This Financial Consultant Closed $60,000 Revenue in 6 Weeks from His YouTube Videos


I often get asked about the best ways to drive revenue for companies offering financial services. And my answer is always the same: YouTube. Do you know why? Because it’s the most effective way to build trust online.

That’s exactly how it happened for one of our clients, Scott Weiss, a fee-based financial consultant in New York.

Scott wanted to grow his revenue, but he wasn’t having any luck with paid ads. But when he perfectly implemented our YouTube strategy, he generated twice his yearly revenue goal in less than two months!

Scott Weiss is a Successful Consultant Wanting to Use Video to Grow His InBound Leads. He Realized Organic Worked Better Than Paid.

Scott is a fee-based financial consultant who helps high-end clients in upstate New York. Unlike most financial consultants, he gets paid for his advice and not on commissions. That’s why he needed to establish trust and authority.

He ran paid ads, but it was not bringing consistent and quality leads. He knew he needed to use video but didn’t know where to start.

After searching for information on YouTube, Scott found me and liked my business-first approach. He signed up for the YouTube Authority Intensive program. We helped him build a video sales funnel and a complete marketing system.

Within 6 weeks, Scott immediately got $60,000 in revenue and continues to get 1-2 calls from qualified leads per week.

Challenge: Paid Campaigns Were No Longer Working to Get High-End Clients

Being a fee-only consultant means his clients must really trust him first. That’s because it’s risky for his clients to pay upfront.

Scott used paid ads on social media to reach his potential clients. However, the challenge was most of the leads were not the right fit.

More importantly, he needed to build trust once he found the right leads. He must close the sales once he is on the sales call.

Scott had a goal of bringing in $30,000 of new revenue. But he came to a painful conclusion: he couldn’t hit this target from paid ads. That’s when he had the idea of focusing on video.

Solution: Creating A Video Sales System to Build Trust

Before becoming a financial consultant, Scott was an art director at Money Magazine and Mutual Funds magazine. His expertise was turning complicated financial jargon into easy-to-understand concepts. 

He was confident that this skill would translate well into videos! He believed that video is the fastest and most effective way to build trust online. 

And he’s right, you know! Studies show a 97% increase in purchase intent when viewers find a video interesting or entertaining. 

However, Scott didn’t know where to start. He had questions like:

  • What types of videos to publish?
  • Which camera to use?
  • How to promote the videos and provide a clear call to action? 
  • How to measure the results of the videos and how do they affect the revenue?

Scott turned to YouTube to answer these questions. He searched “YouTube for business” on YouTube and found our channel. Scott immediately liked our business-first approach.

For our approach, the goal is not to get millions of subscribers. 

The purpose of the videos is to get clients and increase revenue. 

Scott signed up for the YouTube Authority Intensive, a 12-week coaching program where students implement strategies to scale visibility, authority, and profitability with YouTube. 

The YouTube Authority Intensive has a four-part strategy called the 4 Pros:

  • Programming: Decide the overall strategy and topics of the videos. 
  • Production: Prepare the recording equipment and produce the videos in one batch.
  • Promotion: Understand how to distribute and promote your videos to reach the right target audience. 
  • Progress: Measure the results and how it affects your business goals and make improvements.

The program’s core is to build a complete video sales funnel–not just a set of nice videos that don’t have a clear path to sales.

Programming Scott’s First Videos: Retirement Planning Tips 

Since Scott’s primary target audience are pre-retirees, we helped Scott create a YouTube series focusing on retirement planning tips. 

The goals were to:

  • Increase visibility: Produced videos that answered the most frequently asked questions about retirement and investing.
  • Establish authority: The videos showcased Scott’s expertise by providing a step-by-step preparation for retirement.

Producing 13 Videos in 2.5 Hours

As part of the program, Scott had training on the topics and titles of the videos. During production, he already knew what to do, say, and which equipment to use. 

He breezed through recording all 13 videos in less than 3 hours!

Promoting the Main Call-to-Action: Book a Call

At this stage, Scott has already provided a ton of value through his YouTube videos. Therefore, he has exponentially increased the trust of potential leads. 

The next step was ensuring the right leads book a call with Scott. 

The YouTube Planning Retirement series brought people to a landing page where they can sign up for a pre-retirement toolkit.

Once they sign up and provide their email, the leads get:

  • A 5-part email sequence with links to more valuable videos.
  • A link to book a call with Scott.

Here’s Scott’s lead magnet:

Progress: From One Call Per Month to Two Calls Per Week

When Scott joined, he expected to get one sales call per month. But he consistently got one to two calls per week instead! 

Not only that, he was getting qualified leads that are a good fit for what he has to offer. 

Before getting on a sales call with Scott, the free video series established trust and authority.

Results: Consistent Quality Leads That Exponentially Grow Revenue

When Scott joined the program, his goal was to bring in $30,000 in new revenue for that year.

But he was amazed as to how fast he got the results!

💵 $30,000 Revenue in 6 Weeks and then 6 Weeks Later… $60,000 in Revenue!

In less than 6 weeks, he immediately got an extra $60,000 in revenue from the 4 Pros system. Because of the results he got from the YouTube Authority Intensive program, he eventually moved forward to our private coaching package.

📺 40,000+ Video Views

As of June 2022, The Retirement Series on YouTube racked up more than 140,000 views. This video continues to bring in new business even though he recorded and uploaded this in 2016.

📨 Increase in Email Open and Click Rates

After setting up the email sequence, we also worked with Scott to improve based on the results. For example, tweaking the subject lines helped more people open the emails.

And when more people opened the emails, more people could potentially click the link to book a call.

🌟 Forbes Feature

While the program focused on helping Scott create a video sales funnel to increase sales and revenue, an unexpected result was getting a Forbes Feature. Forbes featured Scott as one of the financial agents with an outstanding marketing system. The feature even boosted Scott’s authority in the pre-retirement topic for his high-end clientele. 

Join Scott and Other Consultants in Our YouTube Authority Intensive Program

If you want to increase your revenue and stand out from the crowd, The YouTube Authority Intensive Program is the right fit for you because it will teach you how to create a highly effective sales funnel that converts viewers into customers.

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