Cyber Monday is a great time to grab the tools and software you need to grow your business with video marketing. Here’s my lockdown list of essential software for building a video marketing funnel.

Video Marketing Launch Strategy–$7

Get the YouTube Launch Plan which includes 5 steps you can do right away to get your campaign launched on YouTube. This is an essential lesson in The BizTube Academy and you can get it today for $7. It is packed with great nuggets and a step-by-step explanation of where to start.

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Camtasia Video Editing – 25% Off

Normally, $199, you can get it today for $149.

That is a one-time cost. This software works on Macs and PC’s. I recommend this to everyone!

Camtasia makes editing so easy, even your Grandma could do it. Seriously—no editing experience needed. It will screen record,  and you can also bring in your own video footage. It has a super intuitive drag-and-drop editor to easily create remarkable videos you can share with anyone. And if you want to take it to the next level, you can add eye-catching animations, music, and captions in record time.

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TubeBuddy YouTube Plugin –

$34 One Time instead of $49 per month.

TubeBuddy is my favorite tool  for uploading my videos to YouTube. This Chrome plugin works directly with your YouTube channel to help you improve your productivity, bulk processing, SEO, promotion, as well as data and research. I love it so much, I’m actually one of the Brand Ambassadors for TubeBuddy and even do a monthly tutorial on TubeBuddy to help users maximize the benefits of having this awesome friend on hand when doing their YouTube marketing.

You’ll get access to other great perks, including free access to audio tracks and video graphics through some of their partner programs.They have an incredible deal today– just $34 one time cost for their Pro version.

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GetResponse Email Marketing –

Save 40% for the year!

This is an awesome tool to use not only for your Email Marketing, but also for your Marketing Automation. This includes Autoresponders, Landing pages (Advanced), Webinars 100 attendees, Marketing automation, Workflows, Tags, Scoring, Abandoned cart, Web event tracking, Automation segmentation, can accommodate up to 3 users and includes CRM.

Save up to 40% depending on which package you want and if you want to pay monthly, yearly, or every 2 years. You get the most savings with the 2 year contract and you will not be disappointed.
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Video Equipment Gear Guide-

Save up to 50% on incredible gear when you buy from Amazon.com today. If you don’t have my Video Equipment Gear Guide, you need to click the image below and follow the quick instructions. You’ll get access to my live stream and YouTube video gear guide including the hottest top end gear and my bargain deals.

Amazon has amazing Cyber Monday specials including up to 50% on some of these items. Get it now when you click on the image below and follow the instructions.

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