The Complete YouTube & Live Stream Audio Gear Workshop: the best tech to get the best sound from your video.

The Best Audio Gear for Live Streaming on YouTube & Facebook

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There are 3 major types of live stream audio gear workflows (a workflow is the connection of computers to microphones to wires etc). Those types are Mobile, Desktop, and Desktop with Mixer. In this case desktop and laptop (Macbook) computer means the same thing.

In this presentation, Owen Video will show you the gear we recommend and why we recommend it. We’ll also review the gear NOT to get and why, plus we’ll show you the high end audio gear and the more budget friendly audio gear that will give you a good result. I also recommend that you download and review my 2020 Live Video Gear Guide with links to the products on Amazon (or elsewhere).

Download my Gear Guide

Download and view my 2020 live streaming gear guide to get quick links to the products mentioned in the stream along with other products that you might find helpful as you grow your live show and YouTube channel.

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