Generate Leads on YouTube with a Push Video Content Strategy.

lead generation videos like this one are simple for Youtube

You’ll generate leads on YouTube if you have a strategy for the videos you make. Companies that just film videos and schlep them on the web rarely ever achieve lasting success and then they quit making video because “it didn’t work.” 

Make sure to write one

Don’t let that be you. 

The YouTube Algorithm is not a mystery and when you understand how it works you can make videos designed to generate leads on YouTube and bring your best customers right to your doorstep. In this way, YouTube is like a dartboard. Where most people aim for the bullseye every time (a losing strategy), I’m going to show you how to score points all over the board so that you make videos that accomplish 3 main goals:

Finding New Viewers- you should always be creating wide-net videos to reach people who have never heard of you before (Pull Videos). 

Nurturing Those Viewers- you should create videos designed to nurture those new viewers into a sale (Push Vids).

Converting to Customer – you should create videos that convert your most pre-qualified leads into a paying customer (POW Videos).

This article will outline and explain Step 2 in this process: Nurturing Those Viewers with Push Videos. Push videos are designed to PUSH new content to your viewers that they probably wouldn’t search for. These types of videos are essential to nurturing your new viewers with video content that builds trust through credibility, consistency, and creativity. 

So think about that strategy… 

Pull Videos Bring them into your content and Push Videos nurture them to sale. It’s the perfect combination that when executed well will generate a steady stream of new leads that are pre qualified before they call you. 

If that’s what you want then keep reading because I’m going to show you how to put together a simple Push Video strategy that will generate leads on YouTube for you whether you’re a Real Estate agent, a Business Coach, or a local service provider.

You may want to get a head start by downloading my YouTube Strategy Guide below where I’ll outline this strategy in more detail and share additional strategies like what gear to get and how to target your customers on YouTube. 

Click the image to grab it.

How to create Push Videos for YouTube

Push videos are not sales videos. Push videos are not necessarily keyword based videos either. Push videos are videos based on your unique perspective and positioning in the industry. They are designed to answer the questions your audience didn’t think to ask! For this reason, you might not find a good keyword to use because the information is so specific to your process. That said, you ALWAYS want to do research to see if you can find a good keyword. 

We use Tubebuddy to find great keywords. 

Examples of Push Video Titles 

So let’s take a look at what a Pull Video series looks like and then let’s construct a Push video strategy using the example of a Plumber in Dallas

The Pull Video titles might be based on the keyword “plumber in Dallas.”

How to find a plumber in Dallas 

Who is the best plumber in Dallas 

Hire a plumber in Dallas 

These videos will bring viewers into your youtube channel but they might not be sold in just one video so you’ll make a series of Push Videos to engage them further. These videos should have interesting titles that cause the viewer to say to herself, “I want to watch that.”

Here are some examples:

Biggest mistakes plumbers in Dallas make 

Biggest hiring mistakes to avoid when hiring a dallas plumber

Best Customer Reviews for plumbers in Dallas 

Notice how in this example we were able to use the same keyword “plumbers in Dallas” which will help the YouTube algorithm to group these videos together and show them to your best customers. However, not every video has to follow that process. 

For example:

Fix the drain or replace the sink? – a Dallas Plumber Answers

How to get better water pressure without using any tools – Dallas Homeowners Guide

Cut your water bill in half with this simple trick. 

In the examples above, you can agree that the titles are catchy and would certainly attract the right type of person but we didn’t use keywords to do that. We used catchy titles and that’s key.

Push Videos Trigger the YouTube Algorithm

Because only 10% of all views on YouTube come from the Search engine. The Suggested Video algorithm however accounts for 90% of all videos viewed on YouTube. So as you’re developing your video marketing strategy, you want to be create videos that hit both parts of that algorithm.

Videos that bring people in – PULL Videos. 
Videos that nurture them – PUSH Videos. 

You’ve learned the first two, now take your final step in the Push-Push-Pow Video Content Strategy and discover the power of sales videos – POW Videos – that are designed to sell the viewer and turn them into revenue. 

We’ll talk about that in the next post – How to Convert Sales with POW Videos


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