YouTube video ideas for beginners

By Owen Video

By Owen Video

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YouTube has over a billion clients around the world. If you want them to watch your channel, then you want to make video topics that they are searching for. So what are some types of videos you could do to start your channel or to draw more viewers?

To help you out I have listed out some ideas for YouTube that you can use making your first video.

Make an Intro for YouTube channel

The first important thing to do for your YouTube channel is making an intro video. A good intro can make a YouTube channel very welcoming to show the world what your channel is about and who you are.

The intro should be a small video explaining about your business (if you have) and should say who you are and about what you are talking about? As we all know the first impression is the best impression, this intro makes people get the best impression on your channel.

Share your first Vlog

Vlogs are among the most mainstream YouTube video thoughts for beginners. It’s an extraordinary method to present who you are and your perspective. This is a great beginning, however, consider broadening your substance as you go. Act naturally instead of trying to do things over dramatic. Keep it simple and natural.

Product review

From the past few years, this became a huge trend. People are sharing their feedback on everything in front of cameras. This is the best way to provide value to your followers, as many people are ordering products from online so they want to know about the product in advance regarding the quality and maintenance. Identify what your followers most often purchase and their interest. Share your product reviews on their most interesting things.

Sharing prank videos

This is one of the trending subjects on YouTube. Making prank videos and entertaining people with a hilarious subject. Yes, people will fall for it.  Now a day’s people are searching for hilarious content on YouTube. Share some prank videos with hilarious content.

Sharing travel Vlogs

Travel Vlogs has a huge competition, it may be a bit tough at first but you should try everything. This is one of the great YouTube ideas. Travel to interesting places and meet local people and share the video on your YouTube channel.

Here is a good example of How to Grow a Travel Vlog on YouTube.

Time-lapse videos

This is another interesting concept, especially good for capturing end to end process like drawing something or taking a time lapse of nature in different places.

A good example of A Stunningly Beautiful Time-Lapse Of Flowers Blooming. Though it took years, it’s worth doing.

Make best of lists

Make a list of your favorite topics and talk about them. This is one of the great YouTube ideas. If you are into sports talk something about sports or make a list of top tunes or a list of top films, albums, games etc.

This increase knowledge for people or it’s an easy way for people to know about them.

A good example on making a video using list.

Make an inspirational video

Use visuals that you find inspiring and do a voice over narration sharing your motivating thoughts and ideas. Lots of people look for inspirational and motivational playlists to start their day. Let them find yours!

Make a review on book or movie

If you watch a lot of movies or read a lot of books, this is a really good video idea for you. Especially if you also know how to do a fun and entertaining review. Connect it to your niche and you can get subscribers who are interested.

Answering follower questions

If you are getting a lot of questions from viewers answer them with your videos. This is one of the great idea for beginners. Here is a video where I am conducting a live Q&A session for Digital Marketing.

These are some of the ideas for beginners which gives a good start. I wish you good luck. If you need any help please write to me anytime.

Need help with looking good on camera, coming up with titles, or picking up the appropriate gear to get started? Check out my Business Owner’s Guide to YouTube. It is a free e-book with a solid foundation of tips and tricks to start a great channel.

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YouTube video ideas for beginners

YouTube video ideas for beginners

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