How do I make YouTube videos people will watch?

By Owen Video

By Owen Video

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You made YouTube videos and you had great expectations. Only now your stats are showing hardly any views! Why is no one clicking on your YouTube videos? After all you have this fantastic business and you know just what they’re missing by not watching. 

What then can you do differently to inspire people to watch them? Do you share it more? Do you work on your SEO?

Wondering how or why your YouTube videos aren’t producing what you’d hoped and how to fix it is easily one of our top 10 most asked questions.

We’ve got an answer that has spoken for itself with great success and the first step in that answer is Programming

Programming is the first step in my free guide The Great Video Format. Starting here gets you on course to create videos that people will want to watch and videos that YouTube will suggest.

Come along for a quick chat about what we call The 4 major disciplines of YouTube….

  1. Programming 
  2. Production
  3. Promotion
  4. Progress

 Your main goal in getting more views begins with step 1 of The 4 major disciplines. Your programming will win with a super fascinating thumbnail image and title that will draw actual humans. It’s that simple, yet that huge!  

What about SEO, doesn’t that draw viewers? Did you know SEO is only 10% of YouTubes entire platform? 90% of traffic coming to watch your videos comes from YouTube suggesting them to it’s viewers.

Relying on SEO keywords won’t get actual people to want to click your videos. But when you have that tempting image and title that gets the passerby to say  “Hmmm what’s this?” and they click, that repetition inspires YouTube to begin suggesting your YouTube videos!

Deliver on that image and title with video content that rocks and you are on your way to winning my friend. Guess who’s coming to the party now? You are! That’s just the beginning!

We want to help you go WAY further. Learn about production, promotion, progress and much more to be successful on YouTube with The Video Marketing School here.

How do I make YouTube videos people will watch?

How do I make YouTube videos people will watch?

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