5 tips to grow on YouTube fast like “Nick Nimmin”


Nick Nimmin share his secrets to grow on YouTube channel and getting more subscribers and views. Nick’s success was not accidental and instant but it’s long-term hard-work as a Youtuber.

I have known Nick Nimmin since he had 400 subscribers. He had grown to 184k subscribers in just a year and kept growing.

Five different skill sets Nick Nimmin developed over the period to grow over to 200,000 subscribers under 18 months are:

Tip #1:

Production Value

Once we observe his videos there are three different levels of lighting he uses:


Starting from backlighting to his blue curtains gives a sense of good colour combination to the entire frame.

Computer screen

Lighting from his computer screen where we can able to see the NICK NIMMIN sign. We can understand the characteristic of the Nick’s videos


The third lighting is crystal clarity on his face. This lighting is like very clear which pop out of the darkness of the frame. We can also notice there is no glare on his glasses. This practice of not getting glare on the glasses is not an easy task, he must have worked a lot to manage to do it.

Nick branding revolves around “Get started now”.  To show this in action, Nick Nimmin takes one step forward at the beginning of the show. He uses Canon Eos 800 DSLR camera  and Rhode Microphone

Tip # 2:


By checking Nick’s Video page on YouTube we can observe that he is uploading at least 4 videos every week. On average uploads of 3 videos in a week. Nick is getting viewers back to his page.

This strategy is very similar as of how Hulu or Netflix release a new show, for example when the master chef comes out with a new episode, Hulu uploads it immediately and send it to their viewers immediately. If you keep uploading videos consistently then YouTube will continue to send traffic to your page. This is called velocity.

Consistency doesn’t end with uploading the videos. It includes maintaining the same look, same feel, same pace and same power every time you show up.

Tip #3:

Niche Content

Nick Nimmin talks about YouTube or YouTube related content and more specifically he speaks to the video creators. Not so much about business owners and entrepreneurs. This is what Niche Content is called. This type of content is extremely important when building a channel to grow on YouTube.

When I had a conversation with Darrel Eves, he said: “If your niche is too wide YouTube simply doesn’t know what your channel is about or who to show your videos to.”

Tip #4:


By checking Nick Nimmin’s YouTube page, the following is the analysis of the thumbnails he keeps:

Human face

Should have human face highlighting the eyes to make the personal connection with your viewer.


The Thumbnail should be readable from left to right. The eyes of an English speaking person will normally go the right this is the natural pattern which continues with every English speaking person in the world.


Always notice the colours in the text and make them nice and big to stand out in the YouTube related video session. The colour boxes will help the words to pop out which lets the viewer see.

Tip #5:

Live Video

Nick Nimmin goes live every Saturday. There are so many advantages to go live. Such as:

Engage with the audience.

Its also well know that doing a live video help video to have higher in the search engine faster than the pre-recorded.

Live video dramatically increase the watch time. Watch time is an important thing to look into if you want to be successful as a Youtuber.

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