never really taught me anything about how to create a video that people wanted to watch. So while I was getting people to click on a thumbnail after a 30 seconds lots would drop off as my videos had no clear structure. In steps Owen, Theresa and the Acceleratus Media Video Marketing team! They not only covered what several of the other courses covered but so much more. They taught me how to create a script, how to plan out my videos, how to correctly and ethically serve the people I am called to serve and reach through video and much much more during the full day YouTube seminar / training. This program is applicable for those wanting to increase their personal brand and for local businesses too. I was surprised to see how many businesses were on YouTube and it actually makes sense. Youtube is the 2nd largest search engine after Google and is owned by Google which is number 1. They also have an amazing Facebook group where they share tips and monthly coaching calls which provide so much value and a great time for Q&A. So with that in mind whether you're a solo-preneur or a business wanting to reach more people consider working with the Acceleratus Media Video Marketing team. I am looking forward to working closely with the team and to grow my channel so that I can serve more people! Thank you Owen, Theresa and team Acceleratus Media Video Marketing! Lyle
Direction Inc.
Direction Inc.
I recently had the pleasure of working with Owen and the Acceleratus Media Video Marketing team, and I am beyond thrilled with the results! Their exceptional video marketing services have played an integral part in the success of our business. The coaching and guidance provided by Owen and his team were invaluable to us. They helped our team learn a new set of skills that have positively impacted our business. The innovative ideas they brought to the table were not only creative but also tailored to our unique needs. Through their hard work, dedication, and commitment to quality, they've successfully implemented these ideas into our business. I cannot emphasize enough how much we appreciate their professionalism and excellent customer service throughout the entire process. From the initial consultation to the final product delivery, they made sure every detail was perfect and met our expectations. It was an absolute pleasure to work with them, and I can confidently say that our partnership with Acceleratus Media Video Marketing has been a game-changer for our business. I wholeheartedly recommend Owen and the Acceleratus Media team to anyone looking to elevate their business through top-notch video marketing services. Trust me; you won't be disappointed!

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