I’m ready to start a YouTube channel, what do I buy?


You’re ready to launch YouTube video making for your business and we are here for it! Then you realize you’ve got a good smartphone but is that enough, what else do you need and how do you know what to buy?  

Let’s break the ice on what you need to produce YouTube videos and talk about what’s good for your business.  We all know many popular videos that were shot simply with a smartphone and we don’t hate them.

Nowadays consumers aren’t demanding super high quality, so good videos can be done with the basics. But are the basics what you need? You’ll definitely need to consider your brand and the quality you want to portray to your viewers

I’ve got a Video Gear Guide for you that shares everything you need for successful live streaming or video recording whether you’re on a budget or want higher quality options. 

In The Video Gear Guide there are three levels we take into account when choosing equipment:

  1.  A basic setup: What will you need? A mobile device, tripod, and microphone (can you hear me in the back?).  You’ll also want to think about lighting and if it’s not optimal, grab yourself a ring light. Boom. Done.
  1. A Moderate setup: We’d love to see you in what we call a “Creation Station”. Let’s turn your desk or workspace into a movie studio. Laptops are preferable because they don’t block you from the camera. A good webcam, powerful mic and we suggest a mic arm so you’re set up to go. Need more light stil? Grab and LED light and let the creativity begin.
  1. The Home Studio setup: Let’s get you set up with a full television station right at home. This is what we use here at Owen Video. This setup is similar to the moderate setup but with more advanced options. Options like a high performance Alienware pc. You can use a high powered camcorder or a DSLR and plug it directly into a computer.  We recommend a good soundboard you can plug in as well. We recommend the Alesis Multimix 4.  Don’t want to buy a new computer? Look for a Cam Link. They’re hard to come by right now with the world situation, but assuming they’ll be more available once things are back to a more kind of normal. Ready, set, go! You are set up for your YouTube channel.

What you choose to begin your filming with is an important step in your YouTube success, equally important are WHAT and HOW you put your content together. 

Next step, Youtube Authority Accelerator and learn how to create a high performing YouTube channel that will generate revenue and put you in position as a premier expert in your field! 

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