What is Vidcon – Should you Go?


What is Vidcon? Vidcon is all about an event and experience for those who work as a Youtuber or for online videos. This event is definitely for both creators and viewers of the online video industry.

The Vidcon 2018 list includes booths of LEGO, Nickelodeon, Pop tarts, Snickers, Golden Box, Animal Jam, Creator Network and many more. If you follow a YouTube channel or a youtuber it’s fun to be at this event.

You can see some of your favourite YouTube personalities and there are many speakers who come up and share their business experiences such as Adam Lawson, Abby Woods, A.E. Prevost.

But if you are a business owner and looking to grow your business with videos then Vidcon is not the best place for you.  But, it’s a great place to visit with your kids to have fun.

You also get free bags and free activities for kids and even you can see Disney Day activity where kids can have a great time to be there and the best place to know various YouTube channels.

So, what is Vidcon and what type of tickets are available?

There are three levels in Vidcon which are categorized according to the experience the person is having as a Youtuber. The three Tracks in Vidcon are Community track, Creator Track, Industry Track.


Community Track is also an Entry level track. Community track is for people who are trying to be discovered as a Youtuber and want their YouTube channel to be found by others. To be clear, this is for beginners.

Community track is the lowest price in Vidcon. Please find the package details HERE.


Creator track is for YouTubers who are trying to make YouTube as their professional career. It is also helpful for people who are seeking to get paid through ads and get brand sponsorship and deals.

In creator track, you will get access to the training, coaching and speeches made by Adam Lawson, Abby Woods, A.E. Prevost & many more and get to participate in the presentation of developing their channels.


Industry track is for people who have an established YouTube channel and created a certain amount of network in the industry.

In industry track, training is given in industry level on branding and how to connect with brands and develop a relationship and to find influencers. It is mainly focused on developing YouTube channel.


Vidcon is a place for community track crowd.

People who are new to making videos or people who are newly starting their YouTube channel are good to participate.  It is also a good place for kids who want to have fun and see their favourite YouTube channel booths and get free goodies.

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