Driving Business Success With New Video Marketing Trends

video marketing trends

Remember the time when you’d scramble to hit the ‘Skip Ad’ button on YouTube? Those days are long gone. Today, we find ourselves engrossed in video marketing trends, drawn into compelling stories that brands spin.

Ponder this: ever laughed out loud watching a quirky ad or felt your heartstrings tug at an emotional one? That’s storytelling and emotion-driven content in video marketing for you. Or maybe you’ve been captivated within seconds by an intriguing hook, making it impossible not to watch more?

From engaging hooks to incorporating visually appealing captions and b-roll footage – these aren’t just fancy terms anymore but game-changers defining success for businesses globally.

Are you curious about what’s fueling this revolution? Do you wish to take part in forming the destiny of online video communication? Let’s dive deeper into these emerging trends together.

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Table Of Contents:

Storytelling in Video Marketing Trends

The art of storytelling is a vital part of video marketing. It is essential to be able to draw out emotions and create a strong connection with viewers when utilizing video marketing. According to recent video marketing statistics, 86% of businesses use video as a tool for their promotional strategies, showing an impressive 23 percentage point increase from just four years ago.

Take Owen Video for example; his YouTube channel is dedicated solely to helping businesses tell their stories through videos. He understands the power of connecting with potential customers on a deeper level.

Owen Video - The YouTube "Show Strategy" for video marketing trends

By weaving emotions, humor, and entertainment into his videos, Owen creates an engaging experience that keeps viewers coming back for more. And with over 67k subscribers, it’s clear to see how this strategy is driving business success.

Emotion-Driven Content in Video Marketing Trends

In the world of content creation, it’s not enough to simply present facts or showcase products. You need to tell stories that resonate with people and stir up their feelings. Adding story elements can help humanize your brand identity, making it more relatable and memorable.

The Power Behind Emotions in Videos

Authentic moments drive video marketers’ success. But why? Let’s talk about ‘mirror neurons’. These brain cells fire when we perform or observe actions, creating empathy in humans (and even some animals).

Imagine scrolling through social media after dinner and stumbling upon user-generated content like heartfelt testimonials or inspiring success stories. Your mirror neurons fire off, making you feel as if the story is your own. This emotional connection can foster brand loyalty and boost conversion rates.

Storytelling is crucial in video marketing trends. It involves crafting a compelling narrative, utilizing user-generated content for authenticity, and resonating emotionally with our audience. In the end, emotions drive sales. Feelings sell.

The Importance of the Hook in Video Marketing Trends

To grab your viewer’s attention, crafting an effective hookis crucial. Just like a fisherman uses a shiny lure to catch fish, marketers use engaging hooks to reel in their target audience.

In the present day, individuals are inundated with an abundance of material from all directions. According to Forbes, 99% of businesses currently using video marketing plan on sticking with it. That means there’s plenty of competition vying for your viewers’ eyeballs.

Matt’s Off-Road Recovery YouTube channel is a perfect example of this. By starting each video with an intense cliffhanger, he keeps his audience hooked and eager to see more. This storytelling technique has helped him gain over 1.6 million subscribers and keep them engaged.

Crafting Effective Hooks for Branded Content

A well-crafted hook not only grabs attention but also reflects your brand and sets expectations for the video ad. It can be a punchy line, stunning visuals, or intriguing sounds that leave viewers wanting more.

Your goal is to engage and retain users who land on your site through user-generated content. They spend twice as much time compared to others. Crafting an effective opening segment requires understanding your branded content and target audience.

For promoting innovative tech gadgets, highlight the most impressive features upfront. For food-related items, a mouth-watering shot may be all you need.

In other words: give them something they didn’t know they wanted until now—and make sure they stick around for more.

Tips For Crafting Your Hook:

  • Be Concise: Keep things short yet impactful – remember people have a short attention span.
  • Focus on Benefits: Instead of just listing features, highlight how your product or service can benefit the viewer.
  • Create Urgency: Encourage viewers to take immediate action by creating a sense of urgency in your hook. This could be through limited-time offers or exclusive deals.

Enhancing Videos with B-Roll Footage

Let’s talk about the magic of b-roll footage. It’s like the secret ingredient that spices up your video production, making it more captivating and engaging for viewers.

B-roll refers to additional footage intercut with the main shot in a video or film. You can think of it as visual support that adds depth and context to your narrative, transforming an ordinary piece into something visually intriguing.

A perfect example is Kristina Smallhorn’s YouTube channel, where she creates real estate videos for her audience. She uses b-roll footage to give a visual representation of the properties she talks about, making the viewer feel like they are touring the house themselves.

B-Roll Footage in Video Production

Using B-roll elevates storytelling and enhances viewer engagement. But why does this technique work so well? Our brains respond better to dynamic visuals than static shots or talking heads. By integrating b-roll footage, you cater to how people naturally process information.

A high-quality b-roll is invaluable when you consider staggering statistics on online streaming. In 2023, the global streaming market reached $161.37 billion, showing a 55% year-over-year increase. This emphasizes the value internet users place on quality videos.

b-roll on video marketing trends

Moving forward into newer technologies such as AR and VR presents even more opportunities for utilizing impactful imagery within content creation strategies. Forecasts predict this industry will reach a whopping $52.05 billion by 2027.

  • The addition of relevant secondary shots not only enriches the visual experience but also aids retention rates among viewers – two birds with one stone.
  • An effectively placed clip has the power to invoke emotions, build narrative momentum, and highlight important aspects of your message.
  • Finally, b-roll footage is a powerful tool for correcting mistakes or covering up production issues without having to reshoot an entire segment. In short – it’s a lifesaver.

Take a pause and investigate further to truly comprehend the potency of this approach.

Adding Visually Appealing Captions to Videos

Adding captions to video content is a growing trend. It’s not just about accessibility anymore, but also about boosting viewer engagement. In fact, 74% of marketers create explainer videos with visually appealing captions for clarity.

Captions provide context in videos, especially when sound is not available or cannot be used. For example, on platforms like Instagram, videos often autoplay without sound. Catchy and clear captions ensure your message is conveyed even in silent mode.

Instagram’s Creator Marketplace, a hub for collaborations between creators and brands, highlights how crucial engaging visuals and text overlays have become in current video marketing trends.

The Role of Captions in Content Marketing

Captions not only aid accessibility but also enhance SEO performance by incorporating relevant keywords into the transcript. Search engines can index transcripts better than audio, making it crucial as consumers now watch more online educational videos (68%) than TV shows.

As per research data gathered from numerous sources, presentation-style formats made up 50% of all corporate-produced clips last year alone. Now imagine if those were captioned well – it could potentially double their reach.

Making Your Video Stand Out With Engaging Captions

To fully leverage this trend, you need excellent writing skills or professional assistance from an experienced copywriter who understands best practices for creating user-generated content and brand voice guidelines for each platform.

This way you’ll ensure that your video testimonials (which 46% of marketers make use of) stand out from the crowd and engage your target audience effectively.

So, if you’re looking to jump on this hottest video marketing trend, start by considering how visually appealing captions can add more value to your videos. It’s not just about adding text but making it engaging enough that viewers won’t want to look away.

Incorporating Background Music in Videos

Adding background music to your videos can amplify the entertainment value and boost overall impact. But, selecting the right tune isn’t as easy as hitting shuffle on your favorite playlist. Let’s break it down.

The Impact of Background Music

Background music sets the mood for your video content. A catchy beat might make viewers tap their feet, while a melancholic melody could tug at their heartstrings. This makes picking tunes an essential part of any video marketing strategy.

If you’ve ever chuckled at a humorous ad or felt chills during an intense movie scene, chances are, the background score played a big role in evoking those emotions.

Finding The Right Tune For Your Video Ads

Picking appropriate music depends heavily on your brand identity and what you’re trying to convey through your content. Are you promoting high-energy workout gear? An upbeat track might be perfect. Launching a meditation app? You’ll probably want something more soothing.

Bear in mind that using popular songs can often lead to copyright issues – so opt for royalty-free tracks whenever possible.

Importance Of Sound Quality In Video Marketing Trends

Average US consumers have 9.5 video streaming apps installed on their smartphones – meaning they’re accustomed to professional-grade sound quality. Poor audio can instantly turn them off. To keep up with viewer expectations and stay competitive, investing time into achieving good sound quality is crucial when producing video ads.

Testing And Feedback

It’s crucial to remember, there could be a song out there that you adore. And that’s okay. But it may not be the best fit for your video ads. Always test out different options with unbiased participants to get a sense of which one resonates best with your target audience.

Remember, music is as much about personal taste as it is about brand identity – so don’t take negative feedback personally!

Vertical Videos and Reality TV Aspect in Video Marketing Trends

The digital landscape is shifting towards mobile-centric content, which has led to the rise of vertical video. More social media platforms like Instagram’s Broadcast Channels are encouraging creators to use this format.

Take Roger Wakefield’s YouTube channel,  for example. His vertical videos are gaining massive views and engagement due to their authentic, unpolished style. This mimics the casual, handheld style of reality TV shows, making viewers feel more connected and invested in the content.

The Rise of Vertical Videos

This trend isn’t just a fad – it’s backed by data. According to forecasts, short-form videos on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels will continue to trend in 2023. Why? Because they fit our lifestyle. We’re all glued to our phones, scrolling away during commutes or while waiting for that coffee brew.

A significant advantage of vertical video is how well it suits mobile viewership. Holding your phone upright feels natural; so watching a video without needing any adjustments boosts viewer engagement significantly.

Vertical video on video marketing trends

Reality TV-Style Content: Unscripted Authenticity

Besides the rise of vertical formats, another intriguing trend emerged reality-TV-style content in marketing campaigns. Our fascination with glimpsing behind the scenes into people’s lives, even in business settings, seems to grow.

We love stories because they help us understand the world we live in. When businesses share their stories authentically – through vlogs or behind-the-scenes peeks – it captivates audiences who value authenticity over polish.

Diving Into The Numbers

If you’re still skeptical about this shift towards reality TV-style content marketing strategy let some numbers do the talking: Seven out of ten event organizers moved their events online after pandemic restrictions began last 2020.

This change made way for a new, raw and unedited style of content reminiscent of reality TV shows.

Whether it’s through vertical videos or adopting a reality-TV-style approach to your marketing campaigns, the trend is clear: video content must adapt to meet changing viewer habits. So let’s get real with our audiences.

Adding Humor and Entertainment to Videos

Let’s face it, everyone enjoys a good chuckle. The beauty of video marketing lies in its ability to evoke emotions. Adding humor can make your videos more engaging and memorable.

Successful YouTube channels like Owen Video, have mastered the art of combining education with entertainment. It makes learning about complex topics fun, thereby keeping viewers hooked longer.

The Impact of Humor on Engagement

Funny content gets shared more often – it’s that simple. Not only does this give you exposure to new audiences but also boosts your search engine rankings as Google loves popular content. Remember though, that humor needs to be appropriate for the context and resonate with your target customers.

Humor has another advantage: it helps sell products without appearing overly promotional. For instance, entertaining explainer videos subtly introduce potential buyers to product features while they are engrossed in an amusing storyline or skit.

Incorporating Entertainment Elements into Video Markering Trends

You don’t need a Hollywood budget or A-list actors to add entertainment value; creativity is key here. Consider using elements like animation or catchy background music that appeals universally across different demographics and cultures.

Your choice of media platform matters too; short-form videos work great on social platforms such as TikTok whereas long-form humorous sketches might perform better on YouTube.

Making Use Of User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-generated content can be a goldmine for humor and authenticity. A fun idea could be to run contests asking your followers to submit funny videos using your product or sharing hilarious experiences related to your industry.

UGC not only makes the brand feel more relatable but also gives potential customers an insight into real-life usage of products.

Key Takeaway: 

Spice up your video marketing by adding a dash of humor and entertainment. Not only does this make content more shareable, but it also helps sell products subtly. Whether you’re using animation, catchy music or user-generated content, the key is to resonate with your audience while keeping them engaged. Remember: laughter can be a powerful tool for boosting brand visibility.


Video marketing trends are shifting. Emotion-driven content is stealing the show, with storytelling becoming an integral part of effective video campaigns.

That compelling hook? It’s no longer optional – it’s a must-have for captivating your audience within seconds.

B-roll footage and visually appealing captions? They’re enhancing viewer engagement and making videos more accessible on social media platforms. And don’t forget about that catchy background music; it’s turning ads into entertainment.

The rise of vertical videos is hard to ignore, mirroring our shift towards mobile viewing habits. The touch of humor in these clips? That’s the secret sauce keeping viewers hooked.

If you want to ride this wave successfully, embrace these emerging trends wholeheartedly. Remember: adaptability will be key in mastering the art of video marketing moving forward.

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