The YouTube Business Blueprint for Views, Subscribers, and More Clients


As a professional seeking to leverage the power of the YouTube Business Blueprint, you understand that having an effective marketing strategy on this platform is crucial for success. In this blog post, we will delve deep into how to build and optimize your YouTube channel by following a comprehensive blueprint designed specifically for consultants, coaches, real estate agents and their marketing teams.

You’ll learn about creating binge-worthy content that strengthens your brand identity while triggering the YouTube algorithm in your favor. We will discuss implementing the Silo Strategy on your channel by identifying main content categories relevant to your business and developing episodic videos within each silo.

Furthermore, we’ll explore how to create a cadence of conversion through publishing regular video content followed by email promotion as well as scheduling monthly live streams to engage with audiences. Lastly, discover ways to outsource video production tasks efficiently without compromising quality or breaking the bank.

Dive into this insightful guide on mastering the YouTube Business Blueprint and elevate your online presence like never before.

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    Before We Jump In…

    If Your Channel is Already Big, congratulations. We’re excited to see you accomplish new goals but often times bigger channels run into old habits and routines that actually stop growth from happening. At many of the video conferences we meet bigger channels who often believe that low numbers are “normal.” For example, this client below was told that their CTR was “normal” but we insisted that it could improve. This simple mindset shift led to a 1700%  increase in their views. If you have a big channel and you’re stuck – we’re glad you’re here. 

    The YouTube Business Blueprint strategy  Increased our clients views from 3.7k to 60.7k on one video

    If You’re Just Getting Started, this guide should be transformative. Starting with the very next page you will start to understand how to create videos that generate new business and revenue for you in just a few days. Our clients often experience results within their first few video uploads but some clients hit the jackpot on day one. If you’re just getting started, this book is for you.

    Understanding the YouTube Business Blueprint

    The YouTube Business Blueprint is a proven process designed to help any company generate five and six-figure revenue with organic YouTube videos that don’t take a lot of your time while also providing you an outlet to share your message and grow your following. The Blueprint shows you how to optimize your creative process so that your videos are affordable and fun to make and the Blueprint shows you to outsource the heavy lifting while leveraging your special talents and zone of genius. 

    This blueprint comes in 3 parts that create engaging content that triggers the algorithm, builds your brand, and ultimately converts viewers into customers without disrupting your current workflow. 

    The Video Profit Accelerator

    The Silo Strategy 

    Cadence of Conversion

    The Blueprint is the starting point for a thriving channel that generates business for years to come and we’ve built this model over 10 years of working with 6 & 7 figure companies like yours. Building organic Youtube channels is our passion and it’s the only business I’ve ever done professionally. YouTube allowed my wife to come home and build the business with me and our kids close by. YouTube helped us raise money to beat cancer and stay cancer free. 

    We hope that this Blueprint is used to grow your message and create transformation in the lives of others just as YouTube has created transformation for us. 

    Part 1- The Video Profit Accelerator

    The Video Profit Accelerator is the vehicle that moves your video from ideation to publication in as few steps and as few dollars as possible. These four categories will become your primary workflow to ensure that every video gets the right amount of attention, has the right amount of quality, so it gets the maximum amount of exposure. 

    We provide our clients with “checklists” for the main areas but you can begin to create your own as you read through the steps below. 

    Step One: Programming

    The first step to effectively using YouTube is to understand what types of videos your business should produce. It is important to focus on creating episodic content that viewers can binge-watch. By doing so, you can trigger the algorithm and increase the chances of your videos being recommended to viewers. To achieve this, you need to create content in silos or content categories that allow viewers to easily find and watch related videos. This can be achieved by creating videos on similar topics, creating a silo of videos, and making videos relevant to your target audience.

    Step Two: Production

    Once you have identified what types of videos to produce, it’s time to focus on production. This includes editing, uploading, and optimizing your videos. If you have a team, they can take care of this for you. However, if you don’t have a team, you can hire overseas editors to help you create high-quality videos.

    Step Three: Promotion

    Promotion is an essential step in getting your videos seen by viewers. You need to determine when to publish your videos and where to share them. It’s also important to make your videos relevant to your target audience to increase the chances of your videos being recommended to viewers. We provide our clients with checklists for 

    Step Four: Progress Measurement

    Finally, it’s important to measure your progress to ensure you are on the right track. This includes measuring the right things and doing more of what works. Your progress affects your programming, so it’s important to keep track of how your videos are performing.

    This is a repeatable process and through it, you will get the views, the clicks, and the revenue and programming is the first step in this essential process. Below we will dig into what needs to determine your programming. 

    TAKE ACTION: The first thing we do with our clients is their Programming strategy where we meet on a call and write down all of our top video ideas. We bring some SEO to the table and some trending ideas but we also work with YOU to get your best ideas out and on paper. 

    So you can start now by scheduling a call with yourself for 30 minutes. Use this time to jot down all of your ideas for making videos and gather them on one sheet. This will be your Programming strategy. Want to know how to come up with better video ideas?

    Then let’s talk about: 

    Brand with Binge-Triggering Content

    Binge Triggers are psychological and technological tools that help the audience to binge-watch your content. Binge-Triggers are how we get the audience to watch one video, then another, then another. 

    YouTube wants viewers on YouTube watching videos so to succeed on YouTube, it’s essential to create binge-worthy content that keeps viewers engaged and coming back for more. This means focusing on high-quality video production, storytelling techniques, and leveraging trends within your niche. Here are some examples of Binge-Triggers:

    THUMBNAILS: Thumbnails play a significant role in attracting viewers to click on your video. Make sure they’re visually appealing and accurately represent the content of the video.

    TITLES: Your video titles should be clear, concise, and include relevant keywords related to your topic or industry, such as YouTube marketing or video content.

    CARDS : add physical links to your videos that allow your viewers to tap the screen and start watching the next video in the series. 

    END SCREENS: You should always ask viewers to watch the next video in your series and YouTube provides very specific tools to help keep the viewers watching. 

    But the most important Binge Trigger of all is the Silo Strategy. We’ll talk about that in just a moment but first, we need to understand a little more about the YouTube Algorithm (the thing that decides which videos appear on your newsfeed or in the search results). 

    Triggers for the YouTube Algorithm

    To increase visibility on the world’s second-largest search engine – Google-owned platform – it’s crucial to understand how its algorithm works when promoting new content. Here are some key factors that influence YouTube’s algorithm:

    Watch time: The more minutes users spend watching your videos, the higher they’ll rank in search results and recommendations.

    Audience retention: Videos with high audience retention rates (percentage of video watched) are favored by the algorithm, as it indicates viewers find them engaging and valuable.

    User engagement: Comments, likes, shares, and subscribes all contribute to how well a video performs within YouTube’s ranking system.

    To trigger these positive signals for the YouTube algorithm, focus on creating captivating content that keeps viewers engaged throughout each episode while encouraging them to interact with your channel via comments or social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. Additionally, don’t forget about optimizing metadata such as titles, descriptions, and tags – which can significantly impact discoverability on this powerful platform. In our program, The YouTube Authority Accelerator, we provide a series of templates that our clients can use to automate this process but we have lots of additional training on our YouTube Channel: 


    Key Takeaway: 

    The YouTube Business Blueprint is a proven process for generating five and six-figure revenue using organic videos. To succeed on YouTube, create binge-worthy content that triggers the algorithm by focusing on high-quality video production, storytelling techniques, consistent branding elements, and optimizing metadata such as titles, descriptions, and tags.

    Implementing the Silo Strategy on Your Channel

    The silo strategy is the most powerful way to succeed on YouTube while making videos that you accomplish your business objectives. The Silo Strategy means that ONE video becomes FIVE videos and that SILO of videos is like a playlist or a series that goes deep or wide on a topic intended to create “binge-watching” sessions for the viewer. 

    From an aerial view then, your channel content should look something like the image below:

    Successful YouTubers like MrBeast have used this method by creating multiple silos filled with related subtopics, keeping viewers watching their videos for longer periods of time. In this section, we’ll discuss how you can identify main content categories for your business and develop episodic videos within each silo.

    Identifying Main Content Categories for Your Business

    To start implementing the silo strategy, it’s essential to first determine the primary topics relevant to your business niche and the objectives that you want to accomplish. For example, you can create a silo for targeting keyword search terms or you could create a silo for “reacting” to news events or celebrities in your industry. Silo’s can be whatever you want them to be but we like to think of your silo’s as business objectives.
    Let’s take Real Estate. If you’re an agent like Kristina, then you may want to do videos that appeal to real estate interests without being super specific on your town or location. You might create a silo for: 

    Housing Market reports 

    Affordable Homes (theme) 

    Reacting to Real Estate Shows 

    Tiny Homes (keyword)

    Tips for buying high-end homes

    Mortgage advice specific to luxury properties

    You should aim to create at least three main content categories that will resonate with your target audience while showcasing your expertise in those subjects.

    The YouTube Business Blueprint includes creating silos that encourage binge watching

    Developing Episodic Videos Within Each Silo

    Once you’ve established the main content categories for your YouTube channel, it’s time to create engaging video series within each category. By producing episodic videos that follow a consistent format or theme across several episodes, you encourage viewers not only to watch one video but also to explore other similar videos within the same category.

    An effective way of developing episodic videos is by breaking down larger topics into smaller subtopics which can be covered in individual episodes. For instance, a real estate agent focusing on luxury home tours could create an episodic series showcasing different architectural styles of high-end homes:

    1. Episode 1: Modern Luxury Homes
    2. Episode 2: Mediterranean-Style Mansions
    3. Episode 3: French Chateau-Inspired Estates

    To maximize your YouTube channel’s visibility and engagement, you should ensure that each video in the series is optimized with compelling titles, descriptions, tags and thumbnails.

    Note: It’s important not only to focus on creating engaging video content but also optimizing it for the world’s second-largest search engine – YouTube. This includes crafting compelling video titles, descriptions, tags, and thumbnail images that accurately represent each episode in your series.

    In summary, implementing the silo strategy is crucial for improving viewer engagement and retention while building a strong brand presence on YouTube. By identifying main content categories relevant to your business niche and developing episodic videos within each category, you can keep viewers watching for longer periods of time – ultimately increasing their likelihood of becoming loyal customers or clients.

    Implementing the Silo Strategy on Your Channel is a great way to ensure that your YouTube channel’s content stays organized and focused, helping you maximize its potential. Now let’s look at how we can create a cadence of conversion for our audience by leveraging both video publishing and email promotion.

    Key Takeaway: The Silo Strategy is a powerful approach to organize your YouTube channel’s content into distinct categories or “silos” to improve viewer engagement and retention. By identifying main content categories relevant to your business niche and developing episodic videos within each category, you can keep viewers watching for longer periods of time – ultimately increasing their likelihood of becoming loyal customers or clients.

    Creating a Cadence of Conversion

    The key to success with your YouTube marketing strategy is establishing a consistent publishing schedule that converts viewers into customers. By following the YouTube Business Blueprint, you can create an equal cadence where week one and three focus on video releases while week two and four emphasize audience engagement via live streaming events.

    Publishing One Video per Week Followed by Email Promotion

    To maximize the impact of your video content, aim to publish at least one high-quality video every week. This consistency not only helps build trust with your target audience but also signals to YouTube’s algorithm that you’re actively producing valuable content for its users. After each video release, promote it through email campaigns targeting both new subscribers and existing ones who haven’t engaged in a while.

    • Tips for promoting your YouTube videos effectively via email marketing
    • How to grow your YouTube channel organically using social media platforms
    • Optimizing email campaigns for better open rates and conversions

    Scheduling Monthly Live Streams to Engage Audiences

    In addition to publishing regular videos, hosting monthly live streams on weeks two and four allows you to interact directly with your viewers in real-time. These sessions provide opportunities for Q&A discussions, product demonstrations, or even behind-the-scenes looks at filming locations – all aimed at deepening connections between you and your audience.

    1. Create a Google account and set up your YouTube Studio for live streaming.
    2. Promote upcoming live streams through social channels, email campaigns, and in-video announcements.
    3. Encourage viewers to submit questions or topics they’d like you to cover during the stream.
    4. Consider collaborating with other creators on similar videos or hosting guest experts to add variety and value to your content.

    The YouTube Business Blueprint requires scheduled time each week to create videos.

    Incorporating a cadence of conversion into your YouTube marketing plan is essential for driving engagement, building trust with your audience, and ultimately converting them into loyal customers. By consistently publishing high-quality video content alongside engaging live events, you’ll be well on your way toward scaling influence, revenue, and opportunities within the world’s second-largest search engine – all while maintaining an efficient workflow that doesn’t disrupt existing operations.

    By establishing a regular cadence of video content, businesses can increase their reach and build an audience. Outsourcing certain production tasks to experienced professionals is the next step in scaling up a successful YouTube business blueprint.

    Key Takeaway: To succeed on YouTube, establish a consistent publishing schedule and promote your videos through email campaigns. Monthly live streams provide opportunities to engage with viewers in real-time, deepen connections, and add variety to your content by collaborating with other creators or hosting guest experts. By following the YouTube Business Blueprint, you can scale influence, revenue, and opportunities while maintaining an efficient workflow that doesn’t disrupt existing operations.

    Outsourcing Video Production Tasks

    To make implementing the YouTube Business Blueprint affordable and sustainable, it’s crucial to delegate tasks such as planning, filming, editing, thumbnail creation, publishing, and repurposing of videos among team members or overseas editors who are skilled in these areas. This allows you to maintain high-quality output without overburdening yourself or disrupting existing workflows.

    Hiring Overseas Editors for Cost-Effective Production Solutions

    Finding talented video editors from countries with lower living costs can be a game-changer for your YouTube marketing strategy. By hiring overseas editors through platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, or, you can significantly reduce production expenses while maintaining high-quality content standards. When searching for an editor, you should:

    • Create a detailed job posting outlining your requirements and expectations.
    • Ask candidates to provide samples of their previous work related to video editing and YouTube content specifically.
    • Conduct interviews via video calls to assess communication skills and cultural fit within your organization.
    • Negotiate rates based on experience level and workload capacity.

    Assigning Roles Within Existing Teams

    If outsourcing isn’t feasible for your business at this time, consider assigning specific roles within your existing teams that focus on creating engaging YouTube videos. By distributing responsibilities across multiple individuals rather than relying solely on one person (e.g., CEO), you’ll increase efficiency while ensuring each task is executed by someone proficient in that area. Some potential roles to consider include:

    • Content Strategist: Responsible for developing the overall YouTube marketing plan, including identifying the target audience and creating video content that appeals to them.
    • Videographer: In charge of filming locations, equipment setup, and capturing high-quality footage for your videos.
    • Video Editor: Takes raw footage and transforms it into polished final products by editing videos according to brand guidelines and creative direction from the Content Strategist. Click the hyperlink for a great company we use and our clients. Perfect if you don’t have an in-house editor and don’t have the time or skills to edit yourself.
    • Thumbnail Designer: Creates eye-catching thumbnail images that encourage viewers to click on your YouTube videos in search results or suggested feeds. Click the hyperlink for the thumbnail designers we use as well as many of our clients use. They produce high-quality thumbnails for a great price.
    • Publisher & Repurposer: Uploads finalized video content onto your YouTube channel while ensuring all metadata (e.g., titles, descriptions) is optimized for search engine visibility. They also repurpose existing video assets across other social media platforms as needed.

    Incorporating these strategies will help you streamline your video production process without sacrificing quality or overloading team members with additional workloads. By delegating tasks effectively within existing teams or outsourcing overseas editors when necessary, you can successfully implement the YouTube Business Blueprint and scale up your influence, revenue, and opportunities through engaging online content.

    Key Takeaway: To implement the YouTube Business Blueprint, outsourcing video production tasks is crucial to maintain high-quality output without overburdening yourself or disrupting existing workflows. Hiring overseas editors through platforms like Upwork and Freelancer can significantly reduce production expenses while maintaining high-quality content standards. Assigning specific roles within your existing teams that focus on creating engaging YouTube videos will increase efficiency while ensuring each task is executed by someone proficient in that area.

    FAQs in Relation to Youtube Business Blueprint

    What is the business plan of YouTube?

    YouTube’s business plan revolves around generating revenue through advertisements, premium subscriptions, and channel memberships. Advertisers pay to display their ads on videos, while users can opt for a premium subscription to enjoy ad-free content and access exclusive features. Additionally, creators can offer channel memberships with special perks for subscribers.

    What is the main content of a business blueprint?

    A business blueprint outlines key strategies and processes required for achieving specific goals within an organization. It includes elements such as target audience identification, marketing channels (like YouTube), product/service offerings, operational plans, financial projections, and performance metrics that guide decision-making throughout the company’s growth journey.

    What is the benefit of using YouTube for business?

    Using YouTube for your business offers numerous benefits like increased brand visibility through video content sharing; improved customer engagement by providing valuable information or entertainment; higher conversion rates due to visual storytelling; enhanced search engine optimization (SEO) efforts via video metadata; and opportunities to monetize your channel with advertising revenue or paid partnerships.

    How would a business use YouTube as part of their marketing strategy?

    Businesses can integrate YouTube into their marketing strategy by creating engaging video content that showcases products/services or provides educational resources related to their industry. They should optimize videos with relevant keywords/tags/titles/descriptions for SEO purposes; promote new uploads across social media platforms, email campaigns, website, and blog posts; collaborate with influencers in their niche; monitor analytics data regularly to make informed decisions about future content creation, campaigns, and advertising investments.


    Overall, the YouTube Business Blueprint provides a comprehensive guide for consultants, coaches, and real estate agents looking to establish their brand on the world’s second-largest search engine. By creating binge-worthy content within silos and implementing a cadence of conversion through regular video uploads and email promotions, businesses can effectively engage with their target audience.

    Outsourcing video production tasks is also an option for those who may not have the resources or expertise in-house. With these strategies in place, businesses can create a successful YouTube marketing plan that drives traffic to their channel and ultimately converts viewers into customers.


    Well, I hope that Blueprint makes YouTube seem a little easier and encourages you to get started because there are people our there RIGHT NOW who need your company to help them get the results they want. They are looking for you on YouTube and on Google and if you’re not there, they might find someone else who leads them astray. 

    Or worse, they never get started at all. 

    So if you’re motivated to get started with your channel and you want someone to hold your hand through the process, someone who can do some of the lifting for you, and kick-start your success on YouTube then we want to meet you. 

    Schedule a 15-minute call with me and share with me your vision for your brand and the goals you want to accomplish. We understand your needs and we know how to get you the results you want without a massive time investment and without hours or coursework to watch. 

    We will show you how to build a system around your genius that puts your videos in front of thousands of new eyeballs who are searching for you and need your service. 

    Schedule a 15 minute call with us  and let’s see which of our programs may be best for you. It’s time to make this dream a reality. 

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