Real Estate Agent Closes $5M Listing
With YouTube & Live Video  

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Marcus Gualter is the CEO of Kiwi Real Estate in coastal Newport Beach. Together with Owen at Videospot, his team launched a successful video marketing campaign.

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I met Kiwi at VidSummit – a video marketing conference in Los Angeles where I was the Emcee. Kiwi had been following my YouTube channel for a while; he has a knack for video but was tired of wasting time trying to “figure it all out.” I became his consultant and we started our journey to $5 Million.

Step 1: Develop a Video Marketing Strategy

Kiwi wanted results fast so we decided to use a Video Sales Funnel to make a fantastic sales video first (one of the top 7 videos I always recommend you make first). We will use that video to close deals with our existing leads and prospects. After we have a solid sales video in place, we’ll make a series of ongoing videos to rank on YouTube and to promote on Facebook. We’ll use these videos to generate new leads and appointments. At those appointments, we’ll show our new sales video – make sense?

It’s brilliant and it’s very easy if you know the steps. Keep reading or schedule a call with me Right Now to start developing your personal video marketing strategy.

Don’t Hire a Videographer Until You Read The Next Part!

Most realtors will hire a videographer for one video. This is a huge mistake. We teach our clients to hire a videographer for a full or half day and follow you around as you do your work. This way you come off of the shoot with tons of footage you can use over and over again. We hired a videographer to shoot 7-10 second clips of Kiwi and the real estate team in a variety of posed enviroments:

Kiwi talking with Clients
Kiwi touring a home
Kiwi shaking hands with Clients
Kiwi sitting at table with Clients
Kiwi putting sunglasses on
Kiwi walking towards house
Kiwi working with team
And so on…

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By the end of the day we walked away with over 300 clips of Kiwi in a variety of environments that we can now use to edit into full length and micro videos for a variety of purposes!

And because we didn’t have a goal of creating “One or Two” videos out of it, we weren’t slowed down by the videographer’s need to “get the shot.” Instead, we could just shoot and go. So now, using the clips that we shot of Kiwi we have enough footage to create our sales video plus a variety of other videos for the future: square video memes for social media, promotional video ads for Facebook and Instagram, etc. With all the b-roll we captured, we’ll won’t need a videographer for another six months to a year.

Step 2: Create Modular Videos that Close Sales

Now that we have our b-roll footage, I taught Kiwi how to make his sales video a modular video . A modular video is a video that is about 80% template but the remaining 20% is customizeable for your client. This way, the client gets a very personalized and customized experience which helps increase your chance of closing the deal.

Using the footage, we created strong branding pieces in the “template” part of the video – this is the video that every client should see. Then we replaced the “customizable” sections of the video with shots of the clients home that were taken earlier. This way, the client is seeing the type of work that we do to sell a home and because the video is so high quality – it appears like Kiwi has already started working for them!

In reality, we only had to swap out 3-4 shots to make this look like a video designed for this specific client. This can easily be done by an assistant or a virtual assistant which means we can make a “custom” video for every listing appointment and increase our listings!

Here’s the video we created together:

When Kiwi met the client and showed the video, the client agreed to listing his $5 million house with Kiwi! At a 6% commission rate, that makes for one heck of a paycheck.

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Step 3: YouTube and Facebook Generate Thousands of Views!

Armed with a solid video for closing leads, we moved on to lead generation through his YouTube and Facebook. Using the proprietary system we taught him, Kiwi has been able to make his videos look outstanding without any help from a videographer.

1. First, we helped him dial in his shooting location and video gear.

2. Then, we helped him develop topics that would get huge attention from viewers on YouTube.

3. We taught him the 6-point process for shooting videos. With our format, it’s easy to spit out video after video following a very simple formula.

4. Once complete, we taught Kiwi the secret to getting thousands of qualified views from people in his target market. The results paid off…

Kiwi’s first video hit 10,000 views in just a few short days!

As if that’s not enough, Kiwi continues to produce videos every week that perform even better than the first video getting up to 28,000 views on YouTube. The future is looking bright for Team Kiwi Real Estate.

With their YouTube video production in place, Kiwi has branched out into live video on Facebook where he’s launched a weekly show covering relevant real estate marketing topics for the Orange County market.

Not only is Kiwi running a live show, but using my system and set up his show is incredibly dynamic with sound effects, segments, and all the fixings that make a live show worth watching.

So now, Kiwi has a fully comprehensive video marketing program embedded into his business that leads viewers back to his website where they can enquire about services and he has a video sales program to close those leads into new listings.

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