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Visibility, Authority, Profitability. YouTube is a goldmine. Your colleagues will brush it off because they think YouTube is for kids but you’re smarter than that. YouTube is the #2 search engine in the world where your future customers search for answers to questions that you should be answering – with video!  Whether you have started a YouTube channel or not, see how your YouTube videos can generate leads without fancy cameras, expensive editing, or memorizing scripts. 

How Does the #VideoInfluence System Work for Your Brand?


Your Strategic Channel & Audience Growth Makeover

Your Compelling Content Matrix Development

Your YouTube Monetization Strategies

Your YouTube Monetization Strategies


Small Business Owners

Service and Product Based Providers with Virtual or Brick and Mortar Businesses.

Agents & Brokers

Real Estate and Financial Agents, Investors, and Brokers from Across the USA, Canada, and Abroad.

Coaches & Consultants

Coaches and Consultants from Across the Gamut of Industries.

High Performance Result For High Performance Leader

 Grow your Channel, Get Leads & Grow Revenue WITHOUT Fancy Equipment and Editing or Wasted Hours of Time and Energy.

Are You Wanting to Defeat These Common Video Problems?

“FB and LinkedIn having been working great, but I’m ready for more and I don’t know enough about the YouTube platform to figure it out myself without spending too much time. I want a system that works so I can launch with success”

“The YouTube Algorithm is changing too fast, and what worked for me before is no longer working!”

I’m not getting enough views from my Facebook and LinkedIn Video to make the huge impact I’m looking for. I want people I don’t know to search and find my videos. I can’t do that with FB or LinkedIn.

“I’m making great video, but not getting the views I deserve!”

“Video Marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn requires numerous weekly videos, and I don’t know how to keep up with it AND still have time to attend to my current clients.”

“I don’t know what videos to make. The ones I’ve created haven’t worked and I don’t know what to say or how to promote them so that they do work.”

“Trial and error is so expensive, and what I lose in funds and missed opportunities is not sustainable.”

See How to START or REVAMP Your VIDEOS with a FREE Strategy Audit and See if The YouTube Mentorship is The Right Fit for You!

How The VideoPro System Solves The Biggest Problems Entrepreneurs Face with YouTube and Sets You Up For Success!

How This Program Will Help You Succeed

That’s me! I’m one of the industry’s most sought-after video marketing experts and educators, and I’m honored to be your mentor for the next 12 weeks.

so you get to see exactly how everything is done before doing it yourself

made up of 14 sessions and over 20 content hours that will give you a repeatable, effective evergreen video content creation system for YouTube to scale your visibility, authority, and profitability with YouTube

to hold you accountable and help you reach your goals. Including competitions and games with prizes for doing the work and getting results.

to help you look professional, and flesh out your video marketing campaigns to get those leads — the same resources I use daily.

where I answer your questions, give feedback on your work and help you improve.

where you can find support and friendship from your peers, and reach out to me any time you have a question.

All businesses and entrepreneurs are different, so I limit the class size to make sure I can give you what you need to succeed with this prog

See How to START or REVAMP Your VIDEOS with a FREE Strategy Audit and See if The YouTube Mentorship is The Right Fit for You!


Explore the Gift of Mentorship

How would you like my personal help in a private mentorship program where you’ll get the personal attention and in-depth training you need to exponentially grow your visibility, authority, and profitability in 10 weeks?

Imagine the power of having a world-class YouTube marketing expert in your back pocket to ask your questions, get accountability, and the confidence to launch your channel while dialing in the results with laser-focus.

The YouTube Authority Intensive MENTORSHIP is the fast-track to the next level in your impact.




$ 1500
Billed once, no set up fee.
  • (1) 90-Minute Call Channel Audit And Content Strategy Call
  • Content Research and Planning Tools
  • Content Plan for Optimal Growth


  • (1) 90-Minute Channel Audit and Content Strategy Call
  • (11) Accountability Calls Focused on Your Video Needs
  • (1) Live 1-Day-Visibility Workshop
  • Production and Promotional Support/Coaching
  • Lead-Gen and Sales Funnel Support/Coaching
  • Bonus templates, scripts, swipe files, and shared appointment setting funnel
  • Bonus Custom Video Branding Elements
  • Bonus Plug and Play Loaded Production Workflow with Trello Board
  • FB Community and 24/7 Access to Owen and Team during the 12 week mentorship.


$ 2500
Billed once, no set up fee.
  • Full-Day Live Virtual Workshop to Build Your Content Plan for your Launch or Revamp.
  • Lifetime Access to Coaching Call Recordings
  • FB Group Community
  • Take Home Templates, Checklists, and Formulas


Owen Video is a World-Class YouTube Coach who has Trained America’s Top YouTubers, Former TV Stars, and Top Business Leaders

Hey I’m Owen Video and YouTube completely changed my life. Over a decade ago I was a radio ad rep turned freelance videographer and I just started learning about YouTube and Facebook.

Now I have the best job ever! I run my own YouTube channel coaching business, speak on stages across the world & get to mentor visionaries in various industries virtually from my office. So how did I manage to succeed in internet marketing that’s constantly evolving?

I started out on YouTube back in 2009 when it was just starting to really take off. Lot’s of innocent trial and error got me some initial growth along with my genuine love for video. But it wasn’t until I started getting mentors in my industry that I really started to dial in my strategies for what was working with the changing algorithms.


Now We Focus Primarily On Coaching Clients In Doing the Same And Loving Every Minute of it!

The Video Marketing School is a collection of modules on all of the strategies I’ve figured out a long the way that has given me a 60k subscriber channel that has given me the visibility and authority to give me speaking opportunities on the news, conferences, and podcasts as well as a driven a thriving coaching business helping entrepreneurs in every service based industry do the same! The Video Marketing School is my Do-It-Yourself Collection of trainings on all that I’ve learned about video marketing with YouTube, Facebook, Stories and more so you can grow as well at your own pace and at a no-brainer investment.

The Strategies TVMS

Teaches have been headlined as THE MODEL for Video Marketing at Some of the Biggest Marketing Conferences in the World including Social Media Marketing World.

How This Program Will Help You Succeed

One-on-One Content Audit and Audience Research and Content Strategy Consultation so That You Can Revamp or Launch your Content Strategy for Optimal Growth Because it is What Your Audience Actually Wants.

Intensive Virtual Workshop Training in Engaging Video Structure, Thumbnail Design, and Titles Strategy, as well as Creating a Visual Video Dashboard and Workflow. This is a full-day training/workshop.

Build Your Authority Building Content Library – dialing in your Run-of-Show, utilizing our templates for various types of content styles and purposes, and use of audience-accelerating content silos.

Brand Presentation – Revamp Channel Art, Channel Trailer, Video Branding Elements/Video Overlays, Home Page Presentation, and Links.

Workflow for recording, editing, and repurposing with time saving and systematic strategies that produce stellar videos in less time.

Editing Your Videos – outsourcing connections with our trusted partners and tools for pennies on the dollar, including training for optimal results and speed so you can create regular, great-looking content each week.

Home Studio Setup – revamping strategies for your video creation station for professional, branded videos at the click of a button. Basic to more advanced set-up, depending on your experience, needs and goals.

how to promote your video content across platforms while also growing your channel. What to do, what to not do, & simple, tactical methodology for each phase in your growth.

Identify the key areas in your analytics to look at to improve the next video – what to stop doing, what to start, and what to continue.

Monetization Tactics – Top-of-The-Funnel Content, Launches, Brand Deals/Sponsorships, and Ad Sense.

the art of leveraging trends for growth as well as shifting in messaging when needed while staying on brand and meeting the needs and desires of your audience.

Assess where you are at in reaching your goals, and customizing a next step goal-setting and implementation plan for your channel on your own or with a Level 2 Intensive.

These Clients Got Real Results from YouTube that turned Visibility and Authority into Profitability...

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