Video ads is the secret weapon for the business owner.

Ads on Facebook and YouTube are the most effective way to put your videos in front of a qualified audience. No more guesswork. No more just hoping people will look up your info and see your video.

Why spend months building an organic following when for a small fee you can pay for your video to be placed in front of your ideal viewer?

According to Aberdeen Group’s research….

Video Ads on YT and FB offer variety of targeting opportunities and placements, providing a much more effective ROI than any other type of advertising.

The key is to make the good. Make them short. And Make them Quality.

Don’t know how to tackle the marketing beast of this generation? Let us help you!

We offer a variety of programs to walk you through building a strategy and execution plan for your video ads.

Do It Yourself

This is for the business owner with the time, the self-discipline, and the creativity to learn how to build an advertising campaign and execute it with trial and error. We offer a multi-lesson course that teachers you what good ads look like, what type of posting copy to use, how to build a funnel around it, where to get the creative for the ad, and more. We offer a module that focuses just on Facebook Ads and another on YouTube Ads because they both work differently.

Personal Consulting

This is for the business owner who wants the professional accountability, guidance on the strategy and a customizable execution plan based on the needs and elements already in place int he business. In this plan, you will have complete access to all the coursework, as well as 4 live tutorials each month in a mastermind with other business owners where you can get your questions answered, and 2 private one-hour calls a month to go over your strategy, provide you the focus and resources to execute, and the analysis and expertise to trouble shoot with you as you dial in the effectiveness of the plan.

In-Person Workshops/Group Coaching 

Do you have an advertising team you want trained in video marketing? With this program, you can bring Owen Video out to your company for 1-2 to train your team in video marketing.

A Video Marketing Workshop with Owen Video will provide your team all the necessary training in both Facebook and YouTube Ads tailored to the needs of your business. The workshop will include Q & A and actual workshop time for them to mastermind together and begin developing their strategy and execution plan with accountability, coaching, and feedback on the spot from Owen himself.

Owen is a dynamic speaker, sure to keep your team engaged, and excited to be in the workshop, learning and growing your business with the tools and tactics he provides.

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