DISCLAIMER: Software is like tools. Some people like Black and Decker tools, some people like Ryobi tools. Over the last few years we’ve come to have success with the tools listed on this page here. If you are using a tool (software) that does what we need it to do then you do not need to switch to the suggest brands below but you will absolutely need the tool!

ClickFunnels –

What it Does: for creating the website pages that make up your sales funnel. Clickfunnels has templates that are proven to convert your viewers into leads and then again to convert your leads into customers. With Clickfunnels you can create up to 20 Funnels with hundreds of pages in less time and for less money than building a website or creating funnel pages in your website.

With Clickfunnels you can create lead generation pages, webinar pages, sales pages, product pages, MLM funnels, Real Estate Funnels, Service-Based Funnels, Create Courses, and so much more!

“We finally paid for Clickfunnels after fighting it for months and Owen showed us how to build one funnel that looked better and got more traffic in a week that our website got in two months! Plus we generated two leads from that traffic, so get Clickfunnels.

-Carlos Zepeda, Real Estate

Clickfunnels is FREE for 14 days and after that it’s $97 per month.

Click Here to Start the Trial

Alternatives to ClickFunnels:
GetResponse – Landing Pages -$50 per month

Thrive Themes – $200- $400 (one time)

Wix Websites – $0 – $50 (not the exact same thing but close)
Many Others…

Common Questions:

Do I REALLY need a landing page system? I already have a Website….

YES! Your website cannot do what clickfunnels can do – like drag-and-drop design elements, mobile responsive and customizabale pages, easily paste tracking code, create duplicate and split-test pages, provide advanced metrics, pre-populate all the links and re-directs, collect credit cards, shopping carts, etc…

You will waste hundreds of hours and even more money (if you have to pay a designer) to get pages that won’t look as good and wont look perform as well. We’ve tried.

GetResponse Email Marketing

What it Does – This is how you’ll deliver the ebook and create the emails in the autoresponder series. GetResponse can also send newsletters, one-off emails, and create multiple autoresponders for multiple lists and campaigns. They have email templates plus stock photos to select and choose from along with tons of other email features to improve your reach and your click-thru.

We’ll use GetResponse for email marketing but GetResponse can also trigger more advanced automations, they have a CRM add-on and a Landing Page add-on as well. When I started in this business GetResponse was my go-to software for list building and email marketing.

GetResponse is $20 per month

Click Here to Get Started

Alternatives to GetResponse:

Aweber, Mailchimp, Constant Contact, etc

Vcita Online Scheduling

What it does- Vcita is an automated calendar and scheduling software for scheduling your 15-minute Pre Qual Sales Call and your 60-minute Sales Call. With Vcita, you’ll create a “New Service” where you can set your availability, ask a few pre-qualifying questions, add images, and even set up custom email responses so your appointments will get reminders before their appointment with you.

Vcita has a TON of other great CRM and Payment features as well. I admit I don’t use those features at all but they are all there and included with the basic package. They have a great customer service department, chat, and a mobile app.

Vcita is FREE to start and then $15 per month

Click Here to Get Started

Alternatives to Vcita:

Calendly $8-$12
**Calendly is an excellent solution. The main reason I choose Vcita is for the interface – it’s more user friendly than Calendly (and more expensive). But Vcita also offers a “website embed code” which again makes it easier to get users to schedule right on my website.

Acuity, ScheduleOnce, YouCanBook.Me, CoSchedule…

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