Storybrand: How to engage your customers?

By Owen Video

By Owen Video

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StoryBrand: Green Stop Signs

Recently a friend of mine (Anthony) shared with me a story of how he stopped at a stop sign. As his car came to a halt, the vehicle across the way drove passed him and the gentle voice of the radio blended into the sounds of the street.

My friend, lost in thought, patiently waited until the car behind him offered a honk that woke him from a spell. He was waiting for the stop sign to turn green.

We’ve all done this before haven’t we? Our minds are daily overwhelmed with thoughts of work, taking the kids to school, dance recitals, church activities, and finally remembering to clean out the shelf in the fridge where you accidentally spilled a little sangria. In fact, we’re so full of thoughts that we forget we’re at a stop sign.

Your customers are exactly the same.

The unfortunate victims of overwhelm, they are rarely paying attention and they are NEVER on edge and waiting for your next video to appear in their newsfeed. Like you, they have too much on their minds.

In order to break through, your video content must provide the customer with a thought more interesting than the one she’s already thinking.

Roy Williams is an ad writer who notes that the customers mind is knowable – she’s constantly scanning and scanning for useable data while the “common, the mundane, and the predictable are ignored; the unusual, the intriguing, the fascinating, are immediately spied and examined.”

The beginner might use loud noises, bright colors, and words like SALE and DISCOUNT to capture her attention but the Mastermind uses intrigue, provocation, and seduction. Im not talking about sex appeal – the Mastermind puts into the conscious of the Customer a thought so interesting it echos between her ears and replaces the former thought.

The company that captures the attention of the customer wins.  

You must engage your customer with substance that places them in the heart of your story. You must use phrases and visuals that create interest and intrigue in your message. And your message must speak about the customer as the hero of the story.

The mistake we often make in advertising is to place ourselves as the hero-

“We’ve been in business for 65 years… “

“Over 1 million customers sold…”

“We have over 50 agents…”

But none of these speak to the customer. The customer wakes up everyday believing that HE is the hero of his story. What he needs is not another hero – but a guide – to direct him to the end of his story. That is exactly the type of advertising that a Mastermind aspires to create for his customer. The Mastermind loves his customer so much, he helps him realise his greatness. And that thought wakes him up like a honking horn at green stop sign.

Through StoryBrand method website traffic can be boosted and 3X’d leads conversion.

The StoryBrand Method explains how to capture the attention of your customer and walk him through a journey that leads to a sale (or appointment). I cover these StoryBrand Model in great detail together to my clients personally and I’m very excited about this new module that I am going to start.

This is next level stuff and I’m very excited to have all my clients in the journey.

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Storybrand: How to engage your customers?

Storybrand: How to engage your customers?

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