What Type of YouTube Content Should Business Owners Make?


So you have some great ideas that you’re considering sharing with the world via YouTube, but you’re at a stand still because you don’t know how to get what’s in your mind onto video.  Perhaps you have a YouTube channel and your wondering why it isn’t producing any leads and business.  Or maybe you’ve just begun and you only have 3 videos? (psst.. You won’t get far with 3 videos.)

As a business owner if you invest time and money into video marketing, you want to make sure that it will generate a business result for you. IE closes leads and generates revenue. So in this blog, I ‘m going to cover for you 5 points that we’ve used with our clients.

Type of YouTube Content

So how can you know who is going to watch what you have and why? We’ve got the answers. Actually, YOU have the answers, we can guide you to them.  Just call us the Neo to your Matrix. Spark your creativity to produce great YouTube content from your point of view, and let’s face it, who should know your business better than you? Regardless of industry, here are a few sure-fire ways to stoke the type of YouTube content in your mind.

  • Do a survey! If you are already established with a following (large or not) ask people what they want to hear! Take that feedback and make YouTube videos for each question that the people are interested in learning about you and your business.
  • Do a little self reflection. What are you struggling with most now? Maybe educate yourself more about your industry and use that as a guide to see what has been majorly successful in the past. Do more video content of that, and less of what is not producing fruit.
  • [Do your research] Look at what people are asking you most often. Your [Frequently Asked Questions]. FAQ’s could easily create 7-10 YouTube videos of content that your audience is already asking you!
  • [Do ask questions] What questions do you wish your YouTube viewers would ask? Should Ask Questions (SAQs). This is gold. Instead of questioning why people don’t ask you, you do the asking. Go ahead of them and provide questions and answers about you or your business that they will want or need to know.

For example go through your emails and search for a question mark. And when you do will you find questions that your potential customers and leads have asked.

For example, our client Scott Weiss made a series of questions like What are the top strategies for financial investments for people in their 40’s.

  • [Do the 5W’s ] Ask The 5 W’s ( and one H). Consider your industry and ask Who, What, Why, Where, When and How to. Take 5 min to answer those questions and you’ll easily come up with a multiple of categories to create video content ideas.

Are you fired up yet? So let me ask you , do you feel more empowered to make your next videos?

  • There’s more. P3 content strategy. We’ve been teaching this since the beginning of the company. What is P3 Content Strategy? It’s a video content action plan that consists of teaching you the 3 P’s. PULL – PUSH – POW.  How you create a body of work based on topics prevalent in the culture, while establishing your brand authority in a way your viewers didn’t know they needed. All with exciting, wow content that promotes responses that bring longer viewing times and ultimately the business you want.

That’s it. You’re done!

Just kidding.

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