How To Track Progress So You Can Improve Your YouTube Videos


You’ve put time and effort into your YouTube videos in expectation that you’ll have viewers who will like and respond. Hopes are high and now you’re wondering how do you find out if the videos you’ve created are doing either? And how do you improve your videos so you can get more clicks, views, and subscribers.

We know the time it takes and how important it is to succeed for your business. You don’t want to waste your time on things that aren’t bringing any value to your company. 

Where and how do you gauge the success of your YouTube videos? Are views enough? Are a few thumbs up good enough? Is SEO really that big of a deal? Or maybe you have not even considered if tracking your results is important. 

If you’re a serious business owner who wants to inspire people by your content, then you definitely need to be tracking your outcomes.

Here are 3 big metrics you want to be tracking: 

1.Your Watch Time. Not just how long they watch a video, but if your viewers are binge watching all your videos. Goal over 50-60% watch time.

2. Click Through Rate. This is the amount of people who actually click through to your video.Your goal is 10 %. If viewers like your thumbnail, title and video they will watch longer and YouTube will share your video.

3. Your Traffic Sources. You want to be looking at the suggested algorithms in YouTube which are browse features, notifications, YouTube home page, other channel pages,  and the actual suggested right hand bar of YouTube. External sources like SEO, Google SEO. The goal is getting your video to do well inside of the YouTube suggested algorithm but also positioning the video well so it ranks on Google search well too.

These three areas all has to do with the programming and progress tactics of The 4 Major Disciplines of YouTube which we teach extensively to our clients through The VideoPro System.

The VideoPro System helps you improve your video process for YouTube through programming, production, promotion, and progress.

There is a cycle we call The 4 Major Disciplines of YouTube. And in simpler terms here is what this entails:

Programming- What you say and how you say it. 

Production- How you make it and upload it to the web.

Promotion- How you get more eyes on your videos.

Progress-How to understand your results and adjust to improve.

Going through these 4 disciplines will take your YouTube channel through a continuous cycle until you’re achieving your goals. 

Do not waste your time. Let us help you untangle why you should discover AND know how to track your YouTube video results in detail with the support you need.  My systems have helped thousands of Industry Leaders and Business Owners exponentially increase their leads and grow their business with their channels.

Here are Your Next Steps!

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