How to Interview a Client for Better Marketing Videos


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How to Interview Your Clients on Camera

The best way to get great video from your business clients is to run them through a process that pulls out their best content without them having to think about it. I’ll show you how right now.

I’ve made over 1000 videos for the web and conducted hundreds of interviews with clients, politicians, and celebrities…Here’s a fact – if you ask the right questions you’ll get the right video. So whether you’re making videos for yourself, for your boss, or for a client, I’m going to run you through a seven point checklist for getting the best video everytime.

Now I’ve put the whole checklist in a PDF that you can download for free.

It’s got additional details in it AND it’s something you can pop your logo on and send to your clients. Just get the link above and I’ll send it to you for free.

You can also come up with your own questions to fit your clients need but here’s the big takeaway – Structure your questions around the content you want to get from them. In some cases it’s helpful to ask a question a few different ways in order to get a more satisfying answer from the client but either way here’s my 7 tips for interviewing your clients on camera for better marketing videos.

7 Interview Questions to Ask Your Clients

1. Tell me who you are and what you do?

If answered correctly the client will say their full name and their job description. Remember, I don’t need to hear the words “Im the CEO” its much more useful to use say something like “I make sure my customers get their widgets on time”

2. Tell me about your primary customers?

Use the word customer or client or audience depending on who you’re talking to. You can also use terms like “the people I serve” or “I work with.” Your goal here is to immediately identify your target audience and pull them into the content.

3. What is the specific problem that your customers face?

Notice I’m asking for specificity here. This opens the door to niching out our content or appealing to segmented groups with a very targeted solution. Business owners often think they can “serve everybody” and that might be true but in your marketing videos focus on one very targeted group – like

Stay at home moms
Small Business Owners, and so on.

Niching out your videos means more connection and more opportunities to rank on YouTube for different keyword terms.

4. Tell me about Your Approach to solving the problem?

This is where you would provide solutions – not a sales pitch. Remember – customers are expecting a pitch. When they get the pitch – their guard goes up. Instead, explain your solution to the problem rather than your product or service. This is also a chance to change the background music to something upbeat as if to indicate a positive change.

5. Tell me about your qualifications?

We’ve identified the customer, their problem, and your solution process. Now we’re going to explain WHY you’re a better choice than your competitors. This can be a quick list of accolades or a customer testimonial. At this point you’re establishing your credibility as if talking to a stranger.

6. What if I don’t like it?

Don’t Shy away from this question. This is a great place to reinforce your quality control process, your iteration process, or your money back guarantee. Give the viewer peace of mind before asking them for the sale…

7. If / Then Closing Statement

This is where you wrap up the video and call to action. Use a logical statement and here’s why – humans use emotions to make decisions but we use logic to justify them. If the customer feels good about you – give them a logical reason to justify a click.

For example:

So if you have a clogged drain and need a reliable, handy plumber – then give us a call today and save $35 on your first appointment.

Notice how reach statement starts with IF and pivots on a THEN statement. Also notice that each statement uses numbers as well – an additional tool for establishing truth in the mind of the customer.

We end each statement with a call to action that gently fades to black while the contact info flashes on the screen and directs the views to take action.

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