My name is Theresa Marie and I’m the co-founder of Videospot where I run Sales, Funnels, and Email Marketing.

But I’m also an accomplished YouTuber.

I’ve co written and starred in videos for Fortune 500 brands.

I’m the co host of the Dr Jake show that has generated multi 5 figures in revenue.

And I have my own talk show called the Brave Talk Show that i run with 3 influential women and this is a real passion project for me…

Together with my husband – Owen Video we have created a family that we love, we’ve overcome adversity of all kinds, and we’ve built a brand that has propelled us to the top of our industry.


Theresa Marie Hemsath is the co-founder and Chief Operations Officer at Videospot. As a lead generation and business growth strategist, Theresa has mastered helping business leaders implement systems that scale their business, automating lead generation and sales processes to convert video views into sales while they sleep. Because hustle culture makes you sick, she is very passionate about helping entrepreneurs multiply themselves to create more freedom, well-being, and time with loved ones, while creating wealth.
She is the co-host of The Brave Talk Show and The Integrative Media Podcast with Dr Jake Schmutz and has been featured on top podcasts like Women of YouTube, Your Circle of Influence, and more.

"Theresa is an amazing content strategists. Aenean risus est, porttitor vel, placerat sit amet, vestibulum sit amet, nibh. Ut faucibus justo quis nisl. Etiam vulputate, sapien eu egestas rutrum, leo neque luctus dolor, sed hendrerit tortor metus ut dui. Etiam id pede porttitor turpis tristique lacinia. Suspendisse potenti. Etiam feugiat."

"There is a faster way to get where you want to go. Owen and I are giving you our YouTube accelerator blueprint for free.This process has helped our clients generate six figures
in 90 days or less."

FAMILY is at the heart of what we do at acceleratus Media.

As a mom of four amazing children, I know the importance of creating a solid financial foundation while having the time freedom to nurture the relationships that matter most. Which is why everything I do at Acceleratus Media, is focused on systems that allow driven entrepreneurs to work less and earn more.

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