How Video Sales Funnels Work to Generate New Revenue for Business

Website funnels are essential to converting your sales online. A funnel is a series of web pages connected to emails. These emails are embedded with videos that are used to convert your viewers into leads. Those leads are nurtured into sales.

There has been nothing more successful for my own business than using funnels. Put simply, if you do not have a website funnel, you are missing sales. Here is the funnel strategy process to bring that same success to your business.

Watch This 6 Minute Video Overview:

The first thing to understand is that when you are using video in your website funnels, you no longer need to worry about likes, views and subscribers on YouTube. Throw that thinking out with yesterday’s trash. 

Today, think about movement. Your lead needs to flow through your funnel and that is key to creating a website funnel with video. If your leads do not take action, there is no sale to be made. 

Over the last 5 years, I have taught business owners how to create these funnels that lead to action. Here are steps you need to take. Don’t let another Youtube video fall flat. 

Video Sales Funnel Frame Your Offer
Does your audience even know what you are actually offering them? Many industry leaders do not want to leave anyone out, but that makes any type of offer too broad or intangible. For your next video to be successful, create a very specific offer for a very specific type of audience. How do you do this? Just fill in the following:

“I help (target audience) to achieve a (desired result) with (my product).”

Watch this video below for a more detailed look at how to frame your offer to get more traction with video sales funnel marketing:


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The Video Sales Funnel has been our most successful lead funnel The Video Sales Funnel has been our most successful lead funnel

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