How this Realtor Closed $90K From His YouTube Channel in 6 Weeks.


Brian is a real estate agent in Dallas, Texas who called me a few weeks ago frustrated that his business wasn’t generating new leads from his YouTube channel.

He recently bought a course from a famous YouTuber but after months of promises, he had generated no leads and his videos were dwindling to the 1-2 digit views. Not to mention he got little attention as he competed with hundreds of other course-members.

Can you relate?

He knew in his gut that YouTube was the answer–he just hadn’t found that flame that would start heating things up and making it work!

  • He tried SEO keywords.
  • He even hired a video editor.
  • He was using Thumbnails

But his YouTube Channel was not getting much views and definitely no leads or sales.

We worked with him and what he has learned and then implemented in the last 6 weeks on his channel has already brought him almost 100k in revenue and has 10xed his overall views thus far.

So What Made that Difference on His YouTube Channel?

Here’s what we worked on with him…

We Revamped His YouTube Content Plan – 

Away from disconnected, boring keyword search terms and tired strategies that don’t work anymore.

Instead we created 5 Audience Intriguing “angles” to present all of his videos and showcase expertise and his projects- angles that not only bring in search-related traffic from SEO in an attractive context, but also from suggested traffic from the YouTube Algorithm.

Succeeding on YouTube means attracting both search and suggested traffic from the YouTube algorithm. This client got 59.7% from suggested and 35.8% from search.

We Tweaked His Video Structure 

Away from traditional presentation methods (can someone say Zoom fatigue?) and used instead a format that grabs and keeps the viewers engaged and paying attention longer. 

Increased watchtime means YT knows people like your videos and will send the video out to more people searching and browsing) along with opportunities to binge watch other videos from that same angle.

Framing his content in a way his viewers enjoy and want to come back to as they continue a long in their own journey learning.

Our structure helped this realtor increase his watchtime minutes by 176%!

We Revised His Thumbnail Strategy 

Away from branded, free-way billboard looking ads to instead include 3 critical features necessary to connect with your audience’s keen interests.

This motivated his audience to click and view his YouTube video from the choices presented to them when searching or browsing.

We trained this client how to make thumbnails that get the click and he has his son make them now! One of his thumbnails has a 13.3% click through rate.

He Stopped Selling on Every Video! 

He instead offered valuable content on his YouTube channel that attracts his current lead base and future lead base, understanding that part of their journey is learning, identifying their own pain and pleasure points, and stirring up a desire for more.

This graph shows his YouTube channel views are far exceeding what he usually pulled in (see gray area at the bottom).

We Systematized His Process

 So he can make more videos more quickly to grow his audience in less time!

We showed him some incredible workflows that help our own business bust out 3-4 pieces of video content a week.

The more consistent you can be in creating your videos, the more views you will start getting, and the more leads come into your pipeline.

This involves identifying bottlenecks, developing more effective and efficient strategies for YouTube programming, production, promotion, and progress!

This is just the beginning for Brian’s YouTube channel. The foundations are set and he’s ready to fly.

This realtor messaged us on FB to tell us he's he's pulled in 4 contracts over 6 weeks from his YouTube channel.

I sure hope this helps you get a better feel for where you can start or improve with your YouTube channel.

Brian is not the first person to really see results with YouTube.

More Results from Realtors…

If you are a realtor or entrepreneur looking to grow your brand and your business with YouTube, we are here for you every step of the way when you are ready.

Learn how this realtor got a 2 million dollar listing from one YouTube video on his channel.

See how this realtor grew 2 channels, closed 300k in sales with our GREAT video format, and has become well known in her industry through our systems.

Not a Realtor?- Look at These Other Results We’ve Had with Clients through our Program:

>> Double your client base from 25 to 50 high ticket clients within a couple of months of launching your channel of only 300 subscribers.

>>Quadruple your subscriber list, 10x your views to land you offers for speaking engagements, guest-teacher opportunities, and articles about you in publications for your industry.

>>Land a 300k brand deal for a channel of 200k+ subscribers and becoming well known in the industry.

>>Make evergreen content that lands you a $200k contract offer from a lead who watched your videos.

>>Monetize a 200k+ subscriber channel in the health and wellness industry from beyond ad revenue to getting virtual clients with a much-needed offer.

>> Generate 3X the usual leads and sales in just 6-8 weeks by shifting from being a business owner doing 10-20 different things to instead doing 2-3.


Coaches, consultants, service-based providers in multiple different industries.

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