Private Consulting Package

Are you a serious business owner that wants to launch your video marketing to the ultimate level? When you choose the Owen Video Private Consulting Package you are choosing success. Gear up for private coaching, organized goals and results, results and more results!

Blast off with your first live video call to discuss your unique marketing plan. In this initial 90- minute call, we discuss what’s called your blueprint strategy. This call will be used to make the most out of your time with Owen Video.

Get ready to roll up your sleeves and empty your video marketing junk drawer. We’ll not only manage your video marketing, but we’ll take a look at your resources, your email marketing system and other processes that you are currently using. Plan to determine your overall goals, but have them broken down into manageable, 90 day increments of amazing milestones.

What’s included with Private Consulting?
Start with your initial, 90 minute blueprint strategy consultation
Enjoy private, one-on-one meetings two times per month with Owen Video in a video conferencing room
Access at all times to Owen Video through text and messenger for immediate attention that helps drive your business
Determination of which videos to write, produce and market
Biztube Academy Training

Weekly MasterMind Calls

A one of a kind, accountability management system to keep track of daily workflows, weekly tasks, long term goals, and your overall marketing plan. Here you can upload files, send messages, and use private communication designed to move your campaign forward.

What are the benefits?
Owen Video becomes part of your team. Let him take on the managerial role of your marketing department
Build a properly working marketing funnel that is unique to your business
Discover how to get customers to find your videos, land on your website and buy from YOU

Learn how to outsource whenever possible
Get the proper coaching that gets results
Be kept accountable through the entire process
Learn ads management, audience targeting, developing teams, mass producing thumbnails, split testing and so much more
Video calls are recorded and kept privately for you to download or access in the future
All of this will help train future staff or outsourcers

Choose to have Owen Video in your pocket, guiding your marketing efforts into successful leads and results. Here is your opportunity to get unique coaching from the MasterMind himself. Put Owen Video in your pocket and success on your horizon.


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