Best Real Estate Videos of 2018


Best Real Estate Videos

Looking for a little real estate video inspiration this year? Want to make 2019 the year where you are making waves with your real estate videos once and for all? If you said yes, then you most definitely want to rewind and check out the best real estate videos of 2018.


These real estate agents and groups are doing everything right to generate leads and give their clients more. They are getting noticed and building their real estate empires.

Real estate leaders understand that video is key to marketing strategy in 2018 and moving forward into 2019. If you are a listing agent, video marketing is a chance to showcase your team, introduce you as an agent and entice people to work with you. With the right video marketing, loads of leads can be generated, and that means wads of cash in your wallet.

This list of the best real estate videos of 2018 proves that video marketing is king.

Marcus Gualter | Kiwi Real Estate | Newport Beach

Not only does Marcus “Kiwi” Gualter create stunning listing videos and informational videos, he hosts a weekly live show and finds every possible way to get into the video marketing game. Through video alone, he landed a $5M listing, so this guy is definitely doing something right.

You can tell by the quality of his videos that he is no small fry. He uses all the latest technologies, angles and effects to create listing videos his clients fall in love with.

Takeaway from this video: Kiwi is not shy about sharing the keys to his success with video production. His videos are produced in a very specific way, with a solid method, and he has access to technology that not everyone else can get their hands on.

Joyce Rey | Coldwell Banker | LA

Selling the most luxurious properties surrounding Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Malibu; Joyce Rey knows that video is a key component to her marketing strategy. Call her a legend, Rey has been selling home since 1973, and has continued her success because she changes with the times. Her videos are polished and sophisticated, just like the properties she lists and the celebrities who buy from her.

Takeaway from this video: Rey has a lot to brag about, but the best part of this video is to see her sweet nature. This is the perfect introduction video that everybody should take note on.

Amy Youngren | North Group Real Estate | Toronto


An influential leader in real estate video marketing, Amy Youngren has made the of most of using videos to sell homes and generate leads. She understands her market and each community she has listings in.

Her videos are easy to watch and her personality shines through. She’s won many awards for her extra attention to detail and after you watch a few of her videos, you can see why.

Takeaway from this video: Youngren definitely knows what she is talking about when it comes to her listings. There’s very few agents who can go beyond the listing itself and tell the buyer why the deal is hot. She’s informative and interesting to watch.

Chip James | Keller Williams | Dayton, OH

Family man, Chip James has a lot to work hard for. He absolutely appreciates working with his clients, but his drive comes from his family. He was named one of Dayton’s “Top Five Under Forty” for real estate sales and other contributions. “Real Estate. Real Impact” is going to be one of the most unique real estate videos you will find.

Takeaway from this video: James gives his audience a little more than his competition does. He gives you insight to his personal life and his philanthropist goals. It is ok in your real estate videos to go beyond real estate and get personal.

The Panozzo Team | Home Smart | Scottsdale

Scottsdale, Arizona is known for multi-million dollar listings and the stunning desert sunsets. The Panozzo Team has learned how to capitalize on video marketing for their most dazzling homes. They can show buyers everything from the lifestyle of a specific community they are interested in, to the specific ways to stage a home. This team definitely respects how video marketing works for their real estate empire.

Takeaway from this video: This is not another boring video listing. This video is intriguing because it begins with the location first, to give you a feel of the actual location of the property. The actual footage of the home is short-lived, but overall the video flows beautifully.

Boutique Real Estate Group | Orange County

With a little bit of flash and pizzazz, the Boutique Real Estate Group knows how to captivate a viewer. They could make a shack look like a luxury real estate listing (but most of their listings are indeed gorgeous pieces of property around the OC and LA). The cinematography is high quality and custom.

The group has won awards for their videos and owner, Raj Qsar, is a standout influencer in the industry. He understands the value of video marketing and social media as he is dominating the real estate trade.

Takeaway from this video: This video almost comes off as a mission statement. Qsar lets you know who he is and what his company is all about. It almost feels as if you are sitting right next him. It is a classy and well produced number.

Final Thoughts
The agents with the best real estate videos of 2018 are likely already crushing it in 2019. They have a formula and are consistent with their video production and distribution. If this has inspired you to get off your comfy couch and start a real estate video marketing plan, we can help you get started. Click here.

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