5 Best Tools for Videos Every Company Should Use


I’ve said it before, maybe even a million times, but I’m saying it again: Video is critical for growing a business. Videos help potential customers learn about you and your services. They illustrate how to use your products. Videos are incredible for SEO. They help customers tell your story. And perhaps most importantly, videos drive leads that turn into sales.

But creating, editing, sharing, and promoting videos can be a difficult task, especially with so many platforms that have different requirements.

Great news: I use and personally recommend the following five video tools that can help you be more productive with your video management. And that enables you to get back to doing what you do best: running your business. Just make sure you record some videos while you’re doing it!


When it comes to YouTube, there’s so much that goes into running a channel—live streaming, uploading, tag management, keyword research, and advertising. So guess who your best friend, er, buddy is on YouTube? TubeBuddy, which puts the best tools right in front of you, starting with keyword research.

TubeBuddy has the greatest keyword research tool to help you choose the best keywords. Let’s say you’re a chiropractor in Cincinnati. Input “chiropractor in cincinnati,” and TubeBuddy will provide every keyword suggestion for you along with helpful data points about those keywords—are they even viable for you, are they overly competitive, how will your channel rank for them, and who’s already ranking for those keywords.

Then comes tag management. If you’re like me, you might make several videos on the same topic; therefore, the tags for the videos will be very similar. TubeBuddy enables you to research the best tags for you and then save them into a folder that you can access later to copy and paste, over and over again, to all the similar videos. It saves so much time!

Other great features of TubeBuddy include a thumbnail creator (create a thumbnail from your video with graphics and text) and a livestream tool (go live with one click rather than six or seven clicks on YouTube native). And on top of it all, the TubeBuddy team is fantastic and actually involved in the community and with their customers.

Pricing: A free version is available but limited; paid plans start at $9/month. I highly recommend the top plan ($49/month) because you’ll get all the bells and whistles (thumbnails, thumbnail templates, free music, and graphics) and can then downgrade at any time.

Tuber Tools

Like me, Nick Nimmin is passionate about helping companies use video to grow business. He’s also a good friend, my co-host on The Business of Video Podcast, and the creator of Tuber Tools. What Nick noticed is that it was tough for young video creators to overlay digital effects on to their videos.

I’m going to be a broken record (again): Videos are important. But what’s even more important are interactive videos that drive sales. To do that, you need to overlay digital effects during video editing.

Here’s how Tuber Tools enables you to do just that—by acting as a digital warehouse where you can buy lower third pop-ups, full-screen graphics, YouTube end card screens, subscribe buttons, and more. After purchase, you can just drag and drop them into your video. Tuber Tools even has hundreds of professionally made .mov and .mp4 files that you can include in your videos.

Plus, the effects work in every editing system, including Adobe Premiere, Camtasia, and the other big ones. (Perhaps there’s a niche system on which they wouldn’t work, but you get the gist.) And you can either purchase à la carte or with a monthly membership. It has a bunch of cool stuff that you want—heck, even stuff you didn’t know you wanted! It’s truly a great resource for anyone creating video.

Pricing: Memberships start at $17/month and also are available in annual ($97) and lifetime ($247) packages


Here’s the struggle that I’ve run into: I’m a business owner, and I want to build my company into a seven-figure business. To do that, I need to get customers, and I simply cannot waste my time video editing. I’m sure that you feel the same!

Enter Vidchops, a video-editing service. (For full disclosure, I’m on the $595 per month hplan, called Unlimited Chops, which provides me with a dedicated account manager, unlimited edits and revisions, and a lot more.)

Here’s the first way I use the service: Let’s say I’ve just done a video interview with one of my clients. I send it to Vidchops and say, “At 10:24, my customer gave me a great testimonial; and at 15:45, I gave a quick tutorial on using TubeBuddy. Chop those up and turn them into square videos for me.” I now have square video memes that can go all around the web.

Here’s the second way I use Vidchops: I can sit in front of my camera all day long and just shoot videos as I think of ideas. I’m able to send all of the files to Vidchops, along with the digital effects that I’ve downloaded from Tuber Tools, and say, “Make these look good for me. And I need them in portrait and widescreen.” The 12 videos come back, and I hate them. No problem, I go back to my account manager, and they’ll redo them for me. It’s an amazing service.

For me, the $600 plan makes sense, because I get unlimited edits and revisions on videos that I am creating every single day. Before you go that route, ask yourself if you can produce enough video to make it worth it. If not, start with a smaller plan or even go with Vidchops’ à la carte service. And if that’s still too much, consider Wave.Video, Promo Video, or GetResponse—there’s no shortage of apps to help you make videos. But when you’re ready to produce high-quality videos and a lot of them, Vidchops is your solution.

Pricing: Single videos are $119; four videos per month is $295/month; unlimited videos for $595/month


Most people are surprised to hear that I use Camtasia, which is video editing and screencasting software—especially when they find out that I pay almost $600 a month to Vidchops. So why would I need two video editors? Because I create courses. If I have Vidchops work on 25 videos for one course, it’s going to take three weeks to launch. With Camtasia, I can edit something really quickly and be ready to go.

And for those of you just starting out with video creation (congrats, by the way!), Camtasia is hands down what I recommend because it’s all in one. Record your screen, record your camera, and then edit it all. Import files into it. See the video on a timeline and add text, shapes, animations, and transitions. Use the library of professional graphics. Add in your own branding. Change colors. You get the picture.

Two other reasons I highly recommend Camtasia:

  1. It works on both PC and Mac, so it’s OS-neutral.
  2. It’s a one-time purchase—buy it once, and then you’re done (instead of a pesky monthly fee).
  3. There’s a trial so you can try it out. 🙂

Really, Camtasia is an all-in-one video editing system that’s designed for the beginner.

Pricing: A single-user license is $249, and discounts are available for bulk purchases by businesses, government agencies, non-profits, and education-related groups.


I’m grateful to have an active following. And being on YouTube, Facebook Live, the weekly podcast, we get a lot of comments. And I had trouble managing all of it. I asked friends and colleagues how they managed it, and almost everyone came back with the same answer: Agorapulse. So at the behest of the wonderful Kim Garst, I tried it and was smitten.

I find so many of this social media management tool’s features to be phenomenal, including the ability to schedule to all of my social platforms, curate content, and keep my social profiles active. But the part I absolutely LOVE is the ability to manage all of my comments and engagements in one single place. Not by logging into several different places, but by logging into one place and seeing all comments from everywhere else.

With Agorapulse, I can filter comments and then respond in meaningful ways without worrying that I’m missing something. In addition, I can assign comments to staff members, which is really helpful for delegation. To me, anyone on YouTube should be using Agorapulse.

Pricing: A few free tools are available; paid plans start at $99 per month, all with a 28-day free trial

• • •

And there you have it—five tools to help you create, edit, share, promote, and engage with your videos. Nothing should be holding you back from growing your business with this powerful medium, right? Good, because I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it, but video is important.

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  1. Hey Owen,

    This is a good piece. I stumbled on this while researching Agorapulse. They are a competitor to our own product, RecurPost. I liked your style of writing and I believe we can provide you a large audience to talk to via your post. If you would like to write for RecurPost we would be delighted to have you as an author with us. Please let me know. Thank you.

    – Dinesh from RecurPost

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