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Congratulations! We’ve received your application for a Free YouTube Strategy Audit and we are reviewing it now.  We’re so excited to meet with you and show you  how our VideoPro System can help your business generate new leads and close new sales.

I’m the Co-Founder & CMO of The Video Marketing School with Owen Video. I’m also a podcaster, a YouTuber, and one of the Coaches here.

Together, Owen and I have made videos with MILLIONS of views, and we’ve closed MILLIONS of dollars in sales for our programs and for our clients’ programs as well.

We are thrilled to show you the proven strategy for growing your business on YouTube in less than 4 hours per week – without slimey tricks, showing your skin, or doing cheesy thumbnail pictures.

Please click the button below to schedule a call with me where we can discuss your goals and identify what you will want to do to really scale your visibility, authority, and profitability with YouTube.

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