Make Better Videos with this YouTube Script Template

  Start writing YouTube videos that actually get views, get clicks, and make sales. Download my free Business Owner’s Guide to Video Marketing Toolkit Who is Owen Video? I’m a Live Video Expert and Online Marketing Strategist with over 30k YouTube Subscribers and 3 million minutes of watch time. My

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Live Stream Video Tactics to Grow Your Business

Ross Brand and Owen Video discuss LIVE streaming   Live Stream Video Topics We Covered EVERY video should be making a pitch to have someone follow you in an intimate way. You can go LIVE on Youtube in just 2 clicks! That 2 to 3 minutes they spend with

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The Top 5 Myths About Ranking Videos on YouTube

Business owners and entrepreneurs are always asking me how to rank their videos on YouTube. Similarly, YouTubers across the video network are teaching similar topics- How to rank on YouTube How to rank on YouTube fast! Video ranking tips And other titles drape the YouTube landscape. But is ranking your

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How to look good on camera (checklist included)

GET THE PDF HERE. Scroll down to see the video You’ve got to look good on camera and that’s all about presence, posture, and preparedness. What I’m going to share with you in this video I’ve used with my clients for years to help them LOOK GOOD on video and

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Best Way to Shoot 24 Videos for YouTube

DOMINATE THE SEARCH ENGINES & SOCIAL MEDIA WITH A COLLECTION OF OPTIMIZED, TARGETED VIDEOS. VIDEO DOESN’T HAVE TO BE HARD 74% of business owners report that video marketing is time consuming, costly, and hard to implement. What if you could simplify the process at an affordable price and create new

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