How This Plumbing Business YouTube Channel Grew to 10,000 Subscribers and Secured Brand Deals


Mitch Smedley, owner of Smedley Plumbing, shares his journey of building a successful business YouTube channel that has helped grow his plumbing business.

He discusses his content strategy, video production process, and monetization tactics that have led to his business YouTube channel growth. Discover the process behind Smedley Plumbing’s YouTube success.

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#1. Launching the Business YouTube Channel Journey

Building a business YouTube channel from scratch requires strategic planning and adaptability. Mitch Smedley of Smedley Plumbing began his YouTube journey with clear goals in mind.

Initially, Mitch aimed to reach 1,000 subscribers to become eligible for monetization. This milestone marked the beginning of his business YouTube channel journey.

Once this goal was achieved, Mitch adjusted his strategy to focus on content that would further grow his business YouTube channel and support his business.

The primary goal was to create engaging and watchworthy content. Mitch emphasized the importance of putting himself in the viewer’s shoes to understand their interests.

He produced videos that not only entertained but also provided valuable information, thereby attracting a wider audience.

Another crucial objective was to use YouTube as a platform to support Smedley Plumbing’s main business. This was achieved through various types of content.

  • Technical expertise videos
  • Community work showcases
  • Day-in-the-life of a plumber

These videos helped to establish the company’s credibility and attract potential customers.

#2. Learning to Make Videos for Business YouTube Channel

Creating high-quality YouTube videos was a new venture for Mitch, who had to learn the ropes from scratch. Despite being a skilled plumber, running a business YouTube channel required a different set of skills.

Mitch turned to YouTube itself for guidance on making effective videos for his business channel. This approach provided a wealth of information, although sifting through it required discernment.

He had to identify valuable insights and differentiate between useful content and less helpful information.

Mitch experimented with various types of content to determine what resonated with his audience. One successful strategy for his business YouTube channel involved answering commonly searched questions.

For instance, he created a video titled “What toilet should I buy?” which involved a practical test of different toilet models from Home Depot.

By conducting thorough research and providing practical demonstrations, Mitch’s videos offered valuable insights to viewers. This approach not only answered common questions but also showcased his expertise.

Such videos were not only informative but also engaging, helping to attract and retain viewers.

#3. Hiring a Videographer for Business YouTube Channel

Hiring a videographer can significantly enhance the quality and consistency of your video content, especially for your business YouTube channel. Mitch Smedley’s decision to bring a full-time videographer on board was a game-changer for Smedley Plumbing’s YouTube presence.

  • Benefits of an In-House YouTube Videographer: An in-house videographer offers several advantages over outsourcing video production. Mitch’s experience highlights the value of this approach.
  1. Consistency in video quality
  2. Better integration with the team
  3. Faster turnaround times
  • Unique Video Perspective: Having a videographer with no plumbing background provided a fresh perspective. This allowed for the creation of content that resonated well with the general audience.

    The videographer’s lack of plumbing knowledge mirrored that of the average viewer, making the content more relatable and easier to understand.
  • Strategic Video Content Creation: With a dedicated videographer, Smedley Plumbing was able to seize unique opportunities. For instance, they capitalized on being among the first to receive an all-electric Ford Transit by producing a series of videos about it.

    This strategic move helped them quickly amass subscribers by offering exclusive content that wasn’t available elsewhere.

#4. Balancing Business and Filming for YouTube Channel

Running a business while maintaining a successful YouTube channel requires meticulous planning and time management. Mitch Smedley shares insights into how he balances his business YouTube channel responsibilities.

  • Structured Filming Schedule: To manage both business operations and video production, Mitch established a structured filming schedule. This ensures that both areas receive the attention they need.

    The videographer films three days a week and edits two days a week, with a flexible day to adjust as needed.
  • Efficient Time Management: By dedicating specific days for filming and editing, Mitch can better organize his workweek. This structure helps in maintaining a steady flow of content without compromising business operations.
  1. Filming: Mondays and Fridays
  2. Editing: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  3. Flex Day: Wednesday
  • Quality Over Quantity: Smedley Plumbing prioritizes quality over quantity in their video production. They release videos only when they are fully ready, rather than adhering to a strict publishing schedule.

    This approach ensures that each video meets their high standards, enhancing viewer satisfaction and engagement.
  • Additional Responsibilities: Besides creating YouTube content, the videographer also manages a podcast for the company. This involves filming, editing, and producing short-form clips.

    Balancing multiple content streams requires careful planning but adds valuable diversity to their content portfolio.

#5. Three Types of Videos for a Business YouTube Channel

Creating diverse content is essential for engaging a broad audience on a business YouTube channel. Mitch Smedley employs three distinct styles of videos to maximize reach and impact.

1. Vlog Style Videos: Vlog style videos offer an unscripted, behind-the-scenes look at Mitch’s daily activities. These videos are dynamic and relatable.

For example, a day might include office work, errands, job site visits, and even impromptu training sessions. The videographer captures these moments to create engaging content.

2. Informative Q&A Videos: Inspired by the book “They Ask, You Answer,” these videos address common questions from potential customers.

Each video is concise, typically 3 to 5 minutes long. These videos provide valuable information, helping to establish Mitch’s authority and build trust with viewers.

3. Technical Demonstrations: The third style focuses on technical demonstrations and how-to videos. These videos showcase Mitch’s expertise and provide practical advice.

Examples include product tests, installation tutorials, and maintenance tips. These videos appeal to both DIY enthusiasts and potential customers.

#6. Monetizing Non-Customers on YouTube Channel

Mitch Smedley has developed strategies to monetize viewers of his business YouTube channel who are outside his service area. This approach expands revenue streams beyond local customers.

  • AdSense Revenue: One primary source of income is AdSense revenue. As the channel grows, so does the revenue from ads displayed on the videos.

    Reaching 5,000 subscribers often triggers an increase in opportunities for ad placements, boosting overall earnings.
  • Brand Partnerships: Brand partnerships are another lucrative avenue. Companies offer free products in exchange for video reviews and promotions.
  1. Only accept relevant products
  2. Ensure products align with the channel’s focus
  3. Maintain authenticity and trust
  • Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate marketing involves promoting products and earning a commission on sales generated through affiliate links. This is an effective way to monetize non-local viewers.

    For instance, Mitch’s video on a water filter included affiliate links. When viewers purchase through these links, Mitch earns a commission.
  • Recurring Content: Recurring content with brand partners helps maintain a steady stream of income. Follow-up videos, such as product updates or maintenance, keep the content fresh.

    This approach fosters long-term relationships with brands and provides ongoing value to viewers.

#7. Importance of Video Presence

Having a business YouTube channel is crucial for modern businesses. It significantly impacts customer engagement and brand visibility.

Video content helps build trust and credibility with potential customers. They get to see the face behind the brand and understand the services offered.

This personal connection is invaluable, leading to increased customer loyalty and trust in the business.

Videos have a broad reach and can be discovered through various platforms like YouTube and social media. This enhances the likelihood of attracting new customers.

Even if customers initially find the business through a search engine or social platform, they often recall the video content when they need services.

Targeted videos, even those with fewer views, can lead to significant business revenue. Engaging video content can convert viewers into loyal customers.

For instance, a video with 300 views can generate substantial revenue if it deeply resonates with the audience.

#8. Pre-Planning Video Content

Effective video content for a business YouTube channel requires meticulous pre-planning. This ensures that the videos are engaging and informative.

Successful videos on a business YouTube channel often have a lot of thought and intentionality behind them.

Pre-planning helps in structuring the content effectively. This planning phase includes outlining the video’s key messages and goals to ensure the content aligns with the business objectives.

While pre-planning is essential, creative liberty can enhance the video’s impact. The videographer can edit according to a general outline but add creative elements.

After the initial edit, a rough draft is reviewed to ensure it meets the required standards and technical accuracy.

Feedback is a crucial part of the pre-planning process. Reviewing the draft helps identify any missing or incorrect details.

Iterative feedback ensures that the final video is polished and effectively communicates the intended message.

Engaging the audience from the start is vital. Pre-planning includes strategizing on how to hook viewers early in the video.

This might involve compelling introductions or highlighting key points to retain viewer interest throughout the video.

#9. Titles and Thumbnails YouTube Strategy

Effective titles and thumbnails are critical for optimizing YouTube videos on a business YouTube channel. Mitch Smedley shares insights into how he approaches this crucial aspect of video production for business growth.

Experimentation and Learning for YouTube Strategy

Mitch admits that their approach to titles and thumbnails involves a lot of experimentation. They haven’t taken any formal courses on the subject but have learned through trial and error.

While some videos, even favorites, may not perform well, this process helps refine their strategy over time.

Google Searchability with YouTube Titles and YouTube Thumbnails

One key factor in their success is creating titles that are Google searchable. Since Google owns YouTube, aligning video titles with commonly searched terms can boost visibility.

This strategy is particularly effective for trades-based businesses, where viewers often search for DIY solutions or professional advice.

Successful titles and thumbnails often appeal to multiple audience segments. Mitch’s videos aim to engage homeowners, other plumbers, and even plumbing instructors.

This multi-level approach ensures that their content is relevant and valuable to a broad range of viewers.

Practical Tips for YouTube Strategy

  • Use Google-searchable titles
  • Appeal to multiple audience segments
  • Experiment and refine
  • Analyze performance data

#10. Overcoming Stigma Around Video

Creating video content for a business YouTube channel can come with its own set of challenges, including overcoming societal stigmas. Mitch Smedley discusses how he navigated these obstacles.

Dealing with Popularity Perception

One of the initial hurdles was dealing with the perception of popularity. People often assume that having a videographer means you think highly of yourself.

This perception can be challenging, especially when employees or acquaintances make light-hearted jokes about it.

Public Curiosity

Filming in public places like Home Depot often attracts attention. People are curious and may approach you to ask questions or even try to get on camera.

This curiosity can be leveraged to create engaging content but also requires a level of comfort and confidence.

Staying the Course

To overcome the stigma, Mitch emphasizes the importance of focusing on the value of the content. The goal is to deliver a high-quality product that can only be achieved through video.

Persisting through the initial discomfort pays off as the process becomes more routine and accepted over time.

Practical Tips

  • Focus on content value
  • Embrace public curiosity
  • Persist through initial discomfort
  • Normalize the filming process

Creating systematic video content for your business that gets views and attracts 5–6 figures in revenue from qualified leads who find your content requires strategy along with a plug-and-play, executable system so it doesn’t take you a ton of time.

This is our jam 🙂, If you’re looking to elevate your brand’s video content and harness the full potential of visual storytelling, our Done For You Agency services are designed to meet your needs. We invite you to schedule a free 15-minute consult with our team to share what you are wanting to do and see if we can help you turn your vision for greater influence, revenue, and opportunities into reality.

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