Simple Video Production Helped This Entrepreneur with No Video Experience Close $1.9 Million in Sales from 7 YouTube Videos


You’ve seen the videos: those perfect, polished pieces of online content that make you laugh, cry or think. They’re the ones that get shared time and time again, gathering millions of views. And they look so effortless! How do the creators make it look like such a simple video production? Surely, they must have some kind of magic touch – or an extra 10 hours in the day that the rest of us don’t know about.

But here’s a secret: most of them started with zero knowledge and experience. But what they have is the vision to start a YouTube channel because they know that’s how they’re going to build credibility, authority, and multi-million businesses. 

Dr. Jonny Walker, Successful Dentist and Real Estate Investor

That’s exactly what happened with our client, Janatha Withanachchi, aka, “Dr. Jonny Walkah.” Jonny is a well-known endodontist who built a successful dental practice. But his passion is real estate investing. 

Jonny helps dentists, doctors, and high-net-worth professionals invest their profits in real estate.

Jonny Walkah is a dentist with no video experience.
Dr Janatha Withanachchi aka Dr. Jonny Walkah

While these professionals earn a lot of money, they don’t necessarily have the financial knowledge to invest smartly. They would like to learn, but they’re burned out from their full-time practice. 

So, what Jonny does is educate them about real estate investing. He is an experienced and extremely successful apartment syndicator. He finds apartment deals and gathers a bunch of dentists to buy an apartment building together. 

🤔Challenge: Creating Videos with Zero Experience and No Free Time

Just like most dentists, Jonny doesn’t have much free time. But what he has is a personality for video. That’s why he wanted to create a YouTube channel that could reach dentists, doctors, and other high-net-worth individuals across the US.

While he knew he had the personality for video, he had zero video experience. He didn’t even own a camera! 

And even if he had the equipment, he had no time to shoot the videos, edit them, and upload them to YouTube. He needed a simple video production process that he could actually execute.

That’s when he discovered Owen Video and our Authority Accelerator program.

😀Solution: A “Push-button” Simple Video Production System

If it’s hard to produce videos, then you won’t produce and publish any videos. This is a fact. 

Our goal for Jonny was to create a complete simple video production system wherein all he does is film the videos in batches, and an entire team takes it from there, from editing to creating thumbnails to optimizing descriptions on YouTube.

Creating a High-Net-Worth-Looking Studio

The first step was to create his home video studio. We usually work with our clients virtually to develop a great-looking studio background.

Jonny lives in a fantastic place in NYC, but his studio space was in the back corner. The light wasn’t incredibly flattering, and the background wasn’t as polished, especially for his target viewers.

Jonny was all in and wanted to ensure he had everything, so he flew me to his home in New York.

Owen Video helped Jonny set up his studio so he could film his videos with a simple video production system he could actually use because he had no video experience.
✌️Having fun while building the studio

Here’s how we set up a functional and high-quality video creation station:

  • We set up a recording station with two cameras, a lavalier, and a desktop mic. You can find our favorite gear recommendations for studios HERE.
  • We got him a background vinyl set to make the place really cool and look high-end. Background recommendations are also in the sequence we give you when you click the link above. Don’t miss it.

Once the studio was set up, we focused on building his YouTube channel. We had to start from scratch. 

Building the Basics of His YouTube Channel

Before making any videos with simple video production, we need to establish his branding, unique value proposition, and his target audience. Hist channel has to attract the right viewers that could potentially become investors. 

We had calls with Jonny where we:

  • Targeted the main pain points he wanted to address for his target audience. 
  • Crafted clear messaging for his YouTube channel. 
  • Identified a list of the first set of videos that will help convert viewers into clients. 

Since Jonny didn’t have much free time, we needed to know the specific videos to film. We also ensured that these videos were very targeted and explained key concepts to his target audience. 

Jonny made his first 7 videos on his channel with a simple video production system that generated him over $1M in revenue even with just 422 subscribers because they were the right viewers. This channel was not designed for the masses.
At a glance, it’s clear what the channel is about and who is it for.

And since his audience is also high-net-worth individuals, they are swamped themselves, the videos need to deliver value in the fastest way possible! 

Video Sales Funnel Designed to Convert 

Filming the videos with simple video production is one thing, but using it as a conversion machine is another. Most YouTubers focus on the number of views as the ultimate metric.

But we focus on revenue as the ultimate goal. That’s why we’re not just creating a bunch of videos. We created an entire video sales funnel for Dr. Jonny. 

The video sales funnel included: 

  • Creating a YouTube series talking about the basics of investing. 
  • Building an email list using ActiveCampaign.
  • Nurturing leads through email automation. 

Having a pipeline to turn viewers into buyers is key. This is an email opt-in we helped him create to make over $1M in sales.
All YouTube videos point to the free lead magnet to capture emails.

Jonny then does a monthly Zoom webinar where he talks about an investment opportunity. He sends an invite to his email list. 

As you can see, at the top of the funnel is his YouTube channel. The goal is to establish his expertise and authority. This way, when he gets into the Zoom webinar, most investors are more likely to take action. 

Frictionless, Simple Video Production with a Virtual Videographer System 

Since Jonny didn’t have a video production system, let alone simple, we had a virtual videographer system with a virtual director who worked with Jonny. 

A virtual director helps him through the content by making sure:

  • He was smiling
  • His hands are in the right place 
  • He was looking at the camera  

With this simple system, we recorded 15 videos in one batch. 

The simple system doesn’t end with production. The next part of the simple video production system is crucial. 

Building a Simple Video Production Team 

Our goal was to build a team so that all Jonny had to do was show up and record videos. Once the videos are recorded, his team will take them from there. 

  • We trained his video editing team with our standard operating procedures. 
  • We hired a designer to create the most effective thumbnails. 
  • We also hired someone that can focus on optimizing the videos for uploading and making sure that videos are published on a regular schedule. 

Creating thumbnails that are eye catching can be part of a simple video production system with the right frameworks in place.
An Example of An On Brand and Effective Thumbnail from Dr. Jonny’s YouTube Channel

Usually, this entire simple video production system requires hiring a videographer to shoot videos for you, which would usually cost around $2000 for one or two videos.

But the team we built for Jonny costs significantly less than that per month. And it’s not just for one video; it’s for a set of videos that consistently get published monthly with a sustainable simple video production system. 

🚀Results: A Well-Oiled Video Sales Funnel that Brings In the Big Bucks

So, starting from scratch, Jonny now has a studio, a film production process, a post-production team, and a complete video sales funnel.

The results quickly rolled in everything was set up. 

💵$1.9 Million Investment Raised from a YouTube Video Series

After publishing the first set of videos, we launched our first campaign. 

We sent the videos to his email list. The list includes people from his network–friends from college, dentists, and other high-net-worth professionals. 

A percentage of the list signed up for the Zoom webinar. 

In that Zoom webinar, he generated $1 million worth of investments, and later when we were sharing the results online, he corrected me that it had actually grown to $1.9 M!

Jonny Walkah eventually made $1.9M in investments within 8 months of starting with Acceleratus Media.

▶️Creating Videos Like Clockwork with a Simple Video Production System

When Jonny came to us, he had a marketing team, but there were many bottlenecks. Nothing was getting done. 

Nowadays, it takes Jonny two hours per week to film one set of videos, and he has a team doing everything for him. And this is a team that is trained with our proven and tested simple video production system.  

We continuously help Jonny to improve his production and sales funnel. But nowadays, it’s just about optimization.

If you meet Jonny today for the first time after seeing his YouTube channel, you’d think he has always been a video pro. But it wasn’t long ago when we set up his YouTube studio and started making his videos. With a simple video production system, he’s been able to fly.

Join Other Financial Professionals in Our YouTube Authority Accelerator Program

If you’re looking to start a Youtube channel and don’t have the time or experience, you can still be successful. Our team can help create your entire Youtube channel for you–from studio production to video publishing and even the sales funnel. If you already have a studio set up but want to scale what you are doing with real strategy, you can Learn more HERE. If you need more support because you’ve never recorded video before, you can learn more about our launch services for those with no video experience HERE.

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