How to Hire a Video Editor for YouTube: The Ultimate Guide to Outsource Video Editing


YouTube videos help you build lasting relationships with your audience, allow you to position yourself as an authority in your field, generate content for SEO, and are easily shared among your followers. Unfortunately, about 62% of my community members say it takes them more than two hours to edit one video so the key to saving time and growing faster is to outsource video editing.

You may want to consider outsourcing your video editing so you can create and publish more videos more frequently. In this article, learn how to hire a video editor for YouTube posts that drive results.

Hire a Video Editor for YouTube

When Is It Time to Outsource Video Editing?

Whether you’re a one-person video creator or you have a group of people to help you, outsourcing your editing can offer numerous benefits. Producing a YouTube video takes time and resources. Developing a content strategy, setting up your studio, recording the material, and deciding on supporting graphics is a lot of work. And that’s before you even begin to edit the sound, the visuals, and find background music and effects. Imagine how much more you could accomplish if you could just focus on one element of this process: recording videos.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, aren’t able to produce the quantity of valuable content you want, or the technical aspect of video editing is over your head, it’s time to consider if you want to outsource video editing. By handing over this responsibility to an experienced third party, you streamline your process and free yourself up (and your internal team, if you have one) to focus all your efforts on writing and recording high-quality content that people will find useful. That is, after all, your ultimate goal for your YouTube videos.

Create an Editing Guide

While it may seem like a daunting task, hiring a video editor can be a smooth and positive process. Once you’ve determined it’s time to outsource the work, you should develop an editing guide. Whether you know what you want your videos to look like or only have a framework in mind, providing an editor with an editing guide can help set and manage expectations.

Document your processes (or the processes you’d like someone to follow) to create the ideal YouTube video. This takes the guesswork out of creating your final products and helps make the most of your dollars spent. It may take some time to develop this guide, but it’s worth the investment.

This information helps to lay the foundation for training a new editor. It also serves as a means to hold them accountable for the work they produce. Simply create a Google document that you can share and be sure to include the following information.

1. Examples of Ideal Videos

Showing someone at least two samples of what you like can be extremely helpful in creating the style of video you’re after. By setting these expectations early on, you save time in the revision process and make sure you get the product you want in the timeliest manner possible.

Although your examples will provide a framework for an editor to follow, be sure to encourage their creative input. With their experience, knowledge, and skills, they may have ideas that you had never considered to make your final product even better. Remember, the goal is to publish enticing video content that delivers useful information that people want to engage with.

2. Statement About Average Video Contents

Chances are, your videos follow a formula. There’s content that is always included, perhaps even in a specific order. Maybe you open with the same welcome every time. There might be specific images you want people to see, and they’re displayed in a particular way.

Likewise, there may be content or formats you never want used in your videos. Perhaps you don’t want text to appear in a certain area of the screen, or there’s a sound effect you want to avoid. All of this information helps guide your editor and bring your vision for the final product into focus.

3. Visual Guides

Visual guides are an effective communication tool. By including images of your do’s and don’ts, you can help paint a clearer picture of your expectations. Show your editor how to place visuals on the screen. Let them know how you want them to format screen text. Provide a screenshot of things you like as well as things you don’t. The more visual guides you can supply your editor, the less likely they are to misinterpret your instructions, and the less time you’ll spend making revisions.

4. Premiere Pro Export Settings

Everyone has a different approach to how they edit and export their videos. Share you preferred Premiere Pro export settings so your editor knows what you expect to receive and how you expect to receive it.

5. Any Other Brand-Specific Notes

If there are any other stylistic elements that are specific to your videos, share them here. This could include sound effects, voice overs, and visual effects.

Know Who to Hire

When it comes to hiring the right person or company for the job, the best rule of thumb is to hire slowly and fire quickly. While the goal is to hire someone that will last for a long time, the reality is that you may discover later that your editor isn’t the right fit for your projects. Take your time to vet your options, but if you realize they’re not working out, let them go and move on to someone else. It’s in the best interest of the success of your brand.

Now is the time to begin building your contact network for potential editors. When you have a pool of contacts that you already know and trust, the hiring process is much easier and more efficient. This network can consist of individuals and companies, both local and overseas.

Working with Individuals vs. Companies

Think carefully about whether to hire an individual or a company. With an individual, you’re entrusting one person with a very important task. An individual is likely committed to several clients, and if for any reason they’re unable to fulfill your order, you’re stuck. A company is under a contractual obligation to meet your deadlines, so they have a team to fill in if someone is unavailable.

Whatever you do, I strongly advise that you avoid internships. Trading work for experience rarely produces the quality product you’re looking for and could potentially damage a good relationship. Unless you’re in a position of parental authority, interns aren’t typically the best option for outsourcing video editing.

Local Editors vs. Overseas Editors

While there are positive aspects for each, working with people overseas offers some unique benefits. Not only do they typically cost substantially less than local video editors, but the time zone difference means they’re working overnight. You can create content during the day and send it off for editing before bed. When you wake up the next morning, your completed, edited video could be waiting in your inbox, ready for review.

Outsource Your Video Editing to the Philippines

If you’re in the market to hire a third-party service, I highly recommend that you outsource your video editing to the Philippines. For Acceleratus Media, I’ve worked with multiple overseas companies and have had lots of positive experiences. However, the biggest issue I’ve encountered is the amount of time it takes to complete a project. For the past couple of years, I’ve been working with Video Husky and most recently we switched to Vidchops , and I am really happy with the results.

Some companies have lengthy processes and poor interfaces that make communication difficult. Vidchops offers an easy-to-use dashboard for video submissions. I’m able to provide feedback in a checklist format that the editor can work through so that revisions are completed correctly on the first try. They also provide me a dedicated editor with a back-up team that will step in if the editor is unavailable for any reason.

They offer three different plans for different project and budgetary needs:

  • Weekly: 4 videos a month with limited revisions
  • Unlimited: 8-12 videos a month with unlimited revisions
  • Double: 16-20 videos a month with unlimited revisions

For one monthly fee, I have access to B-roll, stock footage, and music. I can add on services like captions and thumbnails. The company is easy to work with, affordable, and I’m always happy with the final product.

Is It Worth Your Time?

Now that you see how to hire a video editor for YouTube and have an idea of how to hire a video editor in the Philippines, you need to ask yourself if it’s worth your time. Even if you were to just outsource editing for two or three months, you could frontload your channel with a ton of videos and gain a spike in subscribers and watch time.

This could be huge for your business’s YouTube channel and could get you a head start on creating even more valuable content to keep people coming back for more. It’s an investment that saves you time and makes you money. Hiring an overseas video editor is definitely something worth considering.

Give Vidchops a Try

Businesses both large and small can benefit from outsourcing their video editing for YouTube. If you’ve decided it’s time to look into hiring a video editing company, consider Vidchops. Not only are they a reliable, professional company with proven results, but I know the owner and Augie is a great guy. 🙂

Curious to see why I trust them with my videos? Learn more about Vidchops and see whether they’re the right fit for you.

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