20 Real Estate Marketing Video Ideas for 2023


Check out these 20 real estate marketing video ideas that showcase the lifestyle, culture, and history of the area you serve. These topics are super interesting and will keep your audience glued to their screens (and then calling you when they are ready to buy or sell).

We’ll cover a range of topics that attract an audience from every stage in the customer journey. From just becoming aware of an area perhaps because they are visiting for vacation, business, or family business and want to enjoy the experience while there. To those who are figuring out where they want to move in the future, to those who are ready to buy or sell now and are looking for a strategy to really help them make wise decisions.

The real estate marketing video ideas will show potential buyers what sets your properties apart or want to give potential clients an inside look at what it’s like working with you as their agent, so keep reading!

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20 Sizzling Real Estate Marketing Video Ideas to Attract Buyers and Sellers for Your Area!

1. Video Storytelling of Your Area’s Historical People, Landmarks, and Architecture:

Highlight the coolest historic landmarks and buildings in your area and teach viewers about their significance. Brush up on the history, stories, legends, and folklore of people and places in your area, as well as hidden gems with great stories or news stories related to them. Be the expert and historian for your area to attract a ton of people. People who are interested in learning about those areas will remember you if or when they decide to buy a property there (or someone in their network).

2. Neighborhood Video Tours:

Take viewers on a tour of different neighborhoods in your area and show them the cool stuff you can do in each one! Real estate video marketing ideas like creating neighborhood tours can be very effective in highlighting the lifestyle, amenities, and real estate options available in different neighborhoods. By providing a glimpse into what it’s like to live in each area, real estate agents can give potential clients a sense of what they can expect.

neighborhood tours are a great real estate marketing video idea

3. Home-Buyer Video Guides:

Help first-time homebuyers understand the buying process with informative videos that break down things like financing options and home inspections. Creating informative videos that guide first-time homebuyers through the buying process by explaining financing options, home inspections, and other important considerations, real estate agents can help clients feel more confident and informed.

home buying tips in your area is a great real estate marketing video idea

4. Home Seller Video Tips:

Give tips on how to get your home ready for sale, from curb appeal to staging ideas, red flag, and preparing for inspection, as well as what to expect from agents, banks, commissions, and payout will help sellers understand what to expect.

home selling tips in your area is a great real estate video marketing idea

5. Real Estate Market Updates:

Share important trends in the local housing market, like pricing and buyer/seller activity. Updates on the local housing market can be done pre-recorded or live to answer questions. Topics can include pricing, inventory, and buyer/seller activity. By sharing insights into market trends, agents can position themselves as experts in their field and build credibility with potential clients. Our real estate clients have made the most amount of money from these types of videos being a regular part of their overall content strategy. Side note- these types of videos are the ones that get the most amount of clients. They watch the other videos- then join a market update and decide to jump in.

market updates are excellent video marketing topics for real estate agents

6. Real Estate Client Testimonials:

Share testimonials from happy clients so potential clients can see how great you are! Additionally, videos featuring testimonials from current residents and perhaps even what neighborhoods they moved to or what neighborhoods they sold their homes from can help give potential clients more confidence in their decision-making process.

7. DIY Home Improvement Projects:

Give viewers ideas for DIY projects that add value and appeal to their homes. Staging. Decor. Curb Appeal. What a difference a coat of paint can make. You can showcase before and afters from homes prepared to sell in your past team inventory.

8. Real Estate Investment Strategies:

Teach viewers about real estate investment strategies, like buying rental properties, flipping homes, or investing in real estate trusts. By providing information on these topics, agents can position themselves as experts in real estate investment and attract potential clients who are interested in these strategies.

real estate investment strategies attract real estate investors. This is an excellent real estate marketing strategy.

9. Virtual Video Tours of Homes and Neighborhoods:

Create virtual tours of homes and neighborhoods that really show off the features that make each one special. By showcasing the features and details that make each property stand out, agents can give potential buyers a sense of what it’s like to walk through each home. And you do not need to hire fancy videographers to do this. You can get a Gimble and use a new smartphone camera on a day with good lighting to create a standout video experience.

10. Livestream Q&A Sessions:

Answer viewers’ questions about real estate topics so they can learn more and trust you as an expert. This is best done live and is often a great combination for a market update or a showcase of some newest homes on the market.

11. Luxury Home Tours:

Show off amazing high-end properties and highlight all the luxury features that make them unique. For agents who specialize in luxury real estate, real estate video marketing ideas like creating tours of high-end properties can be very effective in highlighting the unique features that make them special. By showcasing the luxury features of each property, agents can appeal to high-end buyers and position themselves as experts in this market.

12. Local Events and Festivals:

Show off local events like music festivals, food fairs, and cultural celebrations. Be the newscaster of your area for events like this that attract both locals and visitors.

14. Parks and Outdoor Spaces:

Highlight the best parks and outdoor spaces in the area, like hiking trails, beaches, and recreation areas. This is a fabulous way to attract viewers who are visiting, active, and want to enjoy life. Bringing nature and outdoor visuals fill people with life and vitality and enhances the attractiveness of locations.

15. Restaurant and Food Scene:

Highlight the local food scene by showcasing popular restaurants and local cuisine. Best places to get tacos. Best bbq. Best fine dining, etc are all fun and look especially attractive during busy times when the town seems active and lively and the twinkle lights outside look amazing.

15. Major Streets Spotlight:

Give more in-depth information about different streets in your major or suburban cities,  so viewers can learn about the lifestyle, amenities, and real estate options.

16. Local Arts and Culture:

Show off local art galleries, museums, and cultural events in the area. These dont’ have to be long videos if it’s not needed. With the increased popularity in reels and shorts, you can highlight these in fun, 1 minute vertical videos.

17. Shopping and Entertainment:

Highlight local shopping centers and entertainment venues, and talk about what makes them so great! This is a great time to show b-roll of people out and about and another type of content that works well in 1-minute vertical videos.

18. Sports and Recreation:

Highlight local sports teams and recreation opportunities, like golf courses, tennis courts, and fitness centers. Anything that shows off life and vitality will attract people to the area whether they are just learning about what to do there from a business trip or vacation or actually wanting to move there.

19. Transportation and Commuting:

As more people are interested in saving gas money, thinking about how they will get to work or how close they are to where they may work, and those types of things- transportation and commuting is an important elements to their buying decisions. Teach viewers about transportation options in the area, like public transit and bike paths.

20. Weather and Climate:

What’s a great way to start a conversation? The weather! And when visiting an area for business or pleasure, or just living in the area- people are often interested in the weather. Give viewers the scoop on weather and climate in the area, and provide tips on how to prepare for different weather conditions.

More Tours for Real Estate Marketing Video Ideas That Really Work

Real estate agents can increase their influence and generate high-quality leads by creating video content that showcases the neighborhood around a property.

Video tours of local restaurants, parks, schools, and entertainment options provide potential buyers with an immersive experience that helps them envision themselves living in the area.

Agents can also highlight community events to demonstrate their expertise about specific areas and build trust with clients.

Agents should think outside the box and employ virtual tours that leverage interactive elements to boost viewers’ experiences while providing exact floor plans and measurements for accuracy. Feature iconic landmarks known locally or internationally as a way to attract attention, then reveal hidden gems tucked away waiting discovery, giving viewers something one-of-a-kind not seen on other social media platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Facebook Business Pages or Instagram Stories and Reels.

Use the following KEYWORDS: Virtual Tours, Interactive Elements, Floor Plans Measurements Accuracy,  Iconic Landmarks, Local International Hidden Gems.

Producing a tour of the local eateries that are accessible on foot could be an effective method for demonstrating to potential buyers what it would be like living in the area.

This type of video provides first-time homebuyers or luxury buyers with insight into things they may not have thought about when looking for dream homes such as convenience stores nearby or family-friendly activities close by.

Exploring a neighborhood can be an excellent way to introduce potential buyers to the various attractions and facilities in the area, as well as emphasize what makes it distinct. Home buyer guides provide valuable information for those looking to purchase property, so understanding all of their options is key.

Real estate video marketing ideas can be a super fun way to show off the coolest parts of the area you serve, and keep your audience engaged and interested! Incorporating these ideas into your video marketing strategy can help you establish yourself as an expert in your field, and build trust with potential clients.

Key Takeaway: Real estate agents can increase their influence and generate high-quality leads by creating video content that showcases the neighborhood around a property. Virtual tours leveraging interactive elements, floor plans and measurements for accuracy, iconic landmarks both locally or internationally as well as hidden gems tucked away waiting discovery are excellent ways to attract attention on social media platforms such as Facebook Business Pages or Instagram Stories.

FAQs in Relation to Real Estate Marketing Video Ideas

What are the best topics for real estate videos?

Real estate videos should focus on topics that will help viewers understand the local market, provide tips for successful home buying or selling, and showcase unique properties. Videos can also be used to highlight agents’ expertise in a particular area of real estate. Additionally, educational content about mortgages and financing options can be beneficial for potential buyers. Videos featuring interviews with clients who have had positive experiences working with an agent are another great way to promote trustworthiness and professionalism. Videos can also be used to give insight into the current real estate landscape.

What do you talk about in real estate videos?

Real estate videos can cover a variety of topics, including market trends, tips for buying and selling properties, virtual tours of available listings, interviews with industry professionals and experts, advice on staging homes for sale or rent, customer testimonials about working with real estate agents or brokers. Additionally they can feature success stories from clients who have bought or sold properties through the agency’s services. Videos also provide an opportunity to highlight special offers and promotions as well as showcase new developments in the local area.

How to use video in real estate marketing?

Real estate agents can leverage video content to effectively reach out to prospective buyers and sellers, showcasing properties or providing virtual tours while demonstrating the value of working with them. It can be used to showcase properties, provide virtual tours, or demonstrate the value of working with an agent. Video content also allows agents to build relationships with clients by sharing their expertise in the industry and highlighting successful transactions they have closed. Additionally, video content helps differentiate agents from competitors by providing a more personal touch than traditional marketing methods like print ads or cold calls. When done correctly, video content can help real estate professionals increase their brand recognition and expand their customer base.

What are some topics your audience might like real estate?

Real estate professionals and their marketing teams may find topics such as the power of video content in real estate, tips for creating effective videos to market properties, strategies for leveraging video content to increase lead generation, best practices for utilizing social media platforms to promote real estate listings, and ways to use analytics data from videos to measure success. Additionally, they could explore creative ideas on how to stand out among competitors with unique video concepts or approaches.


In conclusion, real estate marketing video ideas are an invaluable asset to help business owners and brands reach their goals. From neighborhood tours to home buyer guides and luxury home tours, there is a wealth of content that can be used in videos for any type of real estate market.

By leveraging these strategies, businesses can increase their influence, revenue opportunities and brand recognition through engaging visual content.

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