How do you Make Watchable YouTube Videos for Your Business ?


Don’t make the worst YouTube mistake of all time. Don’t wing your YouTube videos. It doesn’t matter if you’ve given amazing keynote speeches, you’ve crushed a live segment or you are just trying to cut corners so you don’t have to edit your videos. 

Winging it simply does not work for YouTube. And it will definitely not get people to watch your channel. 

First, you must stop thinking of YouTube as a social media experience. You are actually competing with platforms like Netflix. It’s true. Now when you realize you are competing with big outfits like Netflix or Hulu how do you even start?

Make Watchable YouTube Videos

The good news is that it is possible to compete. The better news is that we can help you achieve those dreamy stats. The formula that professionals use is very specific and calculated. And we have that formula. 

But first, just take a look at what our clients have to say …

Great Video Formula

For a moment, consider your favorite show that you watch on TV or from a streaming app. It is probably laced with fine-tuned characters that have specific attributes and attitudes about them. Now envision the cast showing up to work one day, lighting the script on fire and just winging it. They pick their own costumes, slap on their own makeup and just start talking. It is going to be nothing short of a disaster, right? The same will be true for your YouTube channel.

So you are now faced with the concept that a successful YouTube channel requires a polished and edited video. You must move beyond the just ‘wing it’ attitude. The question becomes, how? The good news is that you can create a system in which your editing is push button and robust to create a series of videos that get the views. It is not simply a good idea, but you must have a script and format to deliver high quality, entertaining videos.

So now you are probably looking for the secret sauce. What is the secret to properly structuring and editing your YouTube videos? The formula for your secret video editing sauce is called the Great Video Formula. It is a simple 5-step process that will transform your channel into an exciting and must watch feed.

Why is this formula so important? Because if you just follow these 5 steps, you will ONLY have 5 steps to follow when editing. Here is the formula:

  1. 1. Grab Attention
  2. 2. Relate To The Viewer
  3. 3. Explain Your Solution
  4. 4. (provide) Actual Proof
  5. 5. Tell Them What To Do Next

This formula right here is how you maximize your time during the editing process. Imagine if you go back to just winging it. You could end up with 30 minutes or more of raw, unedited and unstructured monotony. It will take an incredible amount of time to break it down, find the story you are trying to convey and then eventually edit.

Get Structured

Bottom line, your YouTube channel needs structure in order to be successful. In the long run you will save a ton of time when editing as well. It is a true win-win process. Are you ready to be inundated with views, likes and increased watch times?

If so, your next step is to take a peek at our top-secret, Run of Show template. Heck, it is FREE! The formula might seem simple, but the outcome is a YouTube video that is enjoyable and professional. This is a download you don’t want to pass up. 

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