Are you serious about YouTube? Because what I’m going to share in this email below could revolutionize your lead flow, your social networks, and your visibility but it’s designed for business leaders who are serious about leveling up. If your heart is only half in, this won’t be a good fit for you. As with any program, there is an investment. The price of the program is designed to weed out folks who simply aren’t ready and I just want to be upfront about that. Overview of the YouTube Intensive: We start with your Strategic Channel and Audience Growth Makeover. This is a 60-90 minute call that makes an overhaul in what you’ve done determining what to keep, what to change, and the overall strategy for determining the content you will want to create to get more clicks, views, and subscribers. After that we really dig into our Compelling Content Development Matrix—these are the strategies for increasing clickthrough rate, audience retention, watch time, and creating binge-worthy content that keeps your audience watching 2 or more of your videos in a row—this will involve title strategy, thumbnail strategy, tag strategy, and structuring your content to make it more engaging and keeping your viewers watching the longer. While the above two are the ways we will help you dial in the process to get you those views and subs you want, we don’t leave you with that. In the end, views and subs don’t put money in the bank. But monetizing your videos does. So we include YouTube Monetization Strategy. We have 4 different ways we monetize channels and based on your business model and content, we will customize the best monetization strategy for you so you can use these videos to build revenue. Last— even though you are a content machine, we don’t want you to get burned out. The key to succeeding is consistency with the right systems and workflows. We will set you up with our Content Productivity Maximizer so you can make the same amount of videos you make now and more in less time with less effort and with greater impact in your visibility, authority, and profitability. Finally we top it all off with a set of Video Branding Elements which are customized  graphics and templates to create wow-factor in your videos including video branding overlay bumper, transitions, lower thirds, and end cards for your videos, Channel Art, and Thumbnail templates. We also have contractors for editing and graphic designers if your team needs it. The Five Pillars of the YouTube Intensive:  >>STRATEGIC CHANNEL AND AUDIENCE GROWTH AND MAKEOVER We go over and strategically plan your video content plan, who is your audience, and how do you attract them and get them to view your content, and implement them into your sales cycle. This will give clarity and a massive reduction in wasted efforts from hit and miss content without knowing why or how. Convert views into repeat viewers, clicks, and clients >>COMPELLING CONTENT DEVELOPMENT MATRIX We will give you the tools and strategy for mapping out 6+ months of compelling content that will get views and engagement. This is where we show you the way to radically build your click-through rate and average view duration which are core in building your credibility, authority, and viewership. >> YOUTUBE MONETIZATION STRATEGY We will show you how to cash in on your channel through YouTube payouts, sponsorships, and when/how to lead qualified leads to your offer off your channel. The latter builds a YouTube sales pipeline for you to continually bring leads to your sales funnel or website to schedule these 15 minute calls with you. >> CONTENT PRODUCTIVITY MAXIMIZER Showing you how to use your current video production systems and maximize its effectiveness on YouTube as well as repurposing strategies to produce your compelling content systematically in a way that doesn’t overtake your life. Our systems will maximize your impact and reduce time in creating and producing your content through whether you are doing it on your own, or outsourced to a team. Our systems keep you consistent which is key to growth, without being bogged down with work. It’s 6 Weeks of Intensive Training with 6 weeks of extended support as you continue to tweak and implement. The total program is 90 days. The investment is $5,000 (payment plans are ok). Here’s what you get: (1) Private Blueprint Content Strategy Call (60-90 minutes) – This is your next step where we will set your goals and there are 3 pre-training videos that accompany this training.

(6) 30 Minute Private Virtual Calls – these are largely work sessions where you and I will write/script your videos, create title strategies, and review your promotion and progress towards goals.

(10) On-Demand Video Training – for private clients only. You’ll receive access to my super secret training vault inside The Video Marketing School for training yourself or your team.

(1) Weekly Open Office Hours Calls –  these are short, weekly training calls, to develop your skill sets further than the pre-recorded video can take you. Only private clients are invited. Bonuses for June Enrollment: We are THRILLED to be able to offer these new bonuses for June YouTube Intensive clients:

⁃ 2020 Format guides/templates – Create tons of easy to make videos for YouTube but you’ll also get our YouTube Live, Linkedin, and Instagram formula for tripling your online exposure.

⁃ NEW** Custom Video Branding Overlays – to make your videos SHINE with an animated moving logo, bumper, transitions, end card and other drag-and-drop overlays for easy video editing. ⁃ NEW** Custom Thumbnail Templates – Thumbnails are essential for YouTube and as a private client, we’ll create a master Canva or Photoshop template for professional looking thumbnails. Are you ready to get started?