What makes a successful Entrepreneur – Evan Carmichael’s Top Tip

What makes a successful Entrepreneur

Evan Carmichael is one of the top YouTubers has around 1.3million subscribers on his channel. He has shared excellent advice for Video Entrepreneurs on what makes a successful entrepreneur – I was confident enough to interrupt him at a conference and I asked him a few questions. What he told me will absolutely blow your mind if you get it. I have listed out the points that were discussed for your reference.

What makes a successful Entrepreneur

Adjusting mindset

The biggest thing entrepreneurs need to do is adjusting their mindset. Knowledge can always be learned. But adapting to the situations and adjusting the mindset as required will be helpful personally and to the business.


Don’t try to find everything to be perfect to start your project. For example, if you are looking for the best camera to shoot, it is not gonna happen. Try to get things with the resources available and make best of out of it.

Knowledge transfer Vs Energy Transfer

Most of the videos we watch shares the energy rather than knowledge. It is good to have a knowledge-based video. But at the same time, you need to create some energy in your video. Let it be a fun factor or motivation or happiness. You need to transfer some sort of energy to the viewer after watching your video. They should remember that feeling. Let your video be inspiring or entertaining or aspirational.

Let your values present in your video

Most often times we remember a person because we respect their values that they believe in their life. Think about all of those things that you’ve loved in your life. Like, Who is your favourite teacher? Why do you like them? What is the quality of that teacher which has made them your favourite teacher? What is the favourite thing you learned from your parents?

Try to keep those values in every video you make. So that your audience respects you and inspires to follow you.

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