Boost Your Business with a Top YouTube Consultant


I want to tell you a secret. I used to be the loudest anti-YouTube consultant in the room. I thought, “Who needs a YouTube consultant? I can figure this out on my own.” But then I realized something.

YouTube is a beast, and if you want to tame it, you need someone who knows the ropes. That’s where a YouTube consultant comes in.

A YouTube consultant is like an ace up your sleeve for boosting your channel’s success. They’ve got the tips and tricks to expand your viewer base, increase interaction with followers, and potentially monetize along the way.

Nowadays, excelling on YouTube can make a significant impact on both businesses and personal brands.

So, if you’re ready to take your YouTube game to the next level, stick around. I’m about to spill all the tea on why hiring a YouTube consultant might just be the best decision you ever make. Let’s go!

The Importance of Hiring a YouTube Consultant

The future of business in America seems to be pointing towards YouTube as its cornerstone. But achieving success on this platform isn’t easy; it takes effort and skill. A good way to overcome these challenges is by working with an experienced YouTube marketing consultant who knows how to get results.

A skilled YouTube pro can shave hours off your schedule while helping you hit goals faster for less cash. They’ll offer smart tips on video marketing strategies and fine-tune your YouTube SEO so that more viewers come across your content.

Time-Saving Benefits

Building up a YouTube channel isn’t quick or easy. From learning effective strategies on the platform to making sure people can find your videos through search optimization, it all takes time. Plus, you’ve got to focus on growing an engaged community too.

Hiring a YouTube consultant means you won’t waste hours figuring things out on your own. They guide you through avoiding usual mistakes while honing in on what works best for growing your channel or business. By tapping into their skills with YouTube ads and creating engaging video content, you’re not just saving time but also valuable resources.

Accelerating Progress

YouTube changes rapidly. Trends shift quickly, and the algorithm keeps updating. Staying on top of it can be challenging, especially for newcomers.

A skilled YouTube marketing consultant knows how to kickstart the growth of any channel using effective techniques. From finding ways to attract new viewers and optimizing video content for higher visibility in searches—working with an expert helps achieve results much quicker than going solo.

Developing Effective Systems

Sticking to a regular schedule on YouTube is crucial. To grow your channel, set up reliable routines and methods that help you produce great content consistently.

With the guidance of a YouTube consultant, you can craft an effective content strategy and set up smooth workflows for video production. They assist in forming a supportive team that propels your channel’s success forward. Implementing these strategies will make hitting those business targets easier and faster while enhancing visibility through improved search engine optimization.

Top 3 Qualities to Look for in a YouTube Consultant


When choosing a YouTube consultant, it’s crucial to find one who has both relevant experience and success stories. Not every consultant will fit your needs, so pick wisely.

Most YouTube consultants out there are creators themselves and might not have the experience working with businesses. For example Mr Beast, a widely popular YouTuber who has over 60 million subscribers, might not have the expertise you need to reach your business’s target audience.

Instead, you need a consultant who gets what it takes to use YouTube for business purposes. Find someone skilled in YouTube marketing with a proven track record of boosting online presence for companies.

#1. Experience in Working with Businesses

When looking for a YouTube consultant, make sure they have experience in your industry. They should get who you’re trying to reach and be clear on what you want from the platform as part of your broader marketing plan.

A consultant with business experience can craft a plan that matches your specific goals. They’ll help you make engaging YouTube videos that connect with your target audience and boost interaction.

#2. Proven Track Record

If you’re on the hunt for a YouTube consultant, make sure they can show off their proven track record. Look at the growth in subscriber numbers, view counts rising steadily over time, and higher engagement rates as proof of their success.

If you’re aiming for success on YouTube, partner up with an experienced consultant who’s adept at producing compelling videos that attract audiences and generate sales. They need deep understanding of how things work there; this kind of insight ensures they’re well-prepared to assist you effectively by enhancing both visibility among users as well as engagement levels within targeted demographics too.

#3. Aligns Teams Around Goals

One of the biggest challenges of using YouTube for business is getting everyone on the same page. You may have multiple teams or stakeholders involved, each with their own ideas and priorities.

With an experienced YouTube consultant, you can unite your team around clear objectives and put effective processes in place to boost your channel’s success. They foster collaboration so that every member works cohesively towards creating an engaging and powerful YouTube presence.

If you align everyone’s efforts towards shared objectives, you’ll create a stronger and more efficient YouTube strategy for your business. An experienced consultant will optimize your videos, enhance video SEO, and organically expand your channel’s reach to meet business targets swiftl

Owen Video – A Reputable YouTube Consultant


Owen Video during YouTube Consultation live conferencing

Need a YouTube consultant who can boost your channel and drive sales? 

Owen Hemsath, also known as Owen Video, has got you covered. 

He’s well-known for helping businesses of all kinds find success on YouTube. As the CEO of Acceleratus Media, Owen Video is a dynamic speaker and a seasoned expert in video marketing, boasting over 13 years of experience.

With Owen Video’s knack for understanding your target audience, he can craft a YouTube strategy that hits home. This seasoned pro in the world of YouTube strategies has what it takes to make compelling videos that drive both engagement and conversions.

What makes Owen Video special? 

It’s his knack for generating impressive sales figures across different sectors including real estate, doctors, digital marketing and coaching. With an in-depth grasp on YouTube’s algorithm nuances, he tweaks your content just right so you get the maximum audience exposure possible.

Owen Video isn’t just another consultant; he’s committed to seeing you succeed. He really takes the time to learn what you’re aiming for and what’s holding you back. Then he puts together a plan that’s in sync with both your brand’s identity and message.

Proven Track Record of Success of Owen Video

What people love about Owen Video is his proven track record. He’s helped new businesses build their YouTube channels from zero and has boosted established brands to reach even greater heights.

Owen Video helped a real estate company grow their channel from scratch. Real estate agent and coach, Karin Carr, transformed her business by embracing YouTube for thought leadership. With two dedicated channels, one for buyers and sellers and another for real estate agents, Karin has made a significant impact in the industry. Her YouTube real estate business grew from 3,000 subscribers within a week.

Even digital marketing for doctors with smaller channels, such as Dr. Jake Schmutz and Dr. Rita Marie, are thriving with their video content. Dr. Jake shares insights on functional medicine and offers virtual consultations. Additionally, he repurposes his YouTube content into a podcast on his website, generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in new patient revenue.

Clients of Owen Video often see remarkable benefits thanks to his strategies. With a keen eye on data and return-on-investment (ROI), you can count on getting the most out of what you spend with him.

Key Services Offered by Owen Video As Your YouTube Consultant

youtube consultant

If you choose Owen Video as your YouTube coach, you’ll benefit from numerous services crafted to expand your channel and reach your goals. Take a look at just some of what’s available:

YouTube Done For You Service

When it comes to maximizing your brand’s presence on YouTube, the expertise of a seasoned consultant can be invaluable. Enter Owen Video – a top-tier professional with years of experience in helping CEOs, business owners, and industry experts like real estate agents and consultants elevate their online video strategy.

What Does a YouTube Done For Yo Offers?

A YouTube Done For You offers comprehensive services designed to enhance every aspect of your channel. Here are some key areas where they make an impact:

  • Create a Channel Plan: From identifying target audiences to setting up video topics that resonate with viewers, consultants craft detailed strategies tailored for success.
  • Channel Relaunch: If your current channel needs revitalization, professionals will implement effective relaunch plans to re-engage existing subscribers while attracting new ones.
  • Content Optimization: the team ensure each video is optimized for search engines using SEO keywords relevant to your niche.

Train Your VA Service

A YouTube consultant can be a game-changer for your business, especially when it comes to training your Virtual Assistant (VA) service. Whether you are a CEO, business owner, or industry expert like a real estate agent or consultant, leveraging the expertise of a YouTube consultant can elevate your channel’s performance.

In their quarterly YouTube Intensives, Owen Video and the Acceleratus Media team will provide a framework for your VA to grow your channel systematically. The team will give them content strategy, show them how to do competitive research, and train them to be more than a button pusher – they will be a channel grower. 

Optimizing Your Content for Better Reach

youtube consultant

Content optimization is one of the best services a YouTube consultant can provide. By making smart changes to your videos and channel, you’ll see a big boost in how many people watch and interact with your content.

Keyword Research and Targeting

Since YouTube ranks as the world’s second-largest search engine, using relevant keywords in your video content is vital. Consultants perform detailed keyword research to discover exactly what words and phrases will attract your target audience.

They’ll work with you to weave those keywords smoothly into your video titles, descriptions, and tags. This way, YouTube’s algorithm gets a clear idea of what your video covers and shows it to the right audience.

Thumbnail and Title Optimization

Think of your video thumbnail and title as the first impression you make on potential viewers. They need to be bold and intriguing. A consultant can help design thumbnails that pop in search results, grabbing attention and boosting clicks.

The team will work alongside you to create titles that perfectly describe your video’s content and include important keywords. It’s all about finding a sweet spot between being search-friendly and appealing.

Video Formatting and Pacing

The way you format and pace your videos can greatly affect how engaged viewers are and how long they stick around. A consultant will take a look at what you’ve already created and suggest ways to make it better.

Consider shortening or lengthening your videos based on audience feedback. Craft memorable introductions and conclusions. Incorporate dynamic visuals like graphics or animations. Adjust the pacing of information delivery so it’s easier for viewers to follow along without getting bored.

Effective YouTube SEO Strategies

youtube consultant

As a YouTube consultant with years of experience, I’ve seen firsthand the power of effective YouTube SEO. It’s not just about stuffing your titles and descriptions with keywords. There’s an art and science to it.

To really boost your YouTube channel growth, you need a multi-pronged approach:

  • Conduct in-depth keyword research to uncover what your target audience is actually searching for
  • Optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags to naturally include those keywords
  • Create transcripts and closed captions to give YouTube even more context about your video’s content
  • Design eye-catching thumbnails that entice clicks and feature your primary keyword
  • Promote your videos on relevant websites and social media to build backlinks and referral traffic

But here’s the kicker: YouTube’s algorithm also heavily weighs user engagement signals like watch time, likes, comments, and shares. So while technical SEO is crucial, your videos need to be genuinely helpful, interesting, and engaging to keep viewers watching and interacting.

A good YouTube consultant can make all the difference. They know how to blend keyword optimization with content that really clicks with your audience.

From what I’ve seen, the best YouTube channels combine smart SEO with a real understanding of their audience’s wants and struggles. They regularly post content that solves problems or entertains while using clever SEO tricks to get noticed.

It’s not a one-and-done deal, either. Your video SEO strategy should evolve as your channel grows and you gather more data on what’s working (and what’s not). A good YouTube consultant will continually analyze your analytics, viewer feedback, and competitor moves to adapt your SEO approach and keep you ahead of the curve.

So if you’re serious about growing your channel and reaching a wider audience, investing in expert video SEO guidance is a must. With the right strategies in place, you can turn your channel into a discoverability powerhouse and get your content in front of the people who need it most.

Creating Engaging Video Content

youtube consultant

Let’s be real: all the SEO hacks in the world won’t save you if your content is mediocre. Truly engaging video content is the backbone of any successful YouTube channel. It’s what keeps viewers coming back for more and telling their friends about you.

If you think making captivating videos is easy, think again—I’ve struggled too. Over time though, I’ve learned it boils down to three things: telling great stories, keeping it real, and giving something of true worth to your audience.

Instead of just dumping information on your viewers, take them on a journey. Use relatable examples, personal anecdotes, and a healthy dose of personality to draw them in and keep them hooked. Don’t be afraid to show some vulnerability and share your unique perspective. People crave human connection, even (especially) from their favorite YouTubers.

Of course, production value matters too. Investing in decent equipment, learning some basic editing skills, and putting care into your lighting and sound can go a long way in making your videos look and feel professional. But you don’t need a Hollywood budget to create engaging content. Some of my favorite YouTubers started with just a smartphone and a passion for their topic.

The real magic happens in the planning and execution. Taking the time to research your audience, craft compelling scripts, and add creative flourishes can elevate even the simplest setup. This is where working with a talented team of freelancers or a dedicated YouTube consultant can be a huge asset. They can bring fresh ideas, technical expertise, and an objective eye to help you take your content to the next level.

Got an idea for a viral video? Need to streamline your production process or give your videos that professional touch? Working with talented collaborators can help you make content that truly stands out and connects with your audience.

Creating content that truly resonates with your audience is all about making a genuine connection. It’s important to understand what your viewers need, want, and struggle with, then make videos that speak directly to those aspects in an authentic way. When you get the mix of value, personality, and production just right, that’s when you’ll see real engagement. You’ll build a loyal community eager for every new upload.

So pour your heart into every video, get creative, and never stop pushing yourself to craft content that leaves a lasting impact. Because when you do, the views, subscribers, and business growth will follow.

Alright, you’ve got the lowdown on how to make your Facebook Reels pop. It all boils down to three things: planning ahead, staying organized, and sticking to a schedule. Master these, and you’ll be well on your way to creating reels that not only look polished but also get the attention they deserve.

Next Steps as You Invest in a YouTube Consultant…

So, there you have it. The lowdown on why a YouTube consultant is the secret sauce your channel has been missing. From helping you create killer content to navigating the ever-changing world of YouTube algorithms, a consultant can be your guiding light in the wild west of online video.

Here’s the bottom line: not every YouTube consultant is cut from the same cloth. You need someone who really knows their stuff, has been in the trenches, and can show you solid results. Someone like that will help you dodge mistakes and speed up your path to success.

So, if you’re ready to take your YouTube game to the next level, don’t be afraid to invest in a consultant. It might just be the best decision you ever make for your channel. Trust me, your future self will thank you.

Creating systematic video content for your business that gets views and attracts 5–6 figures in revenue from qualified leads who find your content requires strategy along with a plug-and-play, executable system so it doesn’t take you a ton of time.

This is our jam 🙂

If you’re looking to train your VA or get yourself some consulting as you put in the leg work on your channel, we encourage you to look into Acceleratus Media’s next YouTube Intensive.

If you are ready to elevate your brand’s video content and harness the full potential of visual storytelling, our
Done For You Agency services are designed to meet your needs. We invite you to schedule a 30minute consult with our team to share what you are wanting to do and see if we can help you turn your vision for greater influence, revenue, and opportunities into reality.

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