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Hi Twitter Friend! My name is Owen Hemsath and I’m a YouTuber.

I broadcast twice per week on topics related to SEO, Web design, Marketing, and YouTube! I’ve got a beautimus wife, 4 awesome kids, and a 6th finger on my right hand.

Just kidding, Wesley.

My personal clients are typically entrepreneurs, speakers, and authors. They hire me to help them grow and monetize their YouTube video channels.  My coaching clients are usually entrepreneurs and business owners. They hire me as their YouTube coach for either my group or my private training courses.

It is my goal to provide training that will increase your authority and your revenue.

Here are my main links:

YouTube Channel | BlogFacebook Page

Let’s talk more about me, shall we?

I created this page to help my Twitter friends get a bigger picture of what I do and what I post about. Twitter has always been a “fun” thing for me. I enjoy seeing who is active, what they post, and reading the blogs and articles that are relevant to me.

I do not “follow back” as a rule.

If you’re following me just so I’ll follow you back, sorry. I follow people who provide great content, who make me laugh, or who add value to my day. If that sounds like you- great! Feel free to tag me in a post and I’ll let you know my thoughts. I would love to get to know you.

Unless you’re a weirdo.

From me, you can expect to hear about all things video, YouTube, and internet marketing. My goal is to be one of those people who you rely on to provide expert opinions & commentary on topics related to YouTube and Internet Marketing.

Would you help me out? Click to Tweet the statement below so I know you’re following me. Would be good to know you were here!

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