Three Specific Ways to Grow Views on YouTube


Thought leaders and business owners oftentimes believe their content is so good, it will surely go viral. If that is your measuring stick for instant success, you might be in a world of trouble. YouTube is a little more sophisticated than that. You might think people will just fall in love with your videos and share them non-stop, but you must have realistic expectations of what is truly possible.

The good news is that you can grow views on YouTube with 3 simple steps. And don’t worry, you do not have to hit the studio and recreate all your content. Just take a look at how we were able to boost views with just one of our clients. With one simple change, Karin Carr was able to go from just 407 views to over 1K! Keep reading to discover how.

So you have a YouTube channel, some videos and you are scratching your head as to why the view count is lower than expected. Could it be that people are just not seeing it? Perhaps no one wants to click on it as it comes across their screen. Let’s break down some simple steps to getting your views back on track.

Step #1: It Could Be a Thumbnail Issue

The very first thing you can do to analyze your current views on YouTube is to look at your click through rate or CTR. For example, if you got one thousand people to see your thumbnail, but only 3% are actually taking the time to click it, you might have a thumbnail problem. Do not change the content video, just change the design of your thumbnail and update. A stunning and clickable thumbnail can change that number in a hurry.

Step #2: It Could Be a Title Issue

Once you have your thumbnails all squared away, consider the title of your videos. Failing at picking out the right titles is ok. You need to get a baseline of what works and what doesn’t.

For starters, you want to imagine what email subject lines get you to open an email in your own inbox. It is typically a phrase that is to the point, laced with buzzwords. Put those buzzwords at the front of your title and shorten the length if you end up sounding like an encyclopedia.

Step #3: It Could Be a YouTube Centric Issue

Lastly, you need your channel to become YouTube centric. What does this mean? It means having a strategy of YouTube becoming the primary source for which viewers find your videos. You can share your videos on social media and in an email all day long, but what incentive does that give viewers to go to YouTube directly and actively seek out your content. Your audience will just wait for you to tell them when the content is ready.

Instead, focus on developing your YouTube audience separate from social media and email lists. Working your social media and email audiences might work at the very beginning stages of your YouTube channel debut, but shift away from this quickly. You really do not want to bring your own people to the party because YouTube will be less likely to show off your goods to new viewers.

Pro tip: Wait a week to share your YouTube content on social media. Even then, do not offer the entire video or entice viewers to find the info on their own.

Final Thoughts

Growing your views on YouTube does not come naturally to all who try. These three specific and simple approaches are likely to grow views on YouTube without even changing your content. If your views are not where you want them to be, then make sure you are focusing on thumbnails, video titles and becoming YouTube centric.

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