Lead Generation on Social Media: 4 Proven Organic Strategies for 2024


Lead generation on social media has become a crucial aspect of modern marketing strategies for consultants, coaches, and real estate agents. As rivalry intensifies heading into 2024 in different sectors, it is important to investigate imaginative techniques for catching the eye of potential leads on well-known stages like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

In this blog post, we will delve into some highly effective social media lead-generation strategies that can help you generate valuable leads in 2024 while enhancing your brand’s online presence. We’ll discuss leveraging video content for maximum impact and utilizing carousel posts to showcase multiple aspects of your offerings in an engaging manner.

We will also cover generating leads with reels and images on Facebook as well as inviting people to join Facebook groups specifically tailored for lead nurturing. Lastly, we’ll touch upon using YouTube for longer-form videos that not only educate but also convert viewers into potential customers.

Table of Contents:

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1. Leveraging Video Content for Lead Generation on Social Media

video content is a powerful strategy for lead generation on social media

Video content is the preferred method for consuming content in 2023 and this will only increase each year. That means people prefer it over images, blog articles, emails, and more. So if you are doing any of the latter, make sure you are also incorporating video, or you are literally leaving money on the table for your competitors to snatch up. Introverts and Extroverts alike are finding powerful ways to use it and make it work for them.

So video is a very effective way to add value and attract leads on YouTube as well as social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Facebook.

Micro or vertical video is the most popular format right now for most platforms, while YouTube is best for longer-form videos and it has recently really been pushing its vertical micro-video format called shorts which is generating a ridiculous amount for a lot of channels. It is a great alternative or supplement to TikTok which has been controversial due to it’s security breaches. YouTube Shorts is also a great alternative to Instagram because it can link short-form vertical content to your longer content and keep your viewers going to down your nurture rabbit hole. And these can be monetized where as Meta has now demonetized reels recently.  YouTube is also less like a social media platform and more like Netflix. Regardless of your favorite platform, cross-posting a video across multiple platforms can help increase reach and engagement.

a. Benefits of Video Content

  • Higher engagement rates compared to text or image-based content.
  • Better retention of information by viewers.
  • Potential for increased shares, likes, and comments which boosts visibility.
  • Easier to convey complex ideas through visual storytelling.

b. Best Platforms for Video Content

The top platforms that are ideal for sharing your video content include:

  1. YouTube:: Ideal for hosting longer-form videos that require more in-depth explanations or demonstrations, but also is having a ton of growth with it’s introduction of Shorts. It also remains a great place for live videos
  2. Instagram : Short-form (Reels) work well on Instagram’s platform. IGTV is becoming less used and may even be off the platform at this point, if not soon. They do use livestream as well but the live is very basic and cumbersome to use.
  3. TikTok: Known primarily as a short-video platform, TikTok offers creative opportunities with its built-in editing tools. It may not be legal in the US for long, however. So be aware.
  4. LinkedIn: While focused as a business social platform, short-form video is very popular there and a great way to engage and provide value. It also does encourage live video and some people do very well with live video on that platform if they are active on this platform.
  5. Facebook: Facebook video is best in the form of reels for both organic and video ads. If you go live- this is ideal to use in groups or on your business page and then boost it afterward.

c. Tips for Creating Engaging Videos

  • Start with a compelling hook to grab the viewer’s attention.
  • Keep your videos concise and focused on one main topic or idea.
  • Incorporate storytelling elements to make your content more relatable and memorable.
  • Create an engaging visual and audio experience by utilizing top-notch editing techniques.

d. Cross Posting Videos Across Platforms

To maximize reach and engagement, consider cross-posting your video content across multiple platforms. For example, you can share a vertical version of your YouTube video as an Instagram Reel or TikTok post. This allows you to cater to different audience preferences while maintaining consistency in messaging.

e. Call-to-Action Strategies

A strong call-to-action (CTA) is essential for driving leads from your social media videos. Some effective CTAs include:

  • Watch the next video:: Encourage viewers to continue watching related content by linking directly within the platform.
  • Click the link in bio:: Direct users toward a specific landing page where they can learn more about your offer or services.
  • Follow or Subscribe: Remind viewers that following/subscribing will keep them updated on future posts.
  • Click the link in the comments/ description box: Provide additional resources through links placed strategically within comments or descriptions sections depending on the platform
  • Comment Below: Asking your audience a specific question and then asking them to answer in the comments is a great way to boost engagement. If you have a resource for them, you can also ask them to comment with a specific word and your VA or if you use certain software, you can automatically DM them the resource with the trigger word.

By leveraging video content for lead generation on social media, businesses can reach a wider audience and increase their leads. Now let’s explore how carousel posts can be used to generate more leads on social media.

2. Utilizing Carousel Posts for Lead Generation on Social Media

This is an example of a first slide from a carousel post. You swipe left to read the other slides.

Carousel posts are an effective way to generate leads on Instagram and LinkedIn. These posts, act like mini-blogs, featuring multiple images or slides, and can be used to tell a narrative, share useful data, and showcase your offerings in an interesting way. When creating carousels it’s important to use captivating visuals that will capture attention and compel viewers to take action. You can take any video you have created and repurpose the top-level info into a carousel post. You can also take a successful carousel post and expand on it in a video.

a. Benefits of Carousel Posts

  • Increased engagement: Carousel posts tend to have higher engagement rates compared to single-image posts because they encourage users to interact with the content by swiping through the slides.
  • Better storytelling: With multiple images or slides, you can convey more complex ideas or share detailed information about your offerings in a visually appealing way.
  • Easier lead generation: By including CTAs within carousel post captions or individual slide descriptions, you can guide potential leads towards taking desired actions such as visiting your website, signing up for newsletters, etc.

b. Best Platforms for Carousel Posts

Carousel posts work best are Instagram, especially in combination with reels. On Instagram carousel formats support up-to-10 images/slides per post which allows ample space for presenting comprehensive information while maintaining user interest throughout the swipe-through experience. Here is an example of a successful carousel post on Instagram. These also work on LinkedIn but you need to post them as slides or pdfs, not images as LinkedIn only allows 1 image at a time in posts.

c. Tips for Creating Engaging Carousels

  1. Plan your content: Before creating a carousel post, outline the story or information you want to convey and decide how many slides will be needed to effectively communicate it.
  2. Design consistency: Maintain a consistent design theme throughout all slides in terms of colors, fonts, and layout for a cohesive visual experience.
  3. Add value with each slide: Ensure that every slide adds new information or insights to keep users engaged as they swipe through the carousel.

d. Cross Posting Carousels Across Platforms

To maximize reach and engagement, consider cross-posting your carousels across multiple platforms such as Facebook or Twitter by adapting them to suit each platform’s unique requirements. For instance, if you convert the images into pdf slides, you can post them into LinkedIn. And with FB, you need to use it as a paid ad to access this feature and post to your business page. If these are not directly selling anything, making them an awareness campaign is all you need and is fairly cheap.

e. Call to Action Strategies

Including clear CTAs at the end of your carousel posts encourages viewers to take action such as clicking a link in the bio or subscribing for more content. Some effective CTA strategies include:

  • Mentioning specific actions within individual slide descriptions (e.g., “Swipe left to learn more”)
  • Click the Link in Bio for XYZ (put this on the last slide)
  • Comment Below to tell us ABC
  • Comment Below with the Word “XYZ” to get access to ABC.
  • Click the link in the pinned comment to access 123.

Carousel posts can be a useful tool for obtaining leads on social media, yet there are additional approaches that should also be examined. Next, we’ll look at how Reels and Images on Facebook can help you capture more leads for your business.

Key Takeaway: Carousel posts are excellent ways to create engagement on Instagram and can easily be repurposed from a video or a blog as well as be repurposed into a longer blog or into a video.

3. Use YouTube to Attract Search, Build Awareness as well as Nurture Your Audience is Better than any Other Strategy for Lead Generation on Social Media.

While YouTube is on this list, it actually is less like social media and more like Netflix in comparison. This platform is designed for video consumption and is the #2 search engine next to Google. In fact, because Google owns the platform, it actually gives preference to YouTube videos in Google searches when there are YouTube videos that match keywords people are searching for on Google. No other platform can do this.

a. Benefits of Videos on YouTube

  • Increased visibility: With access to Google search as well as YouTube search, and the potential to be suggested to viewers based on their viewing history. You can break into new waters with access to thousands and millions of people outside your network on social media.
  • Easier consumption: Visual content is easier for users to consume compared to lengthy written content and it is the preferred form of content for consumers today.
  • Viral potential: With the suggested algorithm, if you create an interesting enough video or entertaining (and for business-minded individuals the combination in the form of “edutainment” has huge viral potential to gain the social proof you need to get the clients and the opportunities you desire.
  • Better engagement rates: Between liking, commenting, and subscribing, in addition to just watching your videos all the way through- the potential for engagement is huge.

b. Tips for Creating Engaging Shorts and Videos

  1. Create an Engaging Hook: This includes the Title, the Thumbnail, and the first 30 Seconds of the video. This should create intrigue for the meat or the great reveal in the video. Do not give it away in the hook. 
    2. Tell a story: Create visual narratives that resonate with your target audience while showcasing your expertise or product offerings.
  2. Incorporate branding elements: Add lower thirds and half-screen graphics for visual words on the screen that also match your branding.
  3. Use high-quality visuals and audio: Use your smartphone at the very least- otherwise a good camera, a good microphone, and good lighting. This will make it a more enjoyable experience for your viewers so they stick around.
  4. Add description box copy, and  & tags: This will add more context to your video for greater searchability and findability.

c . Cross Posting Shorts Across Platforms

To maximize reach, consider cross-posting shorts across other social media platforms such as Instagram a >, LinkedIn a >, or even TikTok. This will allow you to tap into different audience segments while maintaining consistency in your messaging. Do not cross-post your longer-form videos. Make your audience come to your YouTube channel for the longer form videos. 

d. Call to Action Strategies

Including an effective call-to-action (CTA) at the end of each post is crucial for lead generation. Some examples of CTAs that can be used are:

  • Click link in the description box for ABC
  • Subscribe for exclusive content and updates
  • Comment below to tell us XYZ
  • Like this video to let us know you found this information helpful.
Key Takeaway: YouTube is more like Netflix than it is like Social Media and is the BEST platform to create a searchable, findable, living library of video content for organic lead generation for years to come. It has survived every trend, works in tandum with Google, and is the best platform to not only build awareness but also nurture your viewers to become customers and clients.

4. Social Platform Based Newsletters

While it is always best to utilize social platform-based tools, much of what you do on various platforms can be repurposed and uploaded to the various platforms using their own features. One such form of media you can repurpose is your email newsletter or your blog. These are powerful ways to engage your audience on your email list or who are searching for your content on Google and then discover your SEO based blog, but these can also work well submitted as newsletters on certain platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

A. Benefits of a Social Platform Newsletter 

While video is the preferred method of consuming content, there are still plenty of people who enjoy reading to mix things up. These work better in more intellectual or entrepreneurial focused communities and ones who just enjoy reading. They can give in depth description, link to various resources, display images, even link to videos, and have a CTA all in one document.

B. Tips to Get Readers

  1. Have a weeklly schedule and post consistently.
  2. Include an engaging hook for the title and include visuals, headers, and videos to keep it engaging.
  3. Don’t forget a CTA for next steps with working with you.

C. Cross-posting suggestions

Newsletters can be repurposed blogs as well as emails. And now with AI technology, you can even repurpose videos into blogs, newsletters and other written form. Content At Scale is a powerful tool that can turn your videos into well-developed blogs, which you can then also copy and paste into a newsletter for Linkedin or Facebook.

D. Call to Action Strategies

1. Connect them to an email optin in exchange for some valuable info you can deliver to them.

2. Ask them to subscribe to your channel.

3. Invite them to a 15 minute call for a free analysis or to discover ways to to work with one another.

4. Entice them to click links to your landing pages where they can learn more about your offers and take those next steps with you.

Frequently Asked Questions Lead Generation on Social Media

How does social media help to generate leads?

Social media helps to generate leads by providing a platform for businesses and professionals to showcase their products, services, and expertise. By creating engaging content such as videos, images, carousel posts, and participating in relevant groups or discussions on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or TikTok; businesses can attract potential customers who are interested in their offerings. Additionally, effective call-to-action strategies can encourage users to take desired actions such as signing up for newsletters or making purchases.

Why isn’t Facebook used more for lead generation?

In recent years, Facebook’s algorithm changes have made it more challenging for organic reach which has led some marketers to focus on other platforms. However, Facebook remains an effective tool for generating leads when using targeted advertising campaigns,well-crafted ads, carousel posts, and leveraging Facebook Groups. By creating engaging content and utilizing Facebook’s targeting options, businesses can still generate leads effectively on the platform.

What is lead generation on YouTube?

Lead generation on YouTube involves using short-form videos and long-form to attract potential customers by creating engaging and entertaining content related to a business or service. This can be achieved through organic posts, influencer partnerships, or sponsored ads that showcase your knowledge, products, or services in an appealing way. By incorporating strong calls-to-action within these videos, marketers can encourage viewers to take desired actions such as visiting websites, making purchases, or signing up for newsletters where they can then promote their channel more as well as their products and services in the future without relying solely on the YouTube platform.


By leveraging various social media platforms, businesses and brands can expand their reach, influence, and revenue through effective lead generation. By leveraging video content, carousel posts, reels, images, and live streaming you can create an engaging experience that will capture the attention of your target audience while driving leads directly to your business. With the right strategy in place, you’ll have a steady stream of qualified leads coming into your sales funnel.

The key to launching and growing a successful YouTube channel for your business or brand is having a powerful content plan that helps you generate ideas for unlimited videos. Implementing the strategies to make your videos clickable, engaging, and watchable, and of course, motivating your viewers to click on your links and take the next steps with you.
Most importantly of all, a system for you to be able to create regular content for your audience that doesn’t take a ton of time so you can see your clients, spend time with your loved ones and enjoy the freedom you desire to live your life.
This is our jam.
Schedule a free 15-minute discovery call with us to review your current strategy, identify areas to improve, or ask questions about the type of support you are looking for to help you execute the above. We are here to help! Our clients generate 6-7 figures with YouTube and exponentially increase their views with the right audience. Http://

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