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Get the Systems and Strategies from Owen Video and team to increase your Authority and Profitability with Top of the Funnel Content on YouTube, Live Video, Sales Video, and more!

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Designed for Business Professionals, Brands, and Marketing Teams

Most YouTube training programs are designed for teenagers who live at home and make videos about slime.

As an Entrepreneur, you need a training program designed for your needs and delivered at a professional level.

On-Demand Training & Live Coaching

Attend LIVE coaching calls with Owen Video to ask specific questions about your campaign and get the personal attention you need to succeed (via Zoom).

Instantly access over 16 modules of pre-recorded YouTube and Video Marketing training videos, Script Templates, Thumbnail Templates, and more…

Proven Tactics Taught by Industry Leaders

Owen Video and Videospot team manage multiple YouTube channels, produce successful live stream shows for large brands in the social media and video sphere, arrange brand deals for industry leaders, and create video marketing content for Fortune 200 brands.

Our strategies and tactics are used today by success content creators and brands around the world.

Our Customers

LOVE Their Custom Video Branding Elements

16+ BONUS Modules in
Step-by-Step Video Marketing Courses

The YouTube Intensive Consulting Program

Scale your influence, Expand your Authority, Explode your Revenue.

Live + Replay

You can attend these exclusive members-only monthly LIVE trainings live PLUS the option to the replay recordings

Access to Vault

You get access to our entire course selection and mastermind recordings from The Video Marketing School (over 24 hours of content) and all new recordings when you sign up.


Title Sheets, Video Scripts, Thumbnail Templates, Formatting templates, pre-flight checklists, and more!

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Join The Video Marketing School: The only school that trains you in all areas of video marketing because it is designed by Business Professionals for Business Professionals

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Scale your influence, Expand your Authority, Explode your Revenue.


Access to a Monthly Members-Only Coaching Call in our Exclusive Private Group. Get Your Questions Answered from Owen and The Video Marketing School Team.


In between coaching sessions, get access to 16 Bonus Video-Based Modules from The Video Marketing School Vault with lessons on YouTube, Live Streaming, Webinars, Sales Videos, Square Video Memes, Stories, Video Editing and More!


Share your Work and get Feedback from The Video Marketing School Team & Other Like-minded Entrepreneurs, Coaches, and Business Owners!

Monthly Video Marketing Coaching &
All-Access Trainings

At The Video Marketing School we’ve got you covered in training to help you master video in your marketing efforts. Whether you are ready to venture into YouTube, master your live streaming skills, or start promoting your content in sharable square videos for social media– you’ve got step-by-step training.

This monthly membership gives you access to thousands of dollars worth of coaching, courses and other resources as you start or scale your video marketing skills. And we’re offering it to you for a low monthly investment so you can go at your own pace and your own order so you focus on what YOU need to learn next. (Lifetime bundle available too)

We want to make this a no-brainer, low-stress investment for you that is packed with value you can’t refuse.

You’ll have access to all the modules, including revamped ones coming soon with even more up-to-date tutorials as long as you are a member of The Video Marketing School.

Have Questions?

We’d love to get on a quick 15-minute call to talk it all through you or find another program that may better fit your needs.



Monthly Live Video Coaching

Get access to a monthly live training with Q&A session with Owen and The Video Marketing School Team
$ 397
  • Be the First to Learn New Tactics, Tools, and Strategies Not Yet in the Vault
  • Get Your Questions Answered and Your Work Reviewed
  • Exclusive Training you Won't find on our Free Channels or Anywhere else

BONUS Courses and Modules in the Vault

Get Access to ALL our courses past and present including ones we release only one or two times a year!
$ 3500
  • These Courses Sell Alone for $97 to $597 each!
  • Watch at your own pace. Go as slow or as quickly as you want.
  • Rewind and Fast Forward so you can Follow Step-by-Step!

Swipe Files, Templates, Scripts, and Guides

Want what our team is using? You got it! Get access to all the links, templates, checklists and more that our team uses to systemize our process for great video every time without burning out!
$ 1000
  • Know What To Say and How to Say It
  • Know What to Buy for Your Budget
  • Know How to Format so Your Work Looks Great Everytime!

Monthly Live Video Coaching

Get access to a monthly live training with Q&A session with Owen and The Video Marketing School Team
$ 49
  • A month for as long as you need it!


Owen Video is a World-Class YouTube Coach who has Trained America’s Top YouTubers, Former TV Stars, and Top Business Leaders

Hey I’m Owen Video and YouTube completely changed my life. Over a decade ago I was a radio ad rep turned freelance videographer and I just started learning about YouTube and Facebook.

Now I have the best job ever! I run my own YouTube channel coaching business, speak on stages across the world & get to mentor visionaries in various industries virtually from my office. So how did I manage to succeed in internet marketing that’s constantly evolving?

I started out on YouTube back in 2009 when it was just starting to really take off. Lot’s of innocent trial and error got me some initial growth along with my genuine love for video. But it wasn’t until I started getting mentors in my industry that I really started to dial in my strategies for what was working with the changing algorithms.


Now We Focus Primarily On Coaching Clients In Doing the Same And Loving Every Minute of it!

The Video Marketing School is a collection of modules on all of the strategies I’ve figured out a long the way that has given me a 60k subscriber channel that has given me the visibility and authority to give me speaking opportunities on the news, conferences, and podcasts as well as a driven a thriving coaching business helping entrepreneurs in every service based industry do the same! The Video Marketing School is my Do-It-Yourself Collection of trainings on all that I’ve learned about video marketing with YouTube, Facebook, Stories and more so you can grow as well at your own pace and at a no-brainer investment.

The Strategies TVMS

Teaches have been headlined as THE MODEL for Video Marketing at Some of the Biggest Marketing Conferences in the World including Social Media Marketing World.


The Video Marketing School Team is Made of Highly Trained Video Producers, Network Marketing Experts, Email Marketing Certified, and Writing Experts who love their families, their lives, and the vision of helping other brands and businesses grow with video!

Here's How It Works

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The Art of Stories

Instagram, Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube all Have Stories to Connect with Your Audience. Learn the Strategies we use to get 300-800 views a day on our stories and that got our brand highlighted as THE MODEL for stories at Social Media Marketing World 2020. Our team member, Carmen Gonzalez teaches our strategies and how to use it to promote your brand, your offers, your shows, and your channel!

Live Stream With VMIX

Vmix from our live stream and channel producer, Carlos Zepeda to get your show looking AMAZING. Totally compatible with softwares like Restream as well so you can simulcast.

Video Sales Pages Design

Video Sales Letters work but not when your landing pages look mediocre at best. Learn some great design tricks and strategies from co-founder and wife of Owen Video, Theresa Hemsath to make your video sales letter pages look incredible.

Our Customers

LOVE Their Custom Video Branding Elements

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