7 Essential Videos Every Company Needs

By Owen Video

By Owen Video

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When a person lands on your page the first thing they think of is what is the website about? How they do? And what is the benefit for me?

If you can answer these questions you are successful in grabbing their attention. Video is one power tool to answer all these questions in one single instance and in less time. According to Hubspot 97% of marketers claim that videos help customers understand products.

Here are the 7 powerful videos you can create for your company to reach your customers:

1.Main Company “About Us” (90 second video) – 3 core differences your company brings to the marketplace and the Value you bring to your customers

1.Homepage website video

2.Send to clients or prospective customers

3.YouTube Channel Trailer

4.Facebook featured video

5.Twitter pinned tweet

2. Who am I? (Owner) – You as a person, still a business video. Potential leads can see your human side. Share what you love or if you have kids, etc.. anything that helps to connect with who your target audience is (This can be done for individuals like salespeople if they are direct with the lead)

1.To be sent to new leads

2.Email, Direct messages, etc…

3. Main product page or main landing page video – (may have a variety of products but this is for the main product/service) Convert new leads into sales, only focus on features and benefits of the core product or service

1.Only on the sales page

When a potential lead sees Video 1 and asks to stay in touch you then send video 2 to show a human side. If they connect with Video 2 then they are lead to Video 3 where they are made the offer for the main product or service.

4. Facebook Video Ad (30 – 60 seconds) – Drive leads or retargeting list over to the landing page where you already have a high converting video. It will be a very simple “Problem – Solution” formula and ask viewers to click on the link if they want to know more.

1.FB ads

2.YouTube ads

5. Animated Logo Bumper – High impact 3-5 second video that goes in front of all of your other videos. This creates branding, awareness, and consistency across all videos.

1.On every main video

2.All social media video posts

3,Live video streams

6. Square Video Meme Template – Square shaped video designed for easy shareability on FB and IG.  I’ve got a mini-course that teaches a workflow for creating awesome square video memes in minutes using your regular content. Definitely a time saver and a sure-fire way to get shares and likes on Facebook and Linked In. Think landscape only is just fine? Nope–Check this recent study done by These stats are relevant for the following platforms.

1.FB posts

2.IG posts

3.LI posts

7. Testimonial – Can be used and shares in multiple ways and multiple videos. Best to create a system to collect testimonials over time.


2.Landing page

3.Repurposing in square video meme

4.Repurpose to type out for social posts

5.Repurpose audio/shots for “Main Company” video

Looking for some strategies, scripts, and tips to make these videos and how to launch them on your YouTube channel or Facebook page?  Try out the YouTube Launch Plan from BizTube Academy.

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Who is Owen Video?

I’m a Live Video Expert and Online Marketing Strategist with over 30k YouTube Subscribers and 3 million minutes of watch time. My clients are brands, business owners, and video entrepreneurs who want to make money with online video and Youtube marketing. I may be available for sponsored videos, private coaching or speaking engagements HERE.

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7 Essential Videos Every Company Needs

7 Essential Videos Every Company Needs

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