YouTube Authority Accelerator

Scale Your Influence, Revenue, and Opportunities with
your Organic YouTube Content in Just 4 Hours a Week

Develop 5 and 6 figure returns with a powerful Organic Youtube Content Strategy without wasting your
time, money, or effort.

Develop 5 and 6 figure returns with a powerful Organic Youtube Content Strategy
without wasting your time, money, or effort.


Power-packed 12 week mentorship with Owen Video that will help you launch a YouTube first system to becoming a world renown industry leader. Get the systems for planning your YouTube content, producing and promoting it as well as your offers, and progressing fast so you can scale your profits as you transform the world with your message this year and beyond.
Whether you are a one man show, or you have a team- we will show you how you can accelerate your influence with 3-5 years of growth in just 3 months with the right systems so it’s frictionless, fast, and makes a huge impact.
Alumni of this program walk away from the 12 weeks with their first 5 additional figures in revenue already generated from their channel (if they are revamping) or their first 20 videos already generating quality leads in their pipeline.
They’ve outsourced what they don’t want to do, and they are magnifying their impact with strategies on their favorite social platform outside of YouTube.

What You’ll Get

Already an expert/leader. Already 6-7-figures, time is the biggest constraint.

World-Renown Content Plan

Cut through the noise with a compelling YouTube focused content plan that will 5-300X your views and subs right off the bat and generate limitless video that turn into clicks, views, and clients. Focus on content you are passionate about and tell your stories, resonate deeply with your audience, and attract the right leads ready to work with you.


Powerful Camera Presence

Dial in your presence and energy on your thumbnail images and camera to powerfully communicate your message, attract your audience, and connect with them. This includes both your look as well as the look of your studio/video-creation station.


Frictionless Monetization Pathway

You’ll get a sales funnel audit and create natural and engaging pathways from your YouTube content to revenue generating opportunities that work with your goals including but not limited to leads to your mid and high ticket offers, brand deal partnerships, scaling your Adsense revenue, building your passive income opportunities like affiliate link clicks, as well as building your email list for nurture and future projects.


Powerhouse Promotional Strategy

Repurpose and promote your video content simply and strategically through collaborations and onto your favorite supplementary social platforms with the strategies that explode your visibility, and inbound leads without having to create new content.


Time Saving Systems and Outsourcing

Produce great looking videos on a regular basis or at a moments notice without disrupting your business operations. Our systems help you create 1-3 videos in just 2-4 hours a week (or help you build a team that can) while helping you gain 3-5 years of YouTube growth in just your first 3 months.


Live Coaching and Support

You don't have to do this alone. In the Youtube Authority Intensive you will work with Owen Video directly and his world-class team to ensure that your vision gets executed with excellence and real results.

Guarantee: You Will Make at Least $10,000 in Revenue from YouTube Generated Sales or We will Run You Through the Program Until You Do.


(1) Full Day Virtual Live Intensive Workshop to give you the essential foundations for your channel launch or revamp. (You and one other team member can attend).

(1) 60-Minute Private Blueprint Consultation to Dial in your Launch Plan so It’s Ready to Execute

(1) Brand/Origin Story Build-Out Consultation to use across your videos and into your offers.

(10) Weekly Accountability Calls to go over your wins, clear out bottlenecks, and strategize next steps as you record and publish your first 10-30 videos.

(Access) to our exclusive training vault for our Masters of Influence to support you with all your planning, production, promotion, and progress needs in your content and marketing- including outsourcing and training your editor, thumbnail designer, and any other VA’s you may hire to support you.

(Access) to our exclusive FB group to ask questions, share wins, and get feedback on work in between weekly accountability calls.

(Access) to our rolodex of connections for editing, graphic design, virtual producers, VA hiring and more.

(Bonus) Get Branded Video Graphics for your channel that include moving bumper, lower thirds, half screen, full screen, and end card.

(Access) to all of our templates, checklists, workflows, and more for every aspect of creating a powerful Influential presence with a YouTube first approach.

Project Duration: 90 Days

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