Write a Hook: How to write attention-grabbing video intro’s for YouTube & Live Streaming on Facebook

How to Grab Viewers Attention with Better Video Hooks

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Grab Attention on Facebook and Get More Live Viewers! If you want a bigger live stream audience you need to “stop the scroll” and and retain your audience’s attention long enough to get them watching your amazing content. Today you’re going to get 3 never-heard-before tactics that you need to grab and keep your audience’s attention and skyrocket your views on Facebook live.

Hooks are important because the Facebook algorithm responds to watch time – how long people watch your show. Your hook is how you capture the attention of your audience and once you have their attention, it’s your job to keep them watching. The hook is where most streamers fail. It’s the first thing people see and hear. Countless times I’ll log in and see streamers flounder with no clear purpose and that’s how you lose audience. There are 3 hooks you need to learn: Verbal, Visual, Value

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