What Gear Do You Need to Start a YouTube Channel for Your Business?


YouTube is a great place to start your video marketing campaign. You can upload any type of video, from informative tutorials and how-tos all the way through raw footage that shows off what you do best.

However, if your YouTube videos are going to be successful they need some careful attention when it comes time for production – this includes choosing the appropriate gear.

With so much technology at our fingertips today there’s no excuse not making high quality productions without breaking the bank or taking years in film school!

There are 3 levels of production gear, and each level will depend on your personality type and budget as well as what you want to achieve with video content.

And it works! One of our client’s, for example- Greg Key’s Homestead Box company grew by 41% with a few tweaks to his gear and some strategy to go with it.

Let’s take a look at different levels of essential gear needed for creating these videos:


If you need to start at the most basic level, you can often get away with simple devices. Many people start off by just using a mobile device, a tripod and a wireless mic. If you go this route, consider using a Sabinetek bluetooth mic. 

For an added touch, invest in a ring light, especially if you are shooting indoors. These lights will give you a flawless, movie star appearance.


To turn it up a notch, transform your desk or workspace into your video shooting studio. In this scenario, you will use your desktop or laptop computer. A laptop computer might be easier to use as it takes up less space. For a camera, we suggest the Logitech USB C920 or Brio. There is not external hardware or software to fuss with when using these cameras. For a microphone, the ATR 2100 is your best bet. In addition, you can use a mic arm and let the natural light pour in or use an LED light.

Studio Set Up


If you are ready for the biggest setup, you can transform a bedroom, office or part of your garage into a home studio. In addition to the microphone above, get a camcorder (these are easy to use and record for long lengths of time without burning out) or for some wow factor in your camera quality- invest a DSLR camera like the Canon M6 or M50. We also recommend an Alesis Multimix 4 soundboard for in-person interviews, adding sound effects, and more. You can also get a camlink that will double as a video card.

Bottom Line

More than likely you need to purchase at least some essential gear for creating YouTube videos. You can start small and invest more and more as your channel grows. By grabbing the basics, you can be sure to bring your YouTube channel to life.

Talk Soon!

Owen, Theresa & Team!

P.S-Not sure the best way to get started ? Follow these simple steps to take your video marketing by the horns.

Step #1 – Free Download: YouTube for Business Starter Kit

Step #2- Free Online Training for Beginners:Video Sales Machine Launch Plan | YouTube for Business Masterclass

Step #3- Join the Community: YouTube and LiveStream for Entrepreneurs | Facebook | InstagramLinkedInYouTube

Step #4- Get Serious with Coaching/Training: The Video Marketing School | Apply for The YouTube Authority 12-Week Intensive

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