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Owen founded The Video Marketing School-  THE place to learn all things video marketing, including how to leverage YouTube to amplify your influence and impact as the leader in your industry. 

Workshop Descriptions:

YouTube Workflows- Time is money and professional YouTubers know the systems that save time on uploading and optimizing videos so you can create more, make more, and grow. In this session, I’ll show you 5 essential YouTube workflows you need to master to grow your channel.

Social Media Video Tactics –Tired of wasting time on social media? Let me show you the strategy for posting hi-impact videos that convert into new sales for your business. In this workshop, you’ll learn my GREAT video format for writing great videos, you’ll learn my 3-Step Video Setup for filming live or pre-recorded videos, PLUS you’ll see where to upload your video for maximum impact using my Video Sales Funnel model. 

Bring your phone and a tripod (or a laptop with a webcam)! You will be shooting video and some of you will actually generate leads while we’re there. Get geared up – this workshop is going to change everything!

Your Perfect Sales Video System-  Learn Owen’s 5 Step Video Sales System with his GREAT video format to use with your video content that gets you more leads. Walk away with your first script and a plan for your video sales system. 

How to Make Edutaining Videos for YouTube-

Want to leverage the power of YouTube to grow your brand awareness and drive traffic to your sales pages? Want to make videos about your company that people actually want to watch? In this presentation Owen Video is going to show you why traditional thinking about YouTube no longer applies and how to leverage video structure and story to make videos that people will watch, like, and share with their friends so that your company gets automatic and abundant sales.

3 Takeaways:

  1. The Biggest Reason Why Business Owners Fail on YouTube and How to Avoid it.
  2. How to Create Unlimited Video Ideas
  3. The Super Secret Structure for Creating YouTube Videos that People Love


YouTube Brand Strategy for 2022

YouTube Strategy has CHANGED and organic reach has never been more available to a revenue focused brand. Forget what you heard from your ads person, forget what you heard from the 17 year old slime channel- YouTube is all about AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT and building a strong brand on YouTube will generate new 6 figure revenue within 90 days if you do it right. In this session, we’ll review case studies from successful brands and reveal the 4-part Video Pro System for creating content that sells at scale. 

  1. Case Studies BlueFuse: How this Real Estate Firm closed $3.4M on YouTube in 30 days. 
  2. Case Studies from Leggari: How this $10M Brand hit 1M subscribers on YouTube 
  3. The Video Pro Content Strategy- PROgramming, PROduction, PROmotion, PROgress.
  4. Implementing NOW – do this with your team as soon as you get back to the office.

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